Monday ticket exchange

Okay, it’s on to Indy.  Got tickets to sell?  Ready to make the trip and need a ticket to get into the game?  Whatever it is, lay it out in the comments and, as always, please be specific about it.


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  1. fisheriesdawg

    My advice to everyone looking to buy: hold tight. Tickets have dropped by more than half since Michigan was eliminated. They’re now in the low 500s to get in the door, which is close to face. I’m betting you’ll be able to get in the game in the $200s when all is said and done. And if you’re fine with current prices, you’ll be able to buy better seats on Sunday, which is kind of the travel decision deadline for most people.

    There are still a lot of Georgia fans unwilling to go to another game against Alabama, and Alabama doesn’t have a huge contingent that goes to these games now that it’s old hat for them. Local interest in an all-SEC final won’t exactly be off the charts. This will be better-attended than the Bama-Clemson game in SF a few years ago but nowhere near what the potential was if Michigan, Ohio State, or Cincinnati had made it in.

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    • Derek

      Not sure that’s gonna work out. They’ve have halved since Friday, but prices seem to have stabilized.

      It paid to wait for Orange Bowl tickets, but I predict this market to be more like the seccg. I paid more for seccg tickets on game day than for tickets for the national championship yesterday. And got slightly better seats this time.

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  2. Joel Davis

    Anyone have advice on things to do in Indy?


  3. wfdawg

    Hope and I have gotten back together, and 3 college buddies and I (UGA grads ’02-’04) are looking to go. If anyone’s selling and wants to bypass the secondary market and its fees, let me know at smith53103 [at] yahoo [dot] com. We need 4 tickets and are fine sitting in the upper deck.


  4. waltergeiger

    youngest daughter (UGA senior) and her squad are headed to Indy. they need four tickets. contact me at news(at) thanks in advance!


  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    I’m looking for two. Please send location (does not matter) and price to Go Dawgs!


  6. Faltering Memory

    Everyone please read the stories about obstructed views or no views on the 400 levels, approximately row 10 and higher. Big columns in the way. How this game would be put in a stadium with obstructed views is a mystery to me.

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    • Illini84

      The following sections may have obstructed or limited views:

      Section 446: There is a large pillar in this section that is in line with row 10, meaning that many of the seats in row 11 and higher are obstructed.

      400s Corners: There is a large pillar in this section that is in line with row 11, meaning that many of the seats in row 12 and higher are obstructed. (Sections 404,407,408,418,419,434,435,445,447)

      406 and 420: There is a large pillar in this section that is in line with row 12, meaning that many of the seats in row 13 and higher are obstructed.

      Section 433: There is a large pillar in this section that is in line with row 13, meaning that many of the seats in row 14 and higher are obstructed.

      437 and 443: There is a large pillar in this section that is in line with row 7, meaning that many of the seats in row 8 and higher are obstructed.

      Loge Level

      On the Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Chart, the Loge Level refers to 300 and 400 Level sections. These seats wrap around the venue and provide a different experience depending on where you sit.

      Loge Level Club Seats

      Loge Level sections near midfield are considered Club Seats. Because these seats come with special privileges, access is limited to club ticketholders.

      300 vs. 400 Level

      Although they’re numbered differently, 300 and 400-Level sections share the same concourse and entry tunnels. When you enter these sections, rows below the stairs are the 300s and rows above are 400s.

      Because the sections are smaller and closer to the field, Colts tickets in the 300s are generally more expensive.

      North Endzone Loge Seats

      Sections 401-403 and 450-453 are located in the North end of the stadium. While most Loge seats require minimal stairs, these are the largest sections on the level and are only accessible via a staircase.

      Ticket prices in these sections tend to be the cheapest among all Loge listings

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  7. bwaredogs

    Which sections are Georgia’s? I’m looking for a single in lower or mid-level. buckyware @


  8. daculadawg

    My wife & I are UGA class of ’83. The last time my wife attended a game when the national championship was on the line, the Dawgs won it all. I’m not superstitious, but just maybe…. Contact me at 8683keith [at] gmail [dot] com if you can help me with 2 or more tickets.

    We lived in Indy area for 26 years before moving back to GA 3+ years ago. Loved it, and miss our life-long friends. Yeah, it’s definitely cold and often windy there this time of year. Things to do: NCAA Hall of Champions Museum, Children’s Museum (a must see even for adults), Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Sun King Brewery, and Circle Center Mall in downtown is safe if you want to shop. In fact, Indy’s downtown is pretty safe in general compared to almost all other major cities.

    Go Dawgs!

