Tuesday ticket exchange

Okay, Friday is the day — the CFP semifinals.  Georgia.  Michigan.  Miami.

Got tickets to move?  Need tickets to go?  Head to the comments section and make your needs known.  As always, please be specific.


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11 responses to “Tuesday ticket exchange

  1. Ben O.

    I’ve got 3 tickets, section 337, row 8 on the aisle. Was excited to go but can no longer make it. Bought direct from Ticketmaster before SECCG. These actually look like they have a great view on viewfrommyseat.com. Trying to just get my money back for them. $295 ea. Can accept Venmo or Paypal.

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  2. Castleberry

    Looking to upgrade my parking if anyone has an Orange pass. I’m finding conflicting info online about whether they’re digital or paper. Definitely prefer digital. Can meet down there Thursday for paper. Can venmo or paypal.

    Also, keep me honest, but from what I see online it looks like all the lots are stadium control and the only free lot that allows tailgating is 22. Snagged a pass there yesterday but want to get closer to the stadium.



  3. Michael Flinn

    I have two Peach Bowl tickets section 225 Mezzanine Row 8. I’m selling for $50 each. I bought them to guarantee UGA v Oregon seats next September but apparently there is little market for the Peach Bowl this year.


    • fisheriesdawg

      Holy carp, just looked at the Peach Bowl secondary market. I’d go if I weren’t headed down to the Orange Bowl, and I’d take my kids and probably any friends they could fit in the car or otherwise get down there. There might be less people in the stands for that one than there were last year at 20% capacity. It looks to be really hurting them not getting a SEC/ACC team in the mix this year.

      This is one of those cases where I could see the bowl being willing to fork over NLI money to get a star player to show up…in this case, having Kenny Pickett in the game would probably drive a lot more local interest despite neither team having much of a fanbase nearby.


  4. Remember the Quincy

    I have two, section 303, row 3. I’m listing them on StubHub for $256 each, but I’ll sell them to a GTP reader for $210 each (face value plus processing fee I paid). Email me at uga9903@gmail.com if interested.


  5. BlazerDawg

    My wife and I can’t make it, so trying to find a home for our 2 tix. Sec 314, Row 13, Seats 5 and 6. Face value for the pair was $390, which is what I would like to get. Can take Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle.
    Buck Bearden. buckdawg2@yahoo.com


  6. Terry McCullers

    We have 4 for orange bowl. Section 306. 190 a piece or OBO.


  7. Have two extras and would far prefer some dawg fans next to me. Section 307 row 1. 200 per ticket will cover my costs


  8. For Sale: 2 Lower Level Orange Bowl tickets Section 115 – Row 19 for $450 apiece = $900 total

    These are UGA Athletic Association tickets. I have them on my Ticketmaster / Orange Bowl account and can transfer them immediately.

    DM me on Rivals or call or text me at 706-340-2925 . I take Venmo, Paypal, Cash or check. If you want to pay in person, I am in Jefferson.

    Thanks and Go Dawgs!!