“The game has changed all over the field except in the box.”

Meet the guy whom Nick Saban calls in when he needs a fix for his defensive line.

During these trips, Jenkins doesn’t work with players. That’d be an NCAA violation. Instead, he coaches the coaches. He identifies technical weaknesses from watching hours of Alabama practice and game footage of its defensive line before making suggestions using his own teaching methods and videos. Those who have been around Jenkins call him the best teacher they have ever seen, a master of detail on the most granular level, right down to the positioning of a defensive line coach during a drill.

“He has to stand here,” Jenkins says, “so he can have the best angle to evaluate his players’ techniques!”

“He’s had average college players and made them great college players,” says Terry Bowden, who hired Jenkins at Auburn in the 1990s. “Nick appreciates teachers of the game and people that have the knowledge and authority. He teaches kids to be fundamentally sound.”

Saban’s not the only coach who consults with Jenkins when the need arises.

Jenkins really began his college consulting service after his three-year stint with the Eagles ended in 2009. In all, he’s been hired by 41 college programs. He’s visited eight programs in the past year and three of them are in the Playoff: Alabama (three visits), Georgia and Michigan.

I’d love to hear what Kirby thought needed touching up.


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4 responses to ““The game has changed all over the field except in the box.”

  1. divingduck7

    I would be interested to see the contract labor expense ledger for the football team. So many consultants making a good living providing niche services to these programs.


    • Down Island Way

      With the amount of ca$h flow in the athletic departments at the top 50 or so institutions there lies enough niche bank to make several independent services viable and I’m thinking long term…


  2. mg4life0331

    Does he do QBs? Asking for a friend.

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  3. siskey

    I think that he is the mentor of Scott our DL coach.