TFW you can’t cash in on NIL

An enterprising youngster

Jackson State football player Abdul-Malik McClain was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday after being indicted on charges of fraud relating to COVID-19 unemployment money.

McClain, 22, surrendered to federal law enforcement and was arraigned in U.S. District Court, where he pled not guilty to being the ringleader of an alleged scheme that raked in at least $227,736 in unemployment payments…

McClain, who transferred to Jackson State last December, is charged with 10 counts of mail fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft that occurred while he was a member of the Southern Cal football team.

Needless to say, they’ve no longer heard of him at Jackson State.

McClain is accused of causing “at least three dozen” fraudulent applications to be filed with the California Employment Development Department during the summer of 2020. The fraudulent applications sought at least $903,688 in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, according to the news release. The payout was at least $227,736.

“While a member of his university’s football team, McClain organized and assisted a group of other football players in filing fraudulent claims for unemployment benefits, including under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program established by Congress in response to the pandemic’s economic fallout,” the release states. “The indictment alleges that the claims … contained false information about the football players’ supposed prior employment, pandemic-related job loss, and job-seeking efforts in California.”

Sounds like Lincoln Riley may have a small problem on his hands.


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6 responses to “TFW you can’t cash in on NIL

  1. Whiskey Dawg

    The Lincoln Lawyer


  2. Texas Dawg

    Depending on how widespread this is amongst the team, Riley could be starting with a pretty much clean slate to work with. What are the NCAA rules about signing class sizes? I know they allowed extra this year for replacing portal losses (I think it was portal losses). Do they allow an oversized class to replace a large portion of the team being sent to Federal Prison?


  3. Harold Miller

    Sounds almost like the Miami Hurricanes in the 1990s.


  4. godawgs1701

    “What the hell conference you been playing in?”

    “California Penal”.

    “Never heard of it. How’d you end up getting recruited there?”

    “Signed a NIL deal with the CARES Act”


  5. It ain’t a crime if there is no punishment…at least for his co-conspirators.


  6. I’ll be honest – I’m shocked the EDD in CA would track this, let alone actually investigate it. The unemployment system here is… well… I dunno if you’d call it broken, or just heavily misused. I guess it depends on your personal beliefs surrounding the purpose and proper utilization of unemployment… but I know folks who work part-time, or gig-work, and use unemployment as a supplement, as opposed to seeking full time “normal” work.

    Good thing they caught this ringleader and are keeping up with the good fight! I’m sure the wealthy tech leaders will sleep soundly in their tax havens knowing “progressive” CA has kept 200K out of the hands of some mischievous kids.