Not with a bang, but with an FU

How it started…

How it’s going

I know it’s highly unlikely to the point of almost impossible, but I’d love to see Jones transfer to a school on UF’s schedule next season, start against the Gators, go something like 3-13 and still have his team come out with the win.


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  1. I’m amazed he played in the bowl game at all. For the Gators, they should be lucky he came back for that at all. Idk who QB3 is, but he can’t be good.

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    • Derek

      He wanted to try, just one more time, to get a wr killed.

      He almost got it done.

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      • Biggen

        Full speed it didn’t look too bad but damn if they guy didn’t get his bell rung.

        I also found it odd that they never showed him down again. The announcers claimed BS about not having a good camera angle but he was laying down on the field of play for Christ’s Sake. How do they not have a camera angle there where their cameras are all trained on?

        Are they actively trying not to show injured players anymore because that is news to me if so. How many times did I have to watch Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint get his ankle ripped apart over and over again on replay last year?

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        • ugafidelis

          I do believe that is the case about not showing injuries. I think it was like that last year but because the RJS injury happened on a close call TD, they kept showing it to see if he scored.

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  2. Biggen

    It’s too bad he won’t be at UF next year. I was looking forward to him throwing his guaranteed 2 picks a game all season.

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  3. argondawg

    Typically the back up QB is always better even when you have a QB whisperer like ole Dan. No fears though they signed Napier and are sure 3 years from now they won’t be demanding he be fired. When the Tennessee program looks stable compared to yours good things are not on the horizon. FTMFers!

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  4. Don’t know why they’re all mad at Jones. Mullen’s the one who’s been bungling the QB situation for years. I mean, if it hadn’t been for Feliepe Franks getting hurt, Kyle Trask would’ve been left on the shelf all of 2019 and wouldn’t have been nearly the seasoned player he was in ’20. That sound like someone who can manage QBs to you?

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  5. TEXBaller

    Just don’t transfer to “THIS” school on UFs schedule!


  6. theotherdoug

    Have they considered AR15 might not be all that good either and the problem is the team sucks?

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  7. junkyardawg41

    What a fan base. First you have a guy stuck around for 3 years before his turn. The fan base thinks the newest QB is The guy. EJ says I am done with you guys and the fan base goes nuclear on you. Embarrassing. Should have said thanks for your commitment and good luck to you.

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    • sniffer

      This the fan base you’re referring to?

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      Gators are a 10 win team next season. BDB is going to have our boys playing tough, disciplined and physical football. I don’t have fancy stats to back up this claim, I just know this. I’m a football guy, I can just smell it in the air. I can taste it in the grass. Book it and save this shît for a year from now and tell me I’m right.

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  8. Watch FU’s last offensive snap and tell me the LT didn’t intentionally try to get Jones murdered. Jones has always seemed like a decent dude to me so hopefully good things happen to him and FTMFs.


  9. practicaldawg

    If it wasn’t for NIL money, I don’t know how Napier would have any leverage in the recruiting trail right now. Toxic culture.

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  10. Russ

    I wonder if he’d turned out better without Sideshow Dan whispering in his ear.