The game of their lives

Dawgs, this is some stat.

Jeez, I’m not expecting perfection come Monday night, but if you can’t clean something like that up, you don’t deserve to win.


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  1. Granthams Replacement

    It seemed more like 30.

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    • classiccitycanine

      It seems like this stat is only counting coverage busts not overall plays of 20+ yards, of which there are more than 3.


  2. When a QB drops a dime on you or a guy makes a play on the ball, there’s no shame in that unless, of course, you don’t get the receiver to the ground if you have a chance. The problem is when, as a player, you get caught out of position or you allow the QB to maneuver you out of position, that’s when bad things happen.


  3. boz864

    I think that tweet is a little misleading.. there were plenty more busts against lesser competition, just didn’t result in a completion. Playmakers make plays, and Bama has those in spades.

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  4. voxdawg

    Practically none of the formula for a win Monday night involves otherworldly play from SBIV. If the defense shows up hungry and has the eye of the tiger, playing like a shadow of themselves for the other 24 games where they dominated?

    Kirby hoists the trophy.

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  5. pantslesspatdye

    Sorry Senator for being somewhat off topic, but I have to put this somewhere:

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  6. Derek

    Bama pulled out a lot of tricks out to confuse our guys and make them play a step slower. Hopefully, they showed them all.

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  7. Leggo5

    Well, this stat backs up my yelling at the field from the upper deck on December, 4th. “We haven’t done this sh!t all year! ALL DAMN YEAR!!!”

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  8. Russ

    This is why I’m cautiously optimistic. We played our worst by far, while Bama played probably their best game of the season. And it was all basically in the second quarter. If we avoid brain farts like this, I think we can win a close game.

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    • miltondawg

      I don’t think that it is arguable that it was Bama’s best game of the year offensively. Their OL gave up zero sacks for a unit that was averaging giving up 3 per game, gave up at least 1 in all 12 regular season games, and gave up 7 seven days before against Auburn. Even had Auburn not gotten a single sack Bama would have averaged giving up more than 2.5 sacks in the other 11 games.

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  9. Former Fan

    My guess is that Bama made them pay for the busts while other teams couldn’t take advantage. Unless UGA gets pressure on the QB… well, you know the rest of that sentence.

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    • It’s exactly this. Kirby said all season that his team was being hyped up too much. Reporters would ask how the D was so “Elite” and he’d say ‘Now, we weren’t Elite in a lot of ways. We have a lot to work on.’ But folks didn’t listen to him…they just assumed he was being overly critical.

      They suffered results bias. He doesn’t. The broadcast cameras don’t generally see busts that don’t have balls thrown at them. The A22 does, though.

      The hope (that bitch) is that he’s had enough time to “work on it” because there’s no games after Monday. Final Exam time – hope he understood the assignment.

      Go Dawgs.

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      • SmokeaterDawg316

        I’ll ask you to not speak about the beautiful and talented Hannah Kuykendall that way (Hope). She is the only proof we have that at least one beautiful thing can emerge from that overhyped farmland on the plains of Bammy.


  10. brigadedawg

    Idk if it was me or the Casamigos but it seemed like every pass was a coverage bust. I think it was more nerves than flat out getting outplayed. I believe they will have a better game in the secondary this game IF we can get some pressure

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  11. Tim B

    What was that Michigan td if not a coverage bust? They never showed a replay but no one was covering the guy.


    • Corner (13) Blitz, safety (14) had him in man-man and got fooled on the route. He bit too hard on what he assumed was a short (maybe stop or slant was what he thought) route, then got beat over the top.

      It wasn’t a “bust” in that he was on the right guy, just didn’t play it well at all.

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