Who says there are no second acts in college football?

You just thought you’d never see Bo Nix take the field against Georgia again.

I guess his new head coach can tell him how the Dawgs defended him this season.



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20 responses to “Who says there are no second acts in college football?

  1. 81Dog

    He can still achieve a Golden Sombrero against UGA! Will he take the bonus year and come back for a chance at a Platinum Sombrero in a bowl/playoff game?

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  2. practicaldawg

    Maybe Felipe Franks can give him tips as a QB that left a UGA rival only to face UGA in the next opener

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  3. rigger92

    We have our new heisman pick!!! Lovely.


  4. Every year is a new team, and all that…

    But I saw Oregon play up close this year, and what I can say is – Bo will still need to run around like a headless chicken against UGA. Good luck to him.

    Of course, he’ll have the benefit of going against a Non-Veteran-Laden UGA Defense, so that could help him immensely.

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  5. voxdawg

    Yay. We get to see his Poor Man’s Johnny Football routine again…


  6. siskey

    I thought he looked a lot better this year prior to the Texas AM game. Go Dawgs!


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Bo loved complaining to the SEC refs.

    He’s gonna LOVE the blind stripes out there.

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  8. Sweet D

    College football sure can whip up some strange bedfellows. That and fat girls make the world go round.


  9. ASEF

    Dan must not think much of P12 defenses.


  10. olddawg22

    Bo Nix experience playing in The Benz against UGA! Somehow this ain’t what the trailer trash on the plains had dreams of!!


  11. stoopnagle

    Week 1 2022:
    8/27: Nebraska v Northwestern (Dublin)
    9/2: TCU at Colorado
    9/3: WVU at Pitt
    9/3: Utah at Florida
    9/3: Oregon v Georgia (Atlanta)
    9/3: Notre Dame at Ohio State
    9/4: FSU v LSU (New Orleans)
    9/5: Clemson at Tech (MBS)