Natty injury report

Per Jake Rowe:

Injury situations: Both teams are a little more banged up in certain areas and healthy in others. We’ll start with Alabama, which lost star wideout John Metchie at the end of the first half in the SEC Championship game. He suffered a heart-breaking ACL injury after catching six passes for 97 yards and a touchdown.

The Bulldogs gave up 24 points in the first half and Metchie was a huge part of that. It’s no coincidence that UGA’s defense held Alabama to 10 second half points (17 overall due to a Bama pick-six) with Metchie no longer in the fold. The Crimson Tide are also dealing with a number of other ailments.

“Outside of the obvious, like John Metchie (ACL), Alabama’s biggest injury concerns are at cornerback and on the offensive line,” BamaOnline’s Charlie Potter tells Dawgs247. “Josh Jobe could miss another game because of a terf toe injury, and Jalyn Armour-Davis is dealing with a nagging hip issue. The latter started the Cotton Bowl but only played a couple of series. If neither player can go, The Crimson Tide will turn to true freshman Kool-Aid McKinstry and junior college transfer Khyree Jackson. As for the offensive line, two starters exited the Cincinnati game and didn’t return — right guard Emil Ekiyor and right tackle Chris Owens. At this moment I would lean towards both guys being able to go, but we will see how the week progresses.”

It’s also worth noting that Alabama running back Brian Robinson is a lot healthier than he was in the SEC Championship game. He didn’t practice much at all leading up to that game but he certainly looks good now. He lit Cincinnati up for 204 yards on 26 carries in the Cotton Bowl on Friday.

Georgia, overall, is much healthier. Senior left tackle Jamaree Salyer entered the Orange Bowl in better physical shape than he has been all season. He played a huge part in thwarting Michigan’s vaunted pass rush in the Bulldogs 34-11 win. Senior safety Chris Smith is also in a much better spot after sustaining a bone bruise in his knee late in the regular season. He was nowhere near 100 percent in the SEC Championship game and didn’t get the start. It showed, too, as Smith was laboring at times in coverage.

The Bulldogs leading receiver on the season and in the SEC Championship game, Brock Bowers, is a little dinged up. He sustained a shoulder injury in the Bama game but played quite well against Michigan.

Metchie’s absence is critical, no doubt.  He’s still fourth in the conference in receiving yards per game and third in receptions.  It’s worth noting that ‘Bama got a good game out of freshman Ja’Corey Brooks in his absence, though.  That’s what teams loaded with talent tend to do when a key injury occurs.

I am more interested in tracking the status of the two ‘Bama linemen who had to leave the semifinal game early.  I assume they’ll play in a week, but how close they’ll be to 100% is something I doubt we’ll know until the game starts.

Of course, left unsaid is what havoc COVID might wreak between now and then.  I assume both coaches have their teams in virtual bubbles this week.  One good thing is that the weather in Indianapolis isn’t conducive to public events.


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  1. Down Island Way

    When #19 left the field of play Friday night, he couldn’t raise that shoulder at all…Gimme’ a huge dose of Dr. Ron Courson…


    • W

      I thought he came back in on ST after that, or am I mistaken? Assuming no updates on him?


      • munsonlarryfkajim

        He went back in. I watched the whole thing happen right in front of me. He did appear to be in pain and was having trouble lifting his arm. Then he suddenly turned and ran back to the front row of the sideline like someone called him because he was about to have to go back in


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Salyer is perhaps our most important player, as having him at LT makes the entire o-line better in both run and pass-blocking. Since we only have one path to win playing offense the way we do, it is a necessity that he play just as well as he did this past Friday.

    I know Beal continues to play in Anderson’s absence, but I wish we could see what Walker could do in that type of blitzing, pass-rush spot. I know he’s an ILB not an OLB, but he has the top-end speed to get to a guy like Bryce Young and Beal lacks.

