Moving the chess pieces around

Dial the clip at the linked article up to the 37-minute mark to hear Pete Thamel discuss what an SEC defensive coordinator said he saw in the conference championship game — namely, that Georgia was “tipping their hand” with their simulated pressure packages, that ‘Bama was able to pick up on when they were being called and signaled to Young that he’d be facing zone coverage pre-snap.

On top of that, by dropping a defender from the line of scrimmage into coverage, Georgia wasn’t fully able to exploit the weaknesses of the right side of Alabama’s offensive line as Auburn had done, for example, just the week before.

If all that’s true, how will Georgia adjust?  And how will Alabama adjust to Georgia’s adjustments?


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  1. armydawg

    Interesting. None of the commenters here have mentioned that at all that I know of. I would think someone would pick up on that. Also, who was the DC that saw it? Someone credible, or Vandy’s DC.

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    • Down Island Way

      I thought it was to obvious to mention, but then again…GO DAWGS!

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    • Derek

      I’d be willing to bet that someone on here knew it was gonna happen and why it was gonna happen even before he saw it happen. And also that it will never ever change and why.

      The truth is that at the minutiae these guys are working we don’t have a fucking clue. We’re watching nukes go off and then suggesting we know how to split an atom. No, no we don’t.

      Some fans know nothing. Some fans know enough to be really wrong about nearly everything. But even your most knowledgeable, objective and humble fan is operating at a very, very superficial level related to what’s going on out there.

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      • atticus34

        I hear this argument all the time. Coaches have forgotten more about football than any fan knows and they spend 24 hours a day in preparation etc. blah blah blah..and I would agree to a point, however to say that fans NEVER should make a valid comment is wrong. There are extremely boneheaded play calls and clock management errors that are frequently witnessed and to say fans no nothing and can’t point out poor coaching is just wrong. I don’t need to be an experienced mechanic to know when my car isn’t working or must be a doctor to know when I am sick. Its not f ing brain surgery its football. I don’t need to be a veteran coach to know I need to give the ball to Gurley at the goal line. Its recruit the best players, develop them and let them play and get the ball to the playmakers. It is NOT splitting the atom


        • Derek

          Never suggested otherwise. There are areas where very valid fan criticism can be made. I’ve criticized the fake fg at LSU, the fake punt in the seccg, the onside kick vs. USC, the toss sweep to 16 vs. Vandy and if I thought long enough, I’d come up with more.

          I’m simply noting that there are major details that we’ll never know, see, or understand.

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      • snoopdawgydawg

        So the fan that pointed out the tell for Joe Cox(Aaron Murray?) tipping off run plays over multiple games to CMR, which directly led to the tell being fixed was a sign of an idiot fan having no idea what they’re watching or doing or splitting the atom?

        To an extent, we don’t know the play call, but things like tells are absolutely things that astute observers can pick up. That’s why it’s a tell. Were we doing it in the SECCG? I dunno. but there are enough current/former coaches/players watching UGA football that it’s not all that hard to believe someone caught something.


        • Derek

          But here it wasn’t a fan. It was a sec coach he says he “thinks” that’s what was happening.

          An aphorism:

          Two things a southern man knows exactly how to do: coach football and drive a stock car.


  2. Illini84

    How bout this Dawg!!!! “ CHICAGO — You hear the one about the kid who had never played football making it to college football’s grandest stage in a year’s time?

    How about we spice the joke up a little, and say that the teen is a Yankee who has found a home on a Georgia football team that stands one win away from its first national title in 41 years?

    “Disbelief and gratitude,” says Luke Collins, the punchline of this bit, which is decidedly not a bit — something that his parents have finally come to terms with now that their oldest of four kids is a first-year walk-on linebacker with the Bulldogs.”

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  3. You’d think UGA would have enough money to pay an analyst whose only job is to analyze the team for weaknesses or “tells” like this….

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  4. olddawg22

    Wonder if we were tipping our hand on which receiver was going uncovered due to busted coverage!

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  5. Jack Klompus

    When I read about things like this it makes my confidence dwindle.


    • Russ

      Well, I hope our coaches saw it, too, and have fixed it. If so, that should take away an advantage Bama had last game. We’ll see, I guess.

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  6. We have two interior DLs who are ready for the NFL. We have two edge rushers. We have heat-seeking missiles at the LB position. Do not drop into zone. Send them. Send them all. Inflict havoc. Tackle everything then find who has the ball.

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  7. gastr1

    And then just after that astute observation, hear Thamel call Bennett a game manager.


  8. Morris Day

    Didn’t click or watch but… was anything said as to whether this was all game long? Or did we figure it out and adjust at the half? Didn’t we clamp down on their offense a little better in the 2nd half? Or was CNS just taking his foot off the gas to ease up on us?


  9. Matthew McKinney

    Pete Thamel is a pro at making vague statements and conventional wisdom sound like deep insight.

    Also, on an unrelated note, he refuses to admit Urban Meyer is a scum bag, because he once had a pleasant interaction with him on a practice field.

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  10. That’s pretty interesting. Hopefully they can fix the tipping and disguise coverages and pressures better. Another little something else that is irritating to me, are we conceding that Will Anderson is the “best player” on the field? He is very good but I am not convinced he is the best player on the field. Stats wise maybe. Real life football, I would take Nakobe over Will. Is it just me?

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    • RangerRuss

      Anderson would be just another great player on the Dawgs D, Jaime Conley. I agree that Nakobe is the better player.