Lots of stars, but no stars

Good piece from Seth Emerson ($$) about how Georgia’s having a dominant season without generating many dominant player statistics:

But the story of this Georgia offense goes beyond that. It includes about a dozen skill-position guys who were top-100 prospects, including a handful of five-stars, so many good options that they eat into their potential stats…

Bennett compared it to Georgia’s defense, which he said plays “more complementary defense,” and indeed the major stats (tackles, sacks) are spread around. Nakobe Dean leads the team with only six sacks (13th in the SEC), but Georgia is second as a team with 45 sacks.

There are plenty of reasons why, but a couple of the obvious ones are team depth on the defensive front seven, allowing Lanning and Smart to rotate personnel to keep players fresh and Monken’s play designs, which work to spread the wealth around on offense.



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  1. biggusrickus

    They also don’t feed carries to anyone or stick with wide receiver groups for long stretches (injuries have also probably affected that). White’s top carry total was 18, and it’s typically been more like 10 to 12. Apart from Bowers being great, his relatively massive receiving numbers are by virtue of his being on the field most of the time.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    It’ll be interesting to see where someone like Jermaine Johnson, who left for more playing time, goes in the draft, versus some of our D players. I’m not sure the transfer hurt his prospects at all. Probably helped. But he may get a sinking feeling if we land that natty, at least til he signs that first multi-million contract.

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    • stoopnagle

      You could almost make a whole defense with VHT players who transferred out. Johnson would’ve started half the season after Anderson threw away his future; Stevenson would’ve started all year; Otis Reese would probably be playing a lot (judging by how much Dan Jackson has played); having Major Burns would not have hurt. But that’s how it goes. I’m sure Kirby has those talking points lined up for next week when the portal action and going pro conversations start up for our program.

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  3. From a spectator’s view, having all these different, talented athletes creates stimulus overload at times (in a good way). Gone are the days of the RB running up the middle 3-4 times to get a 1st down. This season, we’ve seen a much more dynamic offense where (with the exception of the SECCG) Monken dials up an offense to exploit the opposing defense.
    And on defense, again excluding the SECCG, we have seen nearly total dominance. This defense has imposed its will…and what a site to watch.

    I hope all this has been as a result of Kirby’s recruiting prowess (for coaches as well as athletes). And I hope this continues to evolve…because this season has been the best season to watch that I can recall seeing since the early 80’s…and when we win next Monday, this will have been the greatest Dawg season of my life.

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  4. dawgphan34

    yeah, but…*waves hand at bama.


  5. Down Island Way

    All good with that…GO DAWGS!


  6. TEXBaller

    I need Bennett to STFU and be focused on not throwing Aaron Murray’esque picks v Bama!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. classiccitycanine

    Unfortunately we just don’t have anyone outside of Bowers that Saban has to gameplan around unlike Kirby who had to plan around Williams/Metchie. For example, I like Ladd, but he’s not scaring Saban.


  8. Terry McCullers

    They do have one star and that’s Brock Bowers. He’s NFL ready right now.