    I have to think James Cook will be used a lot as a decoy to try to remove Anderson from the equation as much as possible, because we have to try to do some different things there than we did in the SEC Title Game, and after the game he had in the Orange Bowl, Bama probably expects him to be the focal point.

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    • divingduck7

      I’ve wondered why we haven’t seen 7 attack off the edge more in passing situations as well. They’ve been trying Tindall off the edge in AA’s absence but he’s been getting caught up with the tackles with the lack of length.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

        This has been the chief complaint of my best friend for over a month. You really saw it in the SEC Title Game. Beal just couldn’t get there. Walker could be a great ILB like Smith or Dean, but man, to me he looks like a prototypical pass rushing OLB.

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        • divingduck7

          Yep, Nolan too. I’ve thought they should be in each other’s position since they entered college. They have the proto body type for each other’s position.


  3. Russ

    Watching both teams wandering around the field crowded with fans/public after their games left me wondering about COVID issues. I’d hate to have kids out/sick for this game.

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  4. Ozam

    A healthier Pickens would be nice. His presence on the field impacts the game.

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  5. classiccitycanine

    Health is my number one factor in how this game plays out. I hope that no further injuries/covid positives are sustained for either side. If we beat Bama, I don’t want it to be because they got whacked with a ton of injuries/illness.

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    • sniffer

      I hear ya, Triples C. But I won’t care one bit “how” as long as we get the win. They (fans) know hell is coming. None of my circle, family and friends who are all Bama grads, would talk to me this weekend. I love every minute of it.

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  6. flydawg

    Bama line issues are even more reason to get after Young. We cant cover them so we need to
    Creat negative plays and maybe some turnovers

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    • GruvenDawg

      I see them doing the max protect, quick throw, and tempo game early. They will try to negate our pass rush, prevent subbing and tire out the D line. To counter we need to press the WR’s off the line and make sure we cover the chip blocking TE, while bringing at minimum a 5th rusher. Young has been really good at 3rd down conversions this year when he needed to, we need to figure out how to end their drives quickly.

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      • I totally expect this, but it sets up the 1-on-1 on Williams they love to throw. Somehow, Kirby and Lanning need to find the looks that disrupt Young. Lot’s of D shifting. Mix of blitzes. Jam Williams and keep the safety over the top (NEVER LET HIM GET BEHIND THE D!!!).

        It may not be the all out harassing of Young we hope for, but enough to keep him guessing. I think they move easily down to our 30 or so fairly often. Can we get the stops near and in the Red Zone?

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  7. ASEF

    Games like this tend to come down to injuries and (gulp) officiating. How tolerant will ACC refs be with physical DB play? What’s their threshold for offensive holding? Because both these teams stop the run. Pass rush and coverage will determine the outcome. Bama’s dinged at OL and CB, absent their leading receiver. A huge edge for Georgia.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Wasn’t it ACC refs that did the Tennessee game last week?
      That was a Charley Foxtrot of a called game.
      I couldn’t believe it when the Tennessee fans failed to throw their garbage all over the field after that display of officiating ineptitude.
      I can’t say the I didn’t enjoy the way it ended, though.


  8. Biggen

    If we have designed plays for Pickens, Bowers, Cook, and Washington, I don’t know how we lose. All those guys are 100%. Maybe Pickens lost a bit of top end speed with the injury but the guy catches anything thrown to him.

    Once Bama has to start respecting any of those 4, then we hit em with the running game and/or Mitchell/McConkey/Jackson Too many weapons for us to screw this up.

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  9. practicaldawg

    Perhaps no other UGA player embarrassed Michigan as badly as Salyer did. Whatever elite D-linemen Michigan thought they had, they were all out abused by Salyer.

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  10. RangerRuss



  11. benco04

    I wonder what Young’s stats are on 2nd and 3rd down and more than 7 to gain against MUG looks from the defense. Seems he hurried throws in the second half with just the appearance of pressure. He escaped some for sure. But he made some bad throws when we were coming at him too.