How bad do you want it?

Fun times ahead for a winning coach…

You couldn’t pay me enough to stand there and take that.


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43 responses to “How bad do you want it?

  1. I guess the coaches can’t opt out. 😉

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  2. uga97

    You can’t do that on television.

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    • JaxDawg

      Ya know…I opened up this comment thread thinking “how many comments until I get a really good chuckle?”

      GTP author and commentators don’t disappoint.


  3. KornDawg

    I guess it could be worse. It could have been the “Stuff They Make You Drink Before a Colonoscopy” Bowl. I’ve heard that stuff is horrible. (I’ll find out soon enough.)

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  4. RangerRuss

    Shiiiiiiit man, give me a ripe tomato, fried market bacon, iceberg lettuce and some white bread? That’s enough for one good sandwich. A filet of slab blackened crappie and I’m set.

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  5. Geezus


    Though it would be funny if they played 70’s porn music as the drop happened.

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Duke’s Mayonnaise, the universal solvent.

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  7. 79dawg

    A friend-of-a-friend who supposedly works at Duke’s told my friend they use vanilla pudding in all of the promo stuff like this, for obvious reasons (which is still not great, but not quite as gross)….

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  8. theotherdoug

    “You couldn’t pay me enough to stand there and take that.”
    For me it’s ” we all know what I am and we’re just haggling over the price.”

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  9. Russ

    As my wife said, at least they won’t have lice.

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  10. originaluglydawg

    Were I the coach, I’d don a hooded raincoat the second I knew the win was in hand.


  11. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Random story: had a production company rent out some of our office space to film a TV pilot. Our contract included a clause that they would not do anything to damage the image of the property, tenants, etc. PA said “don’t worry, we’re not shooting a mayonnaise commercial.” And that’s when I found out that’s industry code for shooting a p0rno. Which comes to mind whenever I see the Duke’s get poured on someones head…

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  12. Illini84

    Ever see “The Magic Christian”? The Beatles Doc “Get Back” was filmed in the studio where the movie was to be made. The thrust of the film, starring Peter Sellers and Ringo, is that everyone has their price. The boxing scene is particularly funny, the fighters square off, drop their hands and kiss. The announcer says “And the crowd was sickened by the site of no blood”! Everyone has their price.


  13. The Decider

    I guarantee you that if this happens to either coach they go Woody Hayes on the perps


  14. 90% certain if that hit the back of my neck, the human in front of me would be immediately covered in my vomit.


  15. olddawg22
    If you have never read this hang on to your pants! Best description of a colonoscopy ever! Dave Barry nails it.

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  16. Pray tell, do they at least tap the coach on the head before they dump?

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  17. practicaldawg

    That amount of cholesterol would probably kill Mack Brown instantly. Good thing his team didn’t show up.

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  18. RangerRuss

    Well go Cocks.
    Those idiot announcers deserve gastrointestinal distress dipping that lite mayo in things that mayo doesn’t go with.

    How long before Beamer is named HC at VT?


  19. Russ

    The mayo was bad but the concussion from the jug is probably worse. You’d think people would have learned by now how to not brain someone with the cooler.

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  20. RangerRuss

    I’m enjoying these games today. Too wet to do anything outside. Wife bringing home supper.
    Danny Kanell can suck a jar of off-brand lite mayo.

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