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  9. chicagodawgfan

    Not sure of the school ticket allotments, but it was strange because the UGAA sent me an email saying I’d get my NC game ticket allotment BEFORE the Orange Bowl was even played (assuming we won). Several other friends of mine who didn’t qualify for SECCG or Orange Bowl tickets also received the same email before the game. Either we’re getting more tickets or fewer people requested NC game tickets.


    • fisheriesdawg

      The schools get more tickets for the national championship game than bowl games because the bowls have renewing patrons and more sponsor-tied seats. Since the CFP final moves around, they chunk a lot more of the seats for participating teams so they can fill the stadium.

      The same thing happened in 2017. The cutoff was far higher for the Rose than it was for the final despite the latter being in Atlanta.

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  10. A little disappointed with the lack of response to my SECCG offer, so I’ll try again. Looking for 2 suite tickets with private jet and limo service for free…I’ll handle the waitstaff tips. You know where to find me.

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  11. Tony BarnFart

    UGA Class of 04′ here. Looking to take my 9yr old daughter to HER FIRST Georgia game and see if we can’t swing the momentum. We’ve watched all the other debacles on television and think we may need some new mojo.
    Text 9015815539


  12. Granthams Replacement

    2 tickets from UGA – sec 629 row 2 seats 2,3. Looking for $1500 OBO



  13. Michael Flinn

    I have two tickets in Section 420 Row 11 for $999 each or 2 tickets in section 627 for $800 each. I will sell only two. email flinng at g mail .com


  14. Down Island Way

    Bring back a big ass trophy with UGA football hand prints all over that mutha’…GO DAWGS!

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  15. stldawg

    Man, help some Dawg fans out on here…on Stubhub right now we can get sec 629 for $1,360, 627 for $1,240, and sec 420 for $1,600…and those are all after $300 of stubhub fees added in. Looking to make the drive from St Louis, would rather give my money to a Dawg fan than Stubhub fees, but you guys are pretty far off.


  16. mdcgtp

    8 in 431 row 9 $925/ticket obo would do $900/ticket for all 8

    will sell in pairs or as a group.

    if I am misjudging market feel free to make offer, I don’t get offended.

    I need 2 in 237 if anyone has that section for sale.


  17. 2 Natty Tickets in Loge Level for $800 per ticket / $1600 for the pair.

    You can call or text me at 706-340-2925. I’m a lifelong Dawg from a small town in Georgia and can supply you with a long list of references. These tickets are in Loge Section 433.

    Thanks and GO DAWGS!!!


  18. rowbodad

    Need 2 tickets. I don’t care which side. Hoping for 400 sections or lower. Will not low ball.


  19. Bat City Dawg

    I have 4 in section 418 row 9. Not obstructed views. Available as a pair or all 4


  20. tampadawg

    Looking for 1 ticket.


    • chicagodawgfan

      How long are you able to wait? I have 4 tickets in section 126 and 1 of my friends won’t know if he can make it until Friday of this week. If he cancels, I’ll have a single available. Good luck and hopefully you can find one before then. dave_finkelstein (at) yahoo (dot) com


  21. James G.

    Looking for two that are an upgrade over the Sec. 618 seats I bought a month ago and vastly overpaid for. Trying to unload those and upgrade my seats without taking a bath.

    If you’re selling at or near face, please text area code Two Zero Five 215-8180.

    UGA Alum and diehard fan who will be (politely) screaming my lungs out, if that matters.


  22. ugajeff

    A couple in our group can’t attend….Covid…🙄 Selling their 2 in 627, Row 18. $650 each. From Uga school allotment. Message me at ugajeff91 (at) gmail (dot) com if I can make your day!


  23. LOOKING for either 2, 3 or 5 Natty tickets anywhere in Stadium. Please call or text 706-340-2925 if you have either 2, 3, or 5.

    Thanks and Go Dawgs!


  24. Natalie Mann

    Anyone selling 1 ticket to the Natty?


  25. rowbodad

    If you need one ticket.

    I bought 4 on here the other day in section 418 row 9. Super easy and great interaction with Michael. We ended up only needing 3. Contact me at (706) 618-8841 if you need a solo!


  26. Doug Noe

    I’ve got two extra tickets available – Sec 633 Row 7 Seats 11 and 12 available $400 each. Text me at 770-317-1399 if interested.


  27. Gentlemen had plans to travel to NC but Covid had another plan.
    I’ve got two tickets in GA side Section 428 Row 6 Seats 11-12.
    Asking $550/ticket.
    If interested I can send picture of seat view.


  28. Last minute but looking for 1 ticket. Please email me at travisesco (at) gmail (dot) com if anybody is trying to sell. Thanks!