If you don’t ask, they’ll never know.

Shane Beamer is perplexed.

“It’s the name of the game,” Beamer said. “I know what we’re legally allowed to do at South Carolina and that’s what we’re doing. I can’t speak for other schools and promises they make. Frankly, I had parents call me over the weekend, wanting to know what you can do for my son, from a NIL standpoint. What can you promise us?”

“I can’t promise you anything,” Beamer said. “I can’t set up deals for you. Anybody that tells you they can, they’re lying to you and not being honest…

Which begs a certain question, doesn’t it?



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  1. uga97

    This Dukes Mayo Bowl brought to you by Rattler Snake Oil.


  2. Boosters in the1950s:Coach, how much do you need and who should I give it to?

    Boosters in the 1980s: Coach, how much do you need and who should I give it to?

    Boosters now: Coach, how much do you need and who should I give it to?

    In one of those times, we see exactly who the boosters are and how much was offered. Progress of a sorts.

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  3. Down Island Way

    Other schools will flat tell you their qb is worth a cool million and hadn’t taken a snap of the football…

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  4. Derek

    Beamer will eventually figure out that its the current players who make all the promises that he had no idea were being made behind his back, or he’ll perish.


  5. gurkhadawg

    Can boosters contact recruits and promise them NIL money? Can boosters sign contracts with 18 year old recruits before the kid signs with the school?


    • rigger92

      I think they’re supposed to go through one of these newer type management outfits. I think if it were me I would contact the school (high school or Uni) to find out who represents the player I want to talk/offer a deal.

      I’m sure anyone “can” get to the player but circumventing the player’s agent might be a problem.


    • spur21

      I’m sure some (possibly many) will find ways to get the kids they need / want whatever it takes.


    • originaluglydawg

      Just about anybody can do just about anything they want to now.
      Getting more “wide open” by the day.
      It’s going to be interesting to see what a kid like Arch Manning (who doesn’t need the money) will do…and how much effect that will have for other kids that aren’t as well off.
      I know there is a LOT of money in Texas.


  6. So either he’s being dishonest or he’s going to try and be an SEC HC who doesn’t cut corners or push boundaries. Tough league to do that in and be successful. He should ask Mark Richt and that’s not a dig at Coach Richt.


  7. Russ

    Paging Jimbo Fisher.

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  8. practicaldawg

    Tell me you spent all your NIL budget on Spencer Rattler without telling me you spent all your NIL budget on Spencer Rattler

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  9. gurkhadawg

    How bout we form the GTP NIL Fund. We can all pitch in and we can have a discussion on which deserving 5 star we want to help. All he has to do is comment once a day on GTP and he will receive a big pile of cash in return. Anyone know who the #1 dual QB for 2023 is?\

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  10. mg4life0331

    Weird I was told this wasn’t a slippery slope. Im sure everyone is being recruited correctly now that hidden bagmen dont have to pay them.

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  11. argondawg

    Kamari Wilson and Shemar James got better deals at UF. That is not a rumor. That is just today’s college football recruiting. Not that we didn’t counter offer. Because we did. twice


  12. whb209

    Re: GTP fund
    Send the checks to me and I will handle all of the details
    You can trust me