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If you don’t ask, they’ll never know.

Shane Beamer is perplexed.

“It’s the name of the game,” Beamer said. “I know what we’re legally allowed to do at South Carolina and that’s what we’re doing. I can’t speak for other schools and promises they make. Frankly, I had parents call me over the weekend, wanting to know what you can do for my son, from a NIL standpoint. What can you promise us?”

“I can’t promise you anything,” Beamer said. “I can’t set up deals for you. Anybody that tells you they can, they’re lying to you and not being honest…

Which begs a certain question, doesn’t it?



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Not with a bang, but with an FU

How it started…

How it’s going

I know it’s highly unlikely to the point of almost impossible, but I’d love to see Jones transfer to a school on UF’s schedule next season, start against the Gators, go something like 3-13 and still have his team come out with the win.


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