Difference making

So I asked earlier about whether Georgia might adjust its quarterback pressures, but on a larger scale, Richard Johnson takes a deep dive into a lot of things the Dawgs have to do differently this time around with Alabama.

This is the one that concerns me the most:

Young leads the country in dropbacks that feature bunches, per Sports Info Solutions. Georgia knows the way the Tide can sting defenses out of these formations. This is how the Tide scored on the first of those five straight possessions.

Leading to the confusion of how to handle Williams (or any Bama WR) is how they release out of the bunch. The Williams TD shows that all three receivers do not simply take off down the field at the snap every time. Sifting through who is going where and when incorrectly can lead to coverage busts, like the one that created one of Williams’s SEC title game scores.

And Bama will play with who is in the bunch (often adding a tight end to run bubble screens) in addition to what it does out of the bunch and how it gets into the formation at all (using motion to create and hide its intention until right before the snap). This may seem like a normal crossing route by the Tide’s Slade Bolden, but the slight delay postsnap can help WRs get lost in the coverage.

In the SECCG, they destroyed Georgia’s slot coverage over and over again with bunch formations.  And, as Richard points out, it wasn’t just Williams and Metchie.  Slade Bolden was productive out of the slot against Georgia and Cinci.

I don’t know why Georgia struggled so much — okay, picking the SECCG for Poole’s first career start may not have been a genius move in retrospect — but if they don’t clean that up, it’s gonna be another long day at the arm of Bryce Young.


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  1. 79dawg

    FWIW, you could tell the first pass they threw in the Cotton Bowl was gonna be 6 as soon as they lined up in the formation. They had 3 guys bunched to the left and Cincinnati only put two DBs out there and had an LB trying to play zone on the inside guy – they never had a chance to defend that play….


  2. Seems they way to defend that is to attack the bunch at the LOS. Hit and disrupt the timing while sending end pressure on the QB. Destroys the offenses timing and makes the QB alter his throw. Whenever I see a D play soft on that, usually somebody breaks open.

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    • Real good way to get beat by a bunch screen to the back in the formation, there.

      (My only point: there’s always a counter-punch)


      • True…every play has a counter once the D is committed but thats what we have Nakobe Dean for 😉

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        • Down Island Way

          Does UGA football have to change their style/scheme/way of playing “D”, or just play “D” the way they know how, understanding there has to be a plan for the group to follow and adjust if needed (good or bad), when UGA football “D” imposes their will, the UGA “O” can and will bury the opposition, shovel by shovel and I get scheming for the oppositions style of play and so on…GO DAWGS!

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  3. Derek

    23 needs to take over at star for this one.

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    • dawg100

      I asked the other day what is the story with Brini? 12 starts, then no snaps in last 2?

      Boy, do we miss Tykee Smith here.


      • Derek

        Brini is great vs. teams that match up star vs. RB’s and TE’s and slower wrs.

        When a team lime matches him up against a fast guy, Brini is toast.

        I think they lost faith in Brini vs. UT when he got burnt for a rz td.

        Similar thing happened to 7 last year. Arkansas put him up against a really fast kid and he was helpless.

        Some match ups require a safety/lb hybrid type and some require a safety/corner hybrid. This one is the latter I think.


  4. Bluto highlights the main concern…Kirby, Boom, and Lanning have to find a way to put Young on his ass multiple times on Monday night…that will be the key to victory

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  5. Terry McCullers

    Key ti game= Hit Bryce Young over and over again. Guy does not like contact.

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