I mentioned in yesterday’s Observations post that we saw the best performance by Georgia’s guards all season last Friday night.  Here’s an example:

Not just Shaffer, either — watch the job Ericson (with a little help from Van Pran-Granger) does with Hutchinson.  Those dudes were working.


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  1. That was really nice to watch. Warren McClendon also did a good job of staying on his assignment to take Hinton who looped around their left end.

    Speaking of Hinton, I wonder if he and his family wished he had been on the other sideline Friday night.


    • Down Island Way

      Soooo, you are saying the O-line performed as they should, the UGA football staff coached ’em up, the O-line was a little upset with all that was said during the season/seccg, the O-line got lucky cause play calling was top shelf, the O-line was pissed cause meeeshigun o-line got an award for not practicing against the best front 7 in college football the season, is that what you are telling me…GO DAWGS!

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  2. Darin Cochran

    Our Oline should be awesome next season; McClendon, SVP and Erickson will all be back and Broderick Jones filled in nicely for Salyer. But I’m just wondering how long they can hold off the young studs; Sims should be healthy, and I’ve heard that Dylan Fairchild can already out-lift the veterans. That’s easy to see, I seen a video of him Squat 600 as a senior and read he could put up 450 on the bp BEFORE the football season even started. All of this and he doesn’t have two tablespoons of fat on him. I bet he takes Shaffer’s spot or if that Jared Wilson kid really is as good as they’re saying, he might take Shaffer’s spot and Fairchild might oust Erickson.

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  3. Texas Dawg

    I thought that Ojabo might have been injured and had to sit out the game. I couldn’t recall his name being called a single time during the game. Imagine my surprise when I watched highlights and saw him being absolutely manhandled as the reason he was a total non factor. That line played the best they have played all year. Hopefully it was a two act play and act two comes Monday night. Hutchinson on the other hand was mentioned constantly, although it was about what he had done all year, not what he did during the game.

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    • originaluglydawg

      The announcers went on and on about Michigan players for the whole second half. We had a ten minute lesson on the MI backup QB. I think they do it to piss us off. If so, it works.

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      • They do it to keep Michigan fans and casuals on the broadcast. The second half of that game was insanely boring if you weren’t wearing Red and Black. They missed some opportunities to preach from the pulpit of St Stetson, IMO… but that would probably dropped viewership.

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      • Morris Day

        It’s also that Mich. was their shiny new toy in the playoff. They’ve done interest pieces on UGA already, this gave them license to gush about and fawn over a new team.


    • Russ

      I agree with you. I honestly thought he was hurt or didn’t play. But he played and registered straight zeros across the board. Zero impact, even less than Hutchinson.

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  4. A Ban

    I worry Michigan’s size and power up front is a step back from Bama, meaning it isn’t a sure thing they took a step forward. Bit it feels and looks like the whole OL had ots best game.


  5. Texas Dawg

    According to the NFL scouts, Hutchinson and Ojabo are supposed to be 2 of the best. They are usually correct about these things (with occasional spectacular misses). That makes me very optimistic about the way the line CAN play. The question is if it is the way they WILL play.