Wearing Number 99, Godzilla

Brian Cook went to Miami to watch his team take on the Dawgs and had this mid-game observation to share:

I wouldn’t say we take it for granted, but I’m not sure we fully appreciate how demoralizing those “Jordan Davis just tossed aside another offensive lineman to run down an opposing scat back behind the line of scrimmage” plays are.



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  1. That combination of size, speed and power can’t be simulated in practice unless you let your defensive lineman play offsides in practice. Davis doesn’t do it with physical skill only. He plays with great technique as well. Tray Scott deserves a lot of credit for turning Davis into Godzilla.

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    • Down Island Way

      Quickness is the essence of the war…


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      “…Tray Scott deserves a lot of credit…”

      He sure does. I can recall when his hiring was being questioned as somewhat meh. Since he has been here the D-line has mainly bee getting it done.


  2. ugafidelis

    That was a half assed block attempt by the guard. That back never stood a chance.

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  3. Skeptic Dawg

    Can’t speak for everyone, but I can honestly say that I appreciate the impact that Davis brings. We have been missing this piece for so long. It is awfully nice having him on our side. It is also a fact that kids, excuse me…men, like JD do not grow on trees. I imagine it will be a while before we see another one remotely close.

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  4. Illini84

    The second coming of Jared Lorenzen!

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  5. akascuba

    Jordan Davis was the monster we expected and was not alone Friday night. After being told that Michigan had the best Oline in all of CFB the front seven destroyed them. It was a total mismatch.
    I mentioned this during OB game. Against Bama it appeared in the first half the plan was to hold the line of scrimmage to contain BJ not get after him.

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  6. rigger92

    Definitely a speed perception problem in both semi’s. I watched UC players trying to juke, extend runs, extend plays in all sorts of ways only to get chased down and hammered. They just don’t realize that the best thing to do is go straight as fast as possible and when you get stopped, just stop.

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    • Cincinnati has better athletes than their peer Group of 5 programs. They can juke and outrun players from other teams in their conference. When they play an elite P5 team that is interested, fortunes change (Notre Dame not withstanding). Bama absolutely toyed with them the entire game. Saban knew his defense had total control of the game, and the only way the Bearcats had a chance was turnovers. When the Tide proved they could run the ball at will, it was game over.

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      • I told friends that were watching the game with me that Bama was treating Cincy like a cat treats a baby bunny. They were letting them stay alive just to torture them more in the end.


      • DawgFlan

        You mean Saban played “impose your will” manball? Why, I have been told that no real coach would ever go run heavy and take their foot off the pass game gas pedal when up by less than 4 scores in the 4th…


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      • Ran A

        Before the game started, I looked at my son who coaches HS ball and said, “all this talk about Cinci corners vrs. Bama receivers. Alabama is going to line up and run over this team and physically beat up their O-Line and Linebackers. After they scored the first TD my son without giving me a glance said simply, “called that one”. We watched the rest, but we knew it was Wash, Rinse and Repeat time…

        What blew my mind was the disappointment on Fickel’s face when he shook hands with Saban. You could tell that he actually thought his team had a shot…

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  7. D as in Dawg

    We should call that play more often. 🤔


  8. Russ

    A man that big shouldn’t be able to run that fast. It’s like a cheat code in Madden.


  9. Esss Eeeeee Ceeee speed kills. The BigX ain’t never going to learn that lesson. Ask Herbstreit! 😆

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  10. Sweet D

    I’d also be willing to bet a dime to a doughnut that Davis (and others) worked on their conditioning the last 4 weeks.

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  11. Agree with the Sen…we may not fully appreciate JD until he is playing on Sundays next season. This young man came back to play his senior year, he comports himself with such professionalism and yet maintains that youthful since of humor and spirit. For crying out loud he prays with his mama before every game (to me, that is a powerful image)…I admire everything about Mr. Davis…Bulldog nation will forevermore be better because JD lifted this program and fan base…not just because he was a double/triple team threat on the Dline…but because he was/is a giant of a man of character…thank you, Jordan…truly a DGD.

    And JD isn’t alone on that defense…Carter, Dean, Cine, etc…these men have elevated the defense and in my opinion surpassed the famed Junkyard Dawgs that preceded them.

    This was one heck of a season…and we still got one more game to win…GATA

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  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Not even Godzilla wants any of Jordan Davis.

    Shit, Chuck Norris wears Jordan Davis underwear.

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  13. mg4life0331

    Oh I don’t take it for granted at all. I just wish Murray would have had defenses like this.

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  14. Clayton Joiner

    From the looks of it the OL just moved off this block on to the next level thinking JD couldn’t get there….wrong!


    • Clayton Joiner

      That’s about the time the Mich fans started to be real quiet. They were damn loud to start the game….outnumbered us 60/40 by my estimate. That evened up pretty fast in the 2nd half too.

      1 guy I spoke to on the way home said our D was “better than advertised”….

      Now we need to take down the monster that has turned dreams to nightmares for too many seasons in recent history…hope Kirby & Co have everything from silver bullets to holy water to bring with them this go around.

      Let’s Go Dawgs!!!