Hello, COVID.

While I was out and about last night, Graham dropped this little bomb on us.

My first thought upon seeing that was to hope that if JT has any symptoms, they’re mild at worst.

My second thought?  Welp, that was answered pretty quickly.

Jake Rowe:

Mike Griffith:

Georgia quarterback JT Daniels and receiver George Pickens are among UGA players who have been placed in COVID protocol, per sources. Daniels is vaccinated but Pickens’ vaccination status is unknown.

The Georgia football medical staff will be offering its players booster shots on Wednesday amid the recent surge in COVID-related cases across the sports landscape. Coach Kirby Smart is not expected to be made available to the media to update player statuses until the team arrives in South Florida on Sunday.

So, it’s spread among the team and staff and we won’t get any definitive answers on the health front until next week.  Oh, and everyone gets to go home for a couple of days for the Christmas holiday before heading down to Florida.  Needless to say, the timing on how long players who test positive have to sit before being allowed to hit the field gets pretty tricky from here.

At least that will take our minds off fretting about whether JT or Stetson should start at quarterback against Michigan, right?


UPDATE:  One side note from Anthony Dasher

Georgia only tests athletes if they are symptomatic or unvaccinated.


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55 responses to “Hello, COVID.

  1. armydawg

    Good Lord; what else will happen to us this year?


  2. Forget it Jake. It’s Chinatown.

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  3. ben

    A day after we read about Saban re-instituting COVID protocols, we find out some potentially key contributors are out. If it’s omicron, it’s gonna run through this team like an Alabama running back. If it’s delta, someone will get real sick.

    And if it’s Georgia, you can count on them screwing something good up when proper precautions could have been taken.

    Between this and the news about staffer who should have been suspended going on a work trip, I’m a bit perturbed by our staff and team.


  4. Biggen

    Gives them a week and a half to get better. I think we are fine. Some will miss some practice time but they are breaking for 3 days anyway after today.


    • godawgs1701

      I had COVID Classic exactly one year ago and I can tell you that it may take ten days or two weeks or whatever to beat it, but it took me weeks afterwards to recover my cardiovascular capacity. Granted I was 40 years old and not an athlete receiving world class care and training.

      Obviously we don’t know if it’s Delta or Omicron but I’ve read some reports suggesting that the Omicron variant is less severe and doesn’t really attack the lungs, so hopefully that’s the case – granted if it is Omicron it’s also supposedly much more contagious and therefore more likely to sweep through Butts-Mehre which isn’t a good thing either.


  5. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Graham made it sound like the whole QB room is in the close contact protocol which means they have to isolate too. Pretty tough to get ready to play if you can’t have QBs in practice.

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  6. I guess we know who will be the starting QB in Miami now (as if we didn’t know before).

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  7. gotthepicture

    Kirby been playin’ y’all for weeks with all this “every QB is preparing and working to make us better”. Been plannin it fer years (just like Squints)! Since this is wrapped up with a bow for Christmas, I think we can go back to Kirby shoulda started Fields, amiright?


  8. practicaldawg

    If UGA is the only team in the playoff dealing with this, we’ll know it’s a clear signal from the universe that this was never going to be the year.

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  9. Geezus

    Hell, if COVID starts ripping through the QB room, Jackson Muschamp might have to start.


  10. NotMyCrossToBear

    As a Dawg fan, I expect shit like this.


  11. In my mind this actually increases the chances that JTD starts on 12/31/21. I mean…. isn’t there a possibility he’s cleared to play and out of quarantine by that time, but if SBIV tests positive over the next few days he won’t be?


  12. Nurse, bubble wrap for JT stat. Jfc


  13. Ozam

    The real protection of the vaccine and/booster is largely against disease (getting really sick), but unfortunately not against acquisition of infection.

    Depending on testing requirements, the bowls could be in trouble.


    • practicaldawg

      If it was any institution other than the NCAA, I would expect them to have contingency plans for scenarios where teams have 10-20 positives.


  14. spur21

    Out of my control so I’ll have another cup of coffee and relax.

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    • californiadawg

      I might Irish my coffee up but will otherwise do the same.

      I suppose the real worry is not who might be infected now but who inevitably will be after the Xmas break. Would be wild after months of consternation about JT vs Stetson if Beck ends up starting.

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      • Tony BarnFart

        I think it will be a disaster and disservice to the whole season if any of the playoff teams are down significant star power or have decimated position groups. I feel that about all 4 teams.


  15. 123 Fake St

    JT wasn’t going to play anyway.

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  16. waltergeiger

    paging faton bauta…paging faton bauta….


  17. Mooq

    Really hard to address this without dragging personal politics into it (which in saner times would have no bearing whatsoever on health care), so suffice it to say I am not worried about the health of the young, healthy, vaccinated individuals involved, but I am alarmed that a mild variant so far down the mutation tree that most people infected dont even know they fucking have it could wipe out or seriously alter the bowl season and CFP. I’m old enough to remember “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

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  18. argondawg

    Hearing that the NCAA is about to change prorocals for those testing postivie who are vaxxed. No real time period anymore but two negative tests 24 hours apart after testing positive gets you off the the protocal list. We are moving to the endemic portion of this thing for the vaccinated. That should come pretty quickly and makes sense.

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