TFW you try to be sarcastic, but your heart’s not really in it

Poor Danny.

It’s not gonna just be a rough day, Danny.  You’ve got ten days just to get to the game and another year with an SEC team as national champs.  Maybe you should stay on that beach until 2023.


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25 responses to “TFW you try to be sarcastic, but your heart’s not really in it

  1. gurkhadawg

    I should have saved Chucky’s comment for Danny: “Fuuuuck Youuuu!”

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  2. Faltering Memory

    He should swim to Cuba.

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    When people stop posting his shit everywhere, he will go away.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s obsession, unhealthy obsession, and then there’s Danny Kanell, the SEC’s own personal stalker.

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  5. One of the posters known as Mark

    I try to be a good person, tolerant, see the best in people. Love your neighbor… you get the idea.

    But that asshat is really starting to piss me off.

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  6. He’s a no talent troll. He’s inevitably going to end up at Outkick.

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  7. artistformerlyknownasbman

    Point to the doll where the SEC hurt you, Danny.

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  8. Ran A

    I’m sure his wife Took away all the sharp objects in the house; then again – maybe not… LOL

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  9. originaluglydawg

    The guy has a dream job. Apparently he’s too hard headed to realize he’s destroying his career with his silly bias and determination to berate what is the very foundation of College Football (the SEC).

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  10. uga97

    A crab’s-eye-view


  11. Kanell and Acho get together to sip tea and hate the SEC.



  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Mandell has an article in The Athletic in a similar vein. He isn’t as whiny as Danny, but basically thinks that an all-SEC final is a bad thing, and he is pushing for multiple playoff teams – as if there will be any other type of final.

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    • Russ

      I’ve finally figured out these dumbasses don’t want a playoff to find the best team. They want a playoff so everyone gets a participation trophy. It’s obvious to everyone the two best teams are playing for the championship.

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  13. Texas Dawg

    I look forward to listening to him on Monday. Well, not listening to him, but rather listening to Dusty troll him.

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  14. TripleB

    If he has to hole up somewhere until FSU again becomes a football power, I guess that place is as good as any. Could be a long, long time!

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  15. W Cobb Dawg

    Looks like he ran just about everyone off the beach.


  16. Dawglicious

    Danny Boy’s gonna have really sore thumbs to tote along with that sore ass what with all the followers he’s currently blocking today…