One more look and listen

Josh did something fun the other day.  He put together a video of the full Orange Bowl with the local radio call instead of the ESPN team, along with marking the key plays.  Enjoy.


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  1. NotMyCrossToBear

    Thank you for this. I watched the first half on sky cast (no announcers at all, only stadium noise) and the second half on SEC Network (UGA radio call). Glorious.

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  2. DawgStats

    They do for a lot of the games on the App I believe. The ESPN app on the 4K Apple TV (other smart TV apps I’m sure) is awesome.

    For the CFP they go all out. One of the reasons I am actually looking forward to ESPN getting the SEC exclusively.

    Can’t even get a replay from CBS

    ESPN you get Skycam, all 22, hometown radio call, plus a few others.

    Say what you will – ESPN’s tech is good.

    I believe the Champ game will actually stream in 4K, too.

    Here is cutups a off the all-22 I made for Graham.

    Orange Bowl All 22

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  3. DawgStats

    I don’t get anything but what’s available to public. Just a schmuck with some video know how

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  4. Morris Day

    On a related note… I was at a friend’s house watching the Orange Bowl. He has YouTubeTV. We tried watching the feed with the UGA radio audio. But, the audio was out of sync. About 1-2 seconds off. Just enough to be annoying. But, the regular national feed seemed in sync. Did anyone else experience this?


  5. classiccitycanine

    I tried watching the game synced up with the radio and didn’t really like it. The radio describes everything that I just saw with my own eyes. I don’t really need the description and Zeier adds nothing from the color seat.