This isn’t getting easier.

Jeebus.  Talk about piling on.

This is after already grabbing Eli Ricks out of the transfer portal.  Yeah, Saban’s slowing down, all right.



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36 responses to “This isn’t getting easier.

  1. 69Dawg

    All hail our noble Master Satan er Saban.

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  2. Down Island Way

    If/when your favorite institution is 1 or even 2 steps behind little nicky, that gap ain’t closing any time soon, cause he’s two steps ahead and starting to trot a little bit…GO DAWGS!

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  3. Granthams Replacement

    I hope he infects Tuscaloosa with the 404 culture.

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  4. Ran A

    Tennessee thought they were getting this kid… I couldn’t stop laughing… Bama is a good place for him to land. He’s just one of many over there – he could have made a bigger difference in Banjo land…

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  5. stoopnagle

    Whatever. I guess we’ll just have to get Aubbie and Aggie to our dirty work for us. Go Bearcats.

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  6. Dawg in Austin

    Ought to be interesting to see who transfers out. This will give them 8 scholarship RBs, 6 of them blue chips. Good luck to Gibbs finding carries.

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  7. Georgia Tech’s star offensive player joining the Saban Death Star is like a homeless guy giving his last cupful of change to Jeff Bezos.

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  8. fisheriesdawg

    Eh, he was far and away the best player on GT’s team but that’s like being the best singer in Milli Vanilli. I’d be more worried about it if he was joining this season because Alabama is so decimated with injuries right now but next year he’ll be just another dude.

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  9. otto1980

    I just want to see UGA get a couple of tall WRs with speed.

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  10. Munsoning

    I’ll take Branson and whichever of the current RBs stick around. Let’s hope Tate is back to his old self in ’22. Dawgs are gonna need great OL play next season.

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  11. otto1980

    On a side note Saban predicted the rich would get richer with the portal and he didn’t like it even though he would benefit.

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  12. Russ

    Billy Nipples just got the aOSU backup QB from the portal. Former 4*. Not sure who’s going to whisper to him, though.


    • fisheriesdawg

      I’m sure there’s an old ball coach hanging around Gainesville that would be happy to insert himself into the program whether he’s wanted or not.

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  13. archmartyr

    Playoff in jeopardy? Rumors are swirling that Covid has hit the QBs and one other position group. If true that’s pretty bad timing. Not wishing for it but it may be the end of the season at worst, a decimated roster for the playoff game at best


  14. Ole Dokes

    Ugh. No more QB controversy.


  15. Joe Blow

    Jesus some of you are dumbfucks. Zamir white rushing 726 yards, Gibbs, 746 yards. Pass receiving yards…Gibbs 470 yards. Zamir…65 yards.
    Satan will know how to use Gibbs. Y’all’s ignorance of Gibbs is going to bite you in the ass at Alabama. Gibbs did all this with a crappy team. Behind bama o-line and better play calling, Gibbs is going to be great.


    • fisheriesdawg

      You left something out:

      Zamir White 726 yards/135 carries
      Jahmyr Gibbs 746 yards/232 carries

      Zeus had 7 receptions on the year. Gibbs had 35. It’s easy to rack up raw stats when you’re far and away the most talented guy on an offense as opposed to a guy who rotates regularly and whose team spent most of the second half all year ahead in garbage time. Zeus is a very good but certainly not great running back and he’d have likely broken 1,000 yards rushing at GT this year with that many carries. It’s not like Georgia’s OL was dominant in the run by any means this year.