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The difference a few hours brings

Nothing more fun that watching a few Stingtalk assholes try to live vicariously through Michigan until reality rears its ugly head.

All they’ve got now is ‘Bama.  Gawd help ’em if the Tide doesn’t come through.


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The further adventures of Hammer vs. Nail

I expected these hot takes would be popping up all over social media last night before halftime hit the Orange Bowl, and damned if I wasn’t right:

Must, by Gawd!  Because the only thing that can fix a couple of blowouts is to expand the field so we can watch more blowouts.

You want the real lesson from yesterday’s semis?  Here ’tis.

Well, Michigan’s first ever trip to the College Football Playoff could’ve gone better. In what many hoped would be a coronation on the Wolverines’ dream season from heaven, it instead turned out to be a frying pan to the face called reality. Michigan should be immensely proud of how far they’ve come to get to this point, but also now are on high alert about how far the program still has to go in order to compete with a team of Georgia’s caliber.

Only two teams in the country have more than 1,000 talent points on 24/7’s team talent composite. Those two teams are slated to play in the national championship game, after soundly coasting over previously very good teams today. Michigan is down at 15th on that metric, and the gap between the elite and the very good in college football has never looked larger for millions of fans in Maize & Blue worldwide.  [Emphasis added.]

Whatever defines college football, parity ain’t it.  The truth is that, except for the most exotic occasions, there aren’t usually more than three teams in a given season worthy of playing for a national title.  And this year, it’s only two.  Enlarging the CFP won’t do a damned thing about that.



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TFW an invitation turns into a challenge




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Whatever works

Sounds like Kirby brewed up a batch of fake juice for last night ($$):

“There was a little chip on the shoulder of the defensive guys,” Smart said. “(Michigan’s) offensive coordinator (Josh Gattis) is the Broyles Award over (Georgia defensive coordinator Dan) Lanning, who we think did a hell of a job. Their offensive line coach (also was honored). You know what? Somebody that made that decision is a lot smarter than me, but we’ve got a hell of an offensive line, too.”

As rallying cries go, “show them Broyles Award assholes we got a coach, too, fellas!” doesn’t strike me as Gipper material, but what do I know?


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“Back in my day…”

Kirk Herbstreit professes to be ignorant about the motivations of today’s yoots.

It’s the air quotes around “meaningless” that really sells it.  Dude, it’s your employer who drove the meaningless bus by promoting the CFP as the be all and end all of college football, and you ought to know that better than anyone, because it’s your ass they drag out for those meaningless — air quotes not provided — weekly selection committee shows that are nothing but broadcast fodder.

At least you know what Kirk’s gonna sound like in a couple of decades when he’s chasing the neighbors’ kids out of his yard.


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Drinking the Kool-Aid

Bill Connelly’s not a Georgia fan, but bless him for saying this, anyway.

Remember, kids, rat poison can’t hurt you if you refuse to consume it.


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Stetson Bennett’s very good night

The passer ratings from yesterday’s starting quarterbacks:

  • McNamara:  83.7
  • Ridder:  90.9
  • Young:  143.2
  • Bennett:  187.3

That, despite violating a sacred rule about Georgia quarterbacking, throwing 30 times in a game.

And he was even better than the stats indicate.

… The Dawgs outflanked the Wolverines early with quick-game passing that neutralized Michigan’s pass-rush tandem of Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo. The ferocious bookend edge players had combined for 25 sacks this year, but they recorded zero Friday.

Several of those plays were called runs that Bennett checked out of, based on the Wolverines’ defensive alignment. “Stetson had to make a lot of decisions people aren’t aware of,” coach Kirby Smart said. “And he made good decisions.”

It was a numbers game at the line of scrimmage. When the box was too crowded, Bennett opted to take the ball outside it. “A bunch of those throws were run plays,” Bennett said, “and so I’d spin it out there on the edge.”

Yeah, there was a throw or two for which I’m sure he wishes he could have a mulligan, and one very questionable third and long decision that made me wince, but nobody plays a perfect game and in the absence of perfection, I’ll certainly take what he gave his team last night.


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TFW you try to be sarcastic, but your heart’s not really in it

Poor Danny.

It’s not gonna just be a rough day, Danny.  You’ve got ten days just to get to the game and another year with an SEC team as national champs.  Maybe you should stay on that beach until 2023.


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Today, in familiarity breeds contempt

Of course, while the team’s psyche turns out to be fine, there’s the fan base’s delicate fee-fees to take into account.

I’m sitting on my couch watching the game last night, marveling at the thoroughness of the rout, when up pops this on my Twitter feed:

Damn it, Hale.  You know us all too well.


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The mojo returneth.


Did Alabama expose Georgia’s fatal flaws and show the Dawgs are really more like paper tigers?  Or, as Seth Emerson ($$) put it, was it more a case of Georgia running into “the one team in the country with the same talent level, and… an elite quarterback and speedy receivers who ate up a vulnerable secondary”?

And answered resoundingly.

Georgia was quickly established as a 2 1/2 point favorite over Alabama by FanDuel Sportsbook, that line being set before the Bulldogs-Michigan game had even gone final.

Of course, we all know what that really means — there’s only one good team in the country, and it’s Alabama.


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