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It just means more, except when it doesn’t.

I’m laughing my ass off about the hot take that arose from the ashes after Florida’s loss last night, that the SEC East isn’t all that.  Amazing that it’s just dawned on some folks, considering that my last power poll of the regular season had the bottom five spots occupied by teams from the East.  Duh, in other words.

The teams were nothing special and are now playing in lower tier bowl games, not exactly opportunities to showcase their hidden greatness.  Beyond that, considering that Florida elected to start a quarterback who’d already announced he was transferring and Missouri’s coaches benched their best player for the bowl game, what exactly did people expect was going to happen?



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Not your daddy’s Gators

If, for some strange reason, you find yourself accosted by a Florida fan who feels the need to blow about the series record since 1990, smile and cite this fact right back at ’em:

And then follow that with “Even Ron Zook never had a losing record!”.

These are the glory years in Gainesville, I tells ‘ya.


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Christmas came early, my friends.

There’s nothing better than watching Florida lose to a G5 team… well, except for watching Florida lose to a G5 team and then get in an on-field scrum after the loss.

The Gator Standard, circa 2021.

Billy Napier should send Dan Mullen a thank you note for setting as low a bar as he could.


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