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Your Daily Gator is unhinged.

This NSFW message is sponsored by the Gasparilla Bowl.

Somebody really needs a girlfriend.


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TFW you don’t want to be there

Sitting Tyler Badie probably reinforced the team’s attitude, but it’s got to be embarrassing to lose to an Army team that just got beat by a subpar Navy squad.

This has to be even more embarrassing:



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A head coach’s gotta know his quarterback’s limitations.

PFF is far from perfect, but I think these two tweets nail the essence of Stetson Bennett:

“MUG looks” are when the opposing defenses walk their LBs up into the A-gaps around the center.  It’s a high pressure look, in other words.  Get Bennett in obvious passing situations and show pressure and his game recedes significantly.  Generally speaking, that’s what ‘Bama has done.

To be fair, though, it takes a village to put Stetson in that spot.

That’s as good a way to describe Kirby’s problem as you can.  The rest of the team has to keep Stetson in the game.  If they can, he’s no worse than serviceable.  If they can’t…


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“Is momentum real?”

I tell you what — this is some rabbit hole David Hale fell into.

This is why disproving momentum is so difficult. Ask 100 people to define it and you’ll likely get 100 different answers, but absolutely everyone who has spent any time around sports innately understands the sensation. Show people all the data you want — and there is a lot of it (here, here and here, for example) — and it won’t compare with that tingling sensation in their gut, that adrenaline rush as a team marches down the field for a winning TD, that absolute certainty that destiny is on their side. To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, you know momentum when you feel it.

“There’s an electricity to the thing,” Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach said. “And guys are so tuned in on the sideline, it’s like everybody can finish everybody else’s sentences.”

In the end, he’s no closer to an answer than when he started, but it’s a fun read along the way.


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College football’s dilemma: pandemic, or endemic?

Ross Dellenger has a good piece about how college sports are struggling to deal with the real, but very different, issues presented by the omicron variant of COVID.


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KO’d by TOs

Here’s a classic “causation or correlation?” statistic for you:

That 2019 Carolina game was definitely a case of causation.  I’ll leave it to you to pass judgment on the rest.

In any event, it would seem to behoove the Dawgs not to lose the turnover battle in their next game.


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