It’s not easy being a Danny Kanell wannabe.

How it started…

How it’s going…



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27 responses to “It’s not easy being a Danny Kanell wannabe.

  1. George Pickens showing more bias.

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  2. At least he owned it unlike northwest Florida’s village idiot.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I’ll give Acho a little credit for owning up to his bad take, something Kanell NEVER does.

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  4. Serious question. Are dudes playing without their mouthpieces in these days? I see it all over the field and can’t imagine taking a hit without one. Used to be an equipment violation penalty back in in my day.

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  5. To borrow a phrase from political media, reality has an SEC bias.

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  6. I mean, that shit’s not gonna stir itself to get eyeballs and ears on the WWL / Fox / CBS / Stadium / the next effort to be edgy sports talk.


  7. theorginaldawgabides

    Acho is an honor graduate of the Steven A. Smith school of loudmouth buffoonery. He excels at the art of talking without pause while basically yelling to quell anyone else’s input on a subject. But he’s actually fawned over by others in the media because of his SJW cred.

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  8. Russ

    Halftime of the Outback Bowl, Pedo State 10, Arkansas 7. Acho says Pedo State will win easily because Arkansas has no answer for Pedo State’s offense.

    Game ended 24-10 for the Hogs and Pitt Boss. Clown.

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  9. classiccitycanine

    I’ll respect anyone who owns their bad takes. Acho did that with humor. That’s better than virtually every TV and Twitter pundit these days.

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  10. archiecreek

    I dunno c squared,
    Bout the only thang I like bout Acho (gesundheit) is he’s paid to be a dumbass!!
    Most folks do it fo’ free!

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  11. Reinmart

    There was also the sentiment going around Twitter from some Big 10ers that Georgia played a “cupcake” schedule. MMkay.

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  12. SmokeaterDawg316

    My response to Acho on Twitter:
    Acho needs to stick to piano playing, NFL and book writing about uncomfortable conversations.

    He may be from Texas, but he probably puts sugar in his grits.

    Go Dawgs!”


  13. Clayton Joiner

    At least he can laugh at himself….while DK thinks he’s above the fray. F that Tool!

    Oh and…

    How Bout Them Dawgs?!


  14. originaluglydawg

    He can add that Michigan was ranked # 2 and after the way Georgia cleaned their clocks they should be out of the top ten.
    No real respect for any team not in the SEC and that’s just purely sensible.
    Do you really think Michigan or Cincinatti would beat TAM, or Tennessee or Ole Miss? Kentucky? LSU?
    I don’t.
    The SEC is to college football what the Beatles were to rock and roll.
    And I guess I have to say at this point that Bama is John Lennon.
    The BIG10 is (maybe) the Monkeys. Maybe. Clemson is Micky Jones.
    The ACC is Paul Revere and the Raiders
    The PAC is The Butthole Surfers
    The Small12 is Earnest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours, soon to be just Earnest Tubb.