The more reps, the merrier

Todd Monken, who’s been around the block more than a few times, makes a good point about his starting quarterback:

Q. How do you best quantify the improvements when you’re talking about Stetson, that he’s made from last year to right now being starting quarterback?

COACH MONKEN: Obviously, second year in the system. Being around us as a coaching staff, what we do offensively is big. And just playing. I think we forgot at times that he really hadn’t played a lot of football here. And I think being around the same players.

I think the consistency that we’ve had at times that we’ve tried to get the ball to those guys have helped. But to me he’s matured in terms of understanding what we want to get done. And also just playing. There’s just the reps that you get in practice and then games that get into your memory bank, whether they’re scars or things you’ve solved or decision-making, I think all comes into that.

And the longer you play — a guy like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady or those guys or Ryan Fitzpatrick — some of the things they do now they didn’t do early on in their career. That develops over time. And they continued to improve their game and their understanding of what we want done.

Stetson’s flaws have been well documented, but, in fairness, maybe it bears repeating that he really hasn’t been the guy all that long.  That’s not just about experience, either.  Bryce Young has started a comparable number of games, but under vastly different expectations and circumstances.  His career path had a very straightforward course set from the moment he set foot on campus.  Bennett’s, by comparison, has been about as on-again, off-again as it could be over the last two seasons.  (His own coaches admit they underrated his ability.)

And yet, for all that, it’s Bennett with the superior passer rating and QBR (sorry, couldn’t resist).  As much as that’s a testament to Bennett, it may be an even bigger one for Todd Monken.


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31 responses to “The more reps, the merrier

  1. Derek

    Stats are misleading at best. The truth is that the only huge mismatch disadvantage we at Monday night is at qb. If we overcome that, all credit goes to coaching, to Stetson’s huevos and to his extremely talented group of teammates.

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  2. dawgphan34

    Why compare Stetson to Brady, just why do it?

    Also I am going to list the championship teams that Monken has been involved with.


  3. Scotty King

    Comparing Stet to Buck Belue would be more apt. That worked out pretty great. Yeah, I know times have changed, no Herschel, etc.


  4. akascuba

    If you don’t believe you can win your already beat. Stats against other teams are meaningless in this game. On paper Georgia matches up extremely well with the team Bama has right now for the first time ever at every position but one.

    Kirby/Lanning must keep the score close enough that Bennett is not forced to be something he’s not. Monken needs a game play that allows the offense to keep Bennett in his comfort zone. As Kirby has said to win the game players need to win their individual match ups. It’s take Bryce Young out of his comfort zone and keep Bennett in his. That’s a tall order and to do so this team must help their QB.

    I wish Larry Munson was here to call this game.

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    • Derek

      Oh I can still hear him… “we’ve got 45 thousand dawg fans here who have been waiting a MILLION years for this day! The clock says 10! 9! 8! ….(loud noises)(long pause)… I just threw my chair. I metal steel chair with a four inch cushion at an alabama fan. Trust me, he deserved it. It may be awhile before he receives any medical attention because of all of the sheer CHAOS going on all around me. Hey! I’ve got two more up here if you want them pal!! Anyway, dawgs win! It was never close. Stetson Bennett, you beautiful mutha….”

      “Now 15 seconds for station identification…”

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and… Ryan Fitzpatrick?

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    • siskey

      All three were drafted lower than they should have been and have become way better QBs as they have played more football.

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      • W Cobb Dawg

        I think there’s probably better examples than Fitzpatrick, but point taken.

        And listing QBs who got worse the more they played wouldn’t be a good idea with SBIV’s 3rd shot at bama imminent.


    • miltondawg

      W Cobb, I came in to specifically say the same. One of those three quarterbacks is not like the others. Best QB in the NFL at the moment, multiple SB winning GOAT, and career journeyman that has played for 8 or 9 teams (I think) in his 16 years.


  6. Russ

    Jeebus people, did anyone watch the Orange Bowl? Michigan’s defense was supposed to be good and Bennett shredded it. The guy can play QB. It the defense doesn’t piss down their legs this game, we should have a great shot at it.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Exactly, the D needs to show the hell up.

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    • “If the defense doesn’t piss down their legs this game, we should have a great shot at it.”

      Nobody is going to be happy if we lose 17-13. If we lose and the defense holds them to 24 or fewer points, there will be no blaming the defense for the outcome.

      I am particularly Munson-y this week because of the QB comparison, or maybe I’m just preparing myself to be disappointed on Monday night.

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  7. californiadawg

    Man it’s such a relief to finally have faith in our OC. I sure hope we keep Monken around for another season or two at least. By all accounts he seems happy in Athens. Say what you will about our QB room, it’s rare we get many boneheaded Bobo-esque ‘oh it’s 1st and goal at the 4 let’s not give it to Todd Gurley’ type calls.

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    • RangerRuss

      You’re right about that, CD. The Dawgs have the staff as well as the players to win it all Monday night. Best chance in thirty some years.

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  8. Previously Paul

    It’s the scars in Stet’s memory bank that concern me. Two in particular.


  9. archmartyr

    The way the rules are now in college football games like this are almost always won by the team with the best QB and we all know who has that. Alabama. I think they do give out a runner-up trophy so UGA won’t leave completely empty handed. That’s something anyway