From Pat Forde’s feature on Stetson Bennett (honestly, I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen more pieces like this leading up to the CFP, because he’s a fairly unique story this year) comes this pretty funny story:

Bennett wound up running the scout team offense his freshman season, and did it well enough that it irritated Smart. Coaches want their scout teamers to give the starters a good look at what the opposition will be doing on Saturdays—but they also want to see the starters dominate what is supposed to be the lesser competition. Bennett sometimes made that difficult.

Bennett says the scout team record for “reloads”—when the coach demands a play be run again, until the starters win the rep—was 12 or 13. The graduate assistant in charge of the scout team put together a video splice of “Kirb Stomps,” with Smart throwing play sheets or storming around the practice field in displeasure. The quarterback assigned jersey No. 22 enjoyed that video.

I suspect he’s not the only one.


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19 responses to ““Reloads”

  1. RangerRuss

    How many 5 stars do the Dawgs have riding the pine while a walk-on starts? Something is wrong with this picture. Possibly something exceptional. Got to give SBIV tremendous credit for never giving up. Not a quitter.

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    • Down Island Way

      Rudy don’t stand a chance vs “Reloads”…GO DAWGS!


    • Derek

      We need a FINISHER!

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      • Down Island Way

        Sooooo, you are telling me that if SBIV was still on the scout team, UGA football would be a better team…


        • Derek

          If Stet was currently the fourth best option at qb, chances are good that we’d be in Dallas.

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          • Gaskilldawg

            I am just curious. Your comment implies that Bennett is worse than the 4th best option at QB . The QBs listed on the roster are Daniels, Beck, Vandergriff, Nathan Priestley, Jackson Muschamp, Collin Drake and Bennett.
            Assuming that three of those 4 better options are Daniels, Beck and Vandergriff, that leaves Priestley, Muschamp and Drake as better options. Which between Priestley, Muschand Drake are better options than Bennett?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Was the D coached as poorly in those scrimmages as they were in the secc? If only we could get 13 or so re-tries til we got it right.


  3. TEXBaller

    Wasn’t similar written about DWAN running the scout team?


  4. 123 Fake St

    We talking bout practice?