Unleash the hounds

There were a lot of impressive stats from Friday night’s game, but this one is particularly striking.

If they notch 42% against ‘Bama in the rematch, I like their chances.



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  1. junkyardawg41

    I think this is the most under discussed aspect of our loss. The D Line was not very aggressive with trying to push the pocket back in the SECCG until the second half. I don’t think we make that mistake twice.

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    • Derek

      The difference between that play and this one?



      • D as in Dawg



      • otto1980

        Team Speed Kills, Bama has it, UGA has it, Michigan does not and that is on both sides of the line. Let us see a QB bootleg out running Bama’s or UGA’s front 7


      • Got Cowdog

        You know? I saw that one live. The announcers were slobbering all over themselves with “HOW DID HE EVEN SEE THAT?!!”
        Bull-fucking-shit. That was designed, and now it’s exposed. I hope the smiling, willowy, Heisman winning Alabama QB great story probably works at the ASPCA shelter when he’s not being fellated by college football pundits gets a damn dose of tackle football next time they meet up.

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    • Russ

      I don’t know if it was flu, scheme or what but our defense was passive against Bama unlike the 13 other games. Hopefully we get back to that aggressive defense this time and make Young uncomfortable. Even if they hit a couple of plays, we should be able to overcome that and prevail.

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  2. DawgFlan

    Love 88’s effort there to follow the play and box out a guy on the fumble.


  3. ASEF

    Their down Metchie, both corners and potentially two starting OL. Different team on both sides of the ball.

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  4. akascuba

    Coaching didn’t have a thing to do with that play. That was all god given natural talent. We don’t have one of those. So to beat BJ put him on his ass or suffer the same result.

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  5. In 2017 Kirby threw the Auburn I game on purpose to set up the SECCG rematch for Auburn II. Dear Lord he’s done it again! There simply is no better explanation and the most 3 Dimensional chess move ever over Saban.

    Dawgs cover, take the under.

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    • Skeptic Dawg

      Flypeak, I hope and pray that you are right! That being said, the simple explanation is that Alabama is just better than we are in a couple of key spots…their QB is better than our QB and their WRs are superior to our DBs.

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      • They won situationally. Which is fine, that’s how it goes. But when teams are this even, it unlikely that Alabama wins every big situation again.

        They still might win, but 12/4 was a confluence of shitty events that snowballed.

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        • Skeptic Dawg

          The confluence of events was 1). Bryce Young extended plays and drives 2). Their WRs were wide open and made plays in space 3). Their scheme was to get the ball out quickly to negate our dominate front 7. What do we expect to change this go around?

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          • We don’t drop a third down pass and keep a drive alive. We fall on a fumble. We find a way to steal a possession or 2.

            I’m not saying it’s easy or that it will happen, but it certainly can.

            What can’t happen is getting behind by more than 1 possession. We aren’t chasing them down.

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          • californiadawg

            Mindsets, mainly ours.

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    • Louie

      Bama had to win the SEC championship game to gurantee they made the CFP and we didn’t, so I they had to show us theirs and we could not show our best gameplan or effort. Going into Indy, they’ve exceeded expectations after lowering them in several games this season, and we’re hungrier than ever. Better gameplan, effort, and focus and maybe Pickens gets to play for real. Time to take it from them.

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  6. Skeptic Dawg

    Strong number indeed! However, the number that I find the most impressive is 10. 10 as in 10-for-16 – The Dawgs converted 10 of 16 third down conversions. It was just the third time under Smart that Georgia converted at least 10 third down conversions (2017 vs Missouri and 2019 vs Florida). This is what keeps the defense fresh and allows them to pressure the QB 42% of the time. Steve Spurrier may be a dick, be is not wrong in stating, “The best defense is a good offense”. If Kirby ever truly embraces this idea, his defense will be able to unleash holy terror upon opposing teams.

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  7. ciddawg

    Sorry…did I miss the line of people a mile long that should be waiting to kiss Stetson Bennett’s ass…was that on a different thread?


  8. jdawg108

    And you get girls looking at you like the girl did Nakobe Dean

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  9. uga97

    Any updates on the shoulder health of bama’s OT ranked #1 in country Ekiyor who went out of the Cotton bowl? Could be interesting if hes not 100% vs us +plus his backup is a Freshman.


  10. uga97

    Notice cinci when their D line overloaded the bama right side it forced Bryce to his left (run or throw) he missed a lot of targets & made mistakes & couldnt get many yards with his legs. Hopefully a point of focus for coach Scott this week.

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  11. olddawg22

    Need to get Stetson’s crazy legs involved early! Respecting a qb run along with 2/3 tight ends and a running back will strain anyones linbackers! Even Bama. Get creative just like the pass by Kenny, a thing of beauty, it put Michigan totally off balance for the rest of that game! Not that they weren’t on ice-skates already! Gotta get Bama thinking not dictating!


  12. There are plenty of narratives about Georiga, Hope, “can’t beat Saban”, etc. and we could wallow in them if we choose to.

    Or, we can enjoy the next 10 days looking forward to an epic victory where we get our first natty in 40 years and get that Saban/Alabama monkey off our back.

    Until I’m forced to accept otherwise, I’m just going to trust Kirby, the coaches, the players, the staff, to bring it home.

    My pick: Dawgs 70 – Bama 0.


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