Avoiding insanity at the national championship

There are lessons to be learned from the SECCG, if you’re Georgia.  This is one of them.

… For all the talk about how Young wasn’t sacked by Georgia, you would think it was ineffective blitzing in the SEC title game or merely dropped eight men into coverage on every Alabama pass attempt. To the contrary. Georgia brought pressure, and it was effective. Young was just 8 of 20 for 104 yards when the Bulldogs sent five or more pass rushers, according to TruMedia data. That equates to an average of 5.2 yards per attempt, which is far below the 9.6 yards that Young averaged for the game. When Georgia rushed four players or fewer, Young thrived by completing 17 of 23 passes for 308 yards. All three of his touchdown passes came on plays when Georgia did not blitz, and he averaged a staggering 13.39 yards per attempt on those plays.

Georgia approached Alabama and Young like they were any other offense Georgia faced this season, only to find they weren’t.  That’s an assumption the Dawgs need to discard come Monday night.


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  1. Blitz Young as soon as he steps off the bus. I do have a feeling that Saban and O’Brien are aware of this statistic as well. I wonder how they will counter.

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    • Down Island Way

      They’ll come up with some kinda’ rat poison like, “we would be better on third downs if wasn’t so cold in siberia” or “if you the bus ride to the stadium was faster, we could take longer to dress for the team pictures” and this one “since we are the underdogs, we should have our own cartoon, but they don’t like us anymore”…


    • spur21

      They will try to run and run some more – then throw to a wide open WR. We will be prepared for that scenario.

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    • moe pritchett

      Just as I’m reading this, I’m also watching the replay and see Young pitch a 20 yd pass to Slade Bolden….while we blitz and have 5 rushing the passer.


      • willypmd

        Go watch LSU and Auburn vs Bama.

        Despite your one play, there are about 75 plays between those two games that directly contradict that position.

        Also, look at the statistics posted above that directly counter your point.

        What is the point of your post? That Bama once had a successful play against five blitzers?

        Yes Bama once and maybe even multiple times had a successful play against 5 rushers!

        That does not change the fact that mostly over the course of our game and the season they failed to handle the pressure.

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    • bcdawg97

      Bama ran on Cincy because they are undersized and have AA corners. Why would you try to pass the ball? We are the exact opposite of that so I’m guessing Bama will employ the same game plan we did to Michigan. Lots of short passes to space to negate our pass rush along with no fear of throwing to Williamson long. Going to be on our defense to play sound and execute, keeping the score close so the offense doesn’t have to do too much. Either way, I’ll be in Indy to find out how it plays out. #HBTFD

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  2. truckerdawg

    I hope they pressure him every play. One glaring difference between the two teams is Bama’s receivers running loose in the secondary at 4.3 speed being chased by our players at 4.5 speed. Speed can’t be coached. If Cincy’s front 7 got to him, ours should be able to get to him. Pin back their ears and turn them loose. Go Dawgs.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I know what will happen if we don’t apply maximum pressure on Young, and it ain’t pretty.

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    • moe pritchett

      Just a curiosity question: You probably understand coaching intricacies a little better than me but, if we are blitzing and or sending 5 rushers then how do you see that impacting the run defense? I think Lanning/Smart have a healthy respect for Bamas run game

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  4. Bama gonna Bama because it works. Quick sideline throws. Deep to Williamson whenever he’s in single coverage and the safety is pulled away. Enough power run game to keep the DL honest. Let Young scramble to make plays (if you’ll notice, they seem to intentionally have a back trail him so he can make a late pitch..brilliant scheming and coaching vs luck I say).

    It’s hopeless? No. Auburn stuffed them. We went up 10-0. Our “normal” D scheme works. Keep the plays in front of us. Let the front four loose and blitz from the edges and with stunts. Play fast and loose. Be in Young’s face (hard to do!). On offense, it’s time for RTDB to show up. Get to 3rd and short and we’ll win some explosive plays. It’s not Stetson who needs to play great, it’s the OL, receivers and RBs who need to show out and not be waiting on someone else to make a play.

    And Kirby…let them have at it. Let them believe your guys are just as good. Don’t outcoach Saban…let your playmakers outplay his.

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    • miltondawg

      Heard Drew Butler on the radio this morning and he was asked about if he thought the Dawgs would have some trick plays, fake punts, etc. for Bama this time around. He basically said “No” before expounding on that saying that, unlike after the 2017 season, in this game Georgia has as many dudes as deep as Bama does and they just need to line up and play. He also pointed out what amounted to trying to outcoach Saban as a strategy was futile. Like you said FPD, make sure that every Georgia player knows from the coaching staff that they are just as good as the guys in crimson and let them go out and prove it. No gimmicks, no tricks, no new specially installed schemes…just line up and punch them harder than they punch you over and over.

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  5. archmartyr

    Georgia approached the SEC title game like they assumed they had it in the bag and everyone knows what happens when you assume. They may try to blitz Young more this go around but that’s not going to work either. Look for multiple home run plays for Bama and another pretty one sided game. Occasionally in sports you have a team that’s always a bridesmaid, never a bride. UGA is one of those