Still playing the fake juice card, I see.

Jeez, Will.  It’s not like Vegas is making it personal.

Yeah, disrespect.  That’s Alabama’s problem, alright.



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  1. Give me a break, Will. The sharps in Vegas have it in for the Bammers. You should be telling your redneck fans to load up on the Tide straight up.

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  2. Tommy Perkins

    Will, you’re playing Georgia, not Vegas. Hopefully, that becomes crystal clear when the helmets do the talking.

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  3. dman2020

    Would be interesting for Will to see who the betters think are going to win the game. Fake rat poison.


  4. Gaskilldawg

    The Dabo script.

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  5. gastr1

    Somebody tell him why he chose Alabama. Please. What a joke.

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  6. I mean, whatever you gotta do to get up for the competition I guess.

    This stuff is so ridiculous, but then again so is 99% of the garbage media coverage filling dead space in the lead up to these kind of games these days.

    Other than this blog and a few people on twitter that are cool (dawg stats, Graham Coffey, 3 year letterman), I’ve been avoiding all sports media entirely. I avoided the web sites, haven’t turned on the satellite radio shows I usually listen to, ignored suggested youtube videos, etc. It is all too much and all pretty much irrelevant anyway.

    Our defense is either going to light Bryce Young up, or it won’t.

    Our offense will either keep SB out of desperate third down situations, or it won’t.

    That’s kinda it, isn’t it? Now we just wait until Monday night to find out what happens and we’re either legendarily happy (relieved?) or crushed in a way that is all too familiar.

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    • Also: I’m so glad we seem to be totally past the whole SB/JT obsessive comparisons and associated debate.

      I feel like as a fan base we’ve settled on having faith that CKS and Monken know what gives our team the best chance to win, and if you want to be mad at them for something it is that they failed to recruit a better QB, not that they are “idiots” playing the wrong QB (or are so into the story of a walk on QB they are willing to play him over a better option).

      Perhaps it was our annihilation of Michigan that helped make that happen. That also seems to have ended the whole “Georgia didn’t beat anybody”, and it also made the rest of our SEC east competition look better by comparison. All of that together seems to have made the opinions about how great our team was all year more legitimate again.

      But of course, by Tuesday morning none of that stuff matters.

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    • Remember the Quincy

      I, too, have mostly avoided the XM channel 84 shows I listen to much of the season. Only so much that can be said to fill 12+ hours of air time every day.

      The exception for me has been The Athletic. Seth Emerson and his colleagues have had some really good pieces, including some stories about individual players. Great reading for the most part.

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      • Yeah, I frequently consider subscribing to The Athletic, but outside of Oct-Dec I really don’t give a crap about sports news enough. I don’t care about other sports enough to need more than the free stuff, and I find recruiting news utterly overwhelming and miserable.

        Once you read the end of the CFB season, there just isn’t enough to talk about and way too much dead time to fill so the news outlets just get absurd and ridiculous. They conjure up BULLSHIT narratives and have worthless crap like finding every random person they can think of to pick the winner.

        Just yesterday I randomly saw something on twitter that was something like:

        “Charles Barkley gives his pick on the national title game and its bad news for Georgia fans!”

        Why is that bad news that a guy from Alabama picked Bama? (regardless of being an Auburn alum). Who cares what he thinks? It has utterly no relevance on anything.

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        • Russ

          Barkley actually picked Georgia. It’s bad news for us because he’s never right with his picks, according to the narrative.

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        • uga97

          The Athletic got bought by NYTimes for half billion, which removes any chance of gaining my subscription.

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          • I wonder if that means my NY Times subscription will work for The Athletic.

            Love the NY Times. They make their mistakes and have their embarrassing flubs of course, but they are one of the last remaining bastions of actual journalism in a world of misinformation and hyper commercial news.

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            • gastr1

              It won’t work for both, but the Athletic is $1 a month and has 30-day guest passes (in case you know someone who has it).


  7. uga97

    When u are on a team that;
    – nearly lost to a fired coach Mullet with his interception prone & transfer worthy baby QB & Defenseless FU;
    -lost to a backup freshman transfer TexA&M,

    -remained in a 1 score dog fight with unmotivated, fired/retired Orgeron, and his emptied out, injured, opt-out rosterless transfer QB & LSU;

    -then face a game where yer offense has a zero scores in 55 minutes vs 1st year HC Harsin & his transfer QB Nix, without any WRs that could catch a cold @ Auburn;

    then yea folks can lose some faith.

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  8. archmartyr

    It ain’t fake juice if the Alabama players feel they are being disrespected. And they do. Monday is going to be a very one sided affair, worse than the SEC title game. Bama wins. Big


    • GruvenDawg

      Dude…we know your a Bama troll. Go post on your own boards or the Rant. Your talking smack because you know the “mean machine in Red & Black” wants revenge and your scared…Monday is payback.

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    • Down Island Way

      Sorry, this individual has used their fake juice quota, page 4, paragraph 2 states ” the same fake juice may not be used within 45 days of the first usage of said fake” get your bammer buddy to move to some better tasting fake cup of horse shit…

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    • cowetadawg

      I highly doubt even Anderson believes this BS. C’mon man.


    • Limp & Tired…. sound familiar, like when you glance down ?


  9. Ran A

    Oh please… If you need rat poison to motivate you – its you got much bigger issssues


  10. theoriginalspike

    I do know the Zebras respect Bama (privilege)! Tyler Simmons was not offside!


  11. stoopnagle

    I’m not surprised. “…and I took that personally…”