“For now, Alabama is an underdog again.”

And Vegas is ready for that.

“This line is close, so I’d expect a huge [betting] handle on the game, Adam Pullen, assistant director of trading for Caesars Sportsbook, told ESPN on Friday night. “It will be interesting to see if the bettors put a lot of stock behind the Alabama win in the SEC Championship Game in how they handicap this game.”

The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide each won impressively in Friday’s semifinals. Georgia crushed Michigan 34-11 in the Capital One Orange Bowl, and Alabama dominated Cincinnati 27-6 in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl to advance to its sixth championship game in the last seven seasons.

“I think the public will be on Georgia,” John Murray, executive director of the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas, said. “Georgia got to make the last impression, and it was a very, very good one, as they obliterated a good Michigan team. Public may write off Alabama’s win over Cincinnati, thinking they (the Bearcats) never should have been there in the first place.

“Anything less than the biggest handle for a title game ever would be a disappointment in my book.”

Regardless of who wins the game, Vegas is rarely disappointed.


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24 responses to ““For now, Alabama is an underdog again.”

  1. Derek

    Why even play the game? The outcome has already been declared:



  2. ASEF

    Bama’s down as many as 5 starters from the SEC CG. At really important positions given their schematic emphasis


    • One of the posters known as Mark

      Which is a darn shame.

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    • divingduck7

      Which others besides Metchie? I didn’t catch their playoff game.


      • ASEF

        Starting corners. One’s out for good with turf toe, the other tried to go against Cincinnati with some sort of hip issue but ended up sitting most of the game.

        Guard went out in the first quarter, didn’t return, RT helped off the field late with what looked like an ankle injury. No sure of any of their status.


  3. akascuba

    No matter how hard Saban tries his team can’t help but feel a little they got this.

    I don’t understand the beating line at all. Michigan played man and got toasted by SB. Bama played a very different defense than Michigan. SB didn’t have receivers running open behind Bama defenders. They kept Georgia receivers in front of them forcing accurate throws which clearly is not what SB does best. Monken will need to call the game of a lifetime to help his QB.
    As they say Vegas always wins. Let’s hope they got it right this time.

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  4. ben

    ESPN will complain about kids opting out, saving themselves and beginning to work on their draft stock, and then they’ll bring in a guy to talk about Vegas betting lines, and it starts to make think that maybe ESPN is disingenuous.

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  5. Alabama scored less than 30 in the playoffs… something I was promised couldn’t happen. You have to be able to score 947 points with your quarterback to beat Bama – that’s the theory.

    “They could have scored more if they wanted to”

    They punted twice, kicked two field goals, missed a field goal, and threw an interception. That’s six drives that didn’t end in the end zone (and had the ball to run out the clock) but the argument is it was simply apathy that kept them out of it?

    Dawgs D has to show up – keep them under 20, and I like our chances.

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  6. moe pritchett

    Bama and Saban are unbeatable. We ain’t good enough to beat ‘em Paaawwwlll. They the best.
    We too slow. We poorly coached. We ain’t man enough. Ain’t got a QB.

    (Help me out here folks. Moar rat paazen)


  7. practicaldawg

    Vegas and Mickey always win


  8. Ozam



  9. RangerRuss

    Tee the gotdam ball up.
    Fuck Bama.

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  10. akascuba

    Officiating probably will factor into this game. Hopefully it’s not a B10 crew.

    This Bama team will not be the same angry, hungry and other than RB healthy group that was in the Benz. It’s hard to maintain that focused edge and have every fumble or big break go you way again. Just a regression to the mean will help.


    • akascuba

      In this game not into. Someday just not today I’ll learn to proof read.


    • ASEF

      ACC refs if I heard right.

      Guaranteed to screw up at least one call royally. Will probably swallow their whistle randomly on a couple of obvious fouls.


  11. debbybalcer

    I would not put it past Saban to have a booster put money on UGA so that Bama is the underdog.


  12. 69Dawg

    Vegas sets the line to get as many people as possible to bet. 1.5 gets all the suckers from both sides into the action. Unless we were just particularly Fu’ed in the last game I won’t hold my breath about beating Bama. It’s not so much Bama as it is UGA. We just got our asses handed to us by the Great Satan why would this time be any different. Our guys played UM great but UM is a slow, OVERATED B1G school. Look at the ways we humiliated their award winning lines. I’ll be pulling hard for us but damn it seems we just piss our pants when we play Bama.


  13. Ran A

    I’ve already bought 3 tickets and locked in where we are staying. So we can say that we are “invested”. With that said, we are always the underdog until we beat those guys – period.


  14. Clayton Joiner

    We need a Pat Dye-like GA ain’t man enough to give our boys a little extra for this one…why not, it can’t hurt!

    Let’s Go Dawgs!!!


  15. I don’t care what Vegas says. The idea of Alabama ever being an underdog is only slightly less ridiculous than when Tom Brady tried to play the “no one believed in us” card after SB51.


  16. pedropossum

    I will say another bama win is bad for college football and everyone knows it. Maybe the refs will be influenced to be on our side for once.