Hits are painful.

Just ask Aaron Murray.

Not a day goes by that former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray isn’t asked about “The Pass.”

… But Murray’s pass was tipped and the ball fell into the arms of Georgia receiver Chris Conley at the Alabama five-yard line. The clock kept running. Georgia was out of timeouts.

“It was the longest eight or nine seconds in my life,” said Murray. “There had to be some way to get that clock stopped. But there wasn’t.”

Murray says he still gets questions about two plays from his career:

“The Prayer at Jordan-Hare (a miracle touchdown pass for Auburn in 2013) and the pass against Alabama,” said Murray. “I will never escape those plays.”

Murray said he will be doing an event with former Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm, the starter on the 2017 team that lost to Alabama for the national championship.

“I guess they put us together because we’ve both been stabbed in the heart by Alabama,” said Murray.


There are demons waiting to be exorcised Monday night.  No pressure, guys.


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10 responses to “Hits are painful.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Everybody always says forget those things. It’s sound advice but easier said than done. Every once in a while something from decades agom pops into your mind and you just cringe in anger, embarrassment, or frustration.

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  2. Here I thought you were referencing the play where Murray was targeted on an interception and the refs stood by watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTz2dejen0o&ab_channel=GridironStuds%2FAllEyesDBCamp-ChadWilson

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    • olddawg22

      Exactly where my mind went! That was the gutsiest last drive ever, for Murray to even still be in the game after that hit in the first half. Not to mention the hits in the second half! At the end Just remember being in the stands wondering what the F**k just happened???
      PS I full backed the go quick no spike call, our guy was going to catch that pass at the pylon, Bama linebacker just made an incredible leap! The pisser is it fell in Connely’s hands, that is the football gods not smiling on you!

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  3. csmoore2021

    Funny… the pass I remember most from the 2012 SECCG was the interception Murray threw at the end of the second half. Chris Conley was wide open, and Murray under-threw him by 10 yards and it landed in the arms of Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, resulting in a bama field goal.


    • classiccitycanine

      After what should have been a personal foul on Bama that would have knocked them out of field goal range.


  4. sniffer

    Is it shocking to anyone else that the game was 9 effin’ years ago. I was still a promising young man back then..

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  5. Dawg19

    If Murray completes that pass to Mitchell, Richt is still our coach to this day.