TFW you don’t take the game as seriously as the fans do

Jordan, Jordan, Jordan…

That mulligan sure came in handy, didn’t it?


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Just… HOW???

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  2. Tommy Perkins

    Again, the preceding games were Charleston Southern and Georgia Tech. I doubt anyone needed a shower after either game.

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  3. Dawg in Austin

    I think it’s a sign that we won’t be rotating so much on Monday.

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  4. Russ

    I’ll say it again. Dawgs went to Atlanta looking for a coronation and found a pissed off Bama team instead. I hope they take that lesson to heart.

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    • Migraine Boy

      I had finally allowed myself Hope, which made that loss a different kind of pain from the others.

      But I have to admit, watching Gameday that morning before heading to Atlanta, When I saw the “Alabama vs Georgia” chyron pop up in front of the Benz, I got an immediate pit in my stomach…


  5. californiadawg

    This team hadn’t played a 4 quarter nail biter all season. Some of us thought the two cup cakes before Atlanta were a good thing because it meant they’d be rested, but going from the nerds to a desperate Bama squad was a shock to the system I guess? Meanwhile Bama’s back to back brawls against Arkansas and Auburn had them better conditioned.

    I don’t know. I think the flu excuse is easier to process.

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  6. uga97

    Gosh, then those multiple 3 and 5 and outs by Monken & co. prior to bamas 4 scores in the 2nd quarter plus the 2 interceptions 2nd half really need to run the stairs too.

    But sure is a nice gesture for players like Davis to try to take the accountability of being ill prepared, unconditioned, unable to execute all while being outcoached by Saban. Especially when your on the sideline & can’t get substituted back in when O’brien runs hurry up.

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  7. Considering the defense (especially the DL, and especially especially Mr Davis) were gassed halfway through the 2nd quarter, this falls into the “No sh*t, Sherlock” column. It was clear they had gotten used to playing 3-5 plays at a time, get off the field, then rest while the offense ran time off the clock. In some ways that was a function of their success their, not necessarily lack of preparation. I don’t think anybody, even Bama fans thought they would keep our D on the field as many snaps as they did. I’m glad they’re prepared for all scenarios this time.

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    • uga97

      Conditioning was not the issue here.
      B ama had the ball for 3 and a half total minutes the 1st Q, (24 total min. entire game.) Through mid 2nd quarter, the D only played ~10 snaps on the field, meaning the actual down & distance packages for Davis to rotate in and out, would mean he only had about 6-8 snaps. Bama ran hurry several times to keep Davis off the field. Could easily argue that he multiple 3 & 5 and outs by Monken Stetson & Co pulled points off our score, and put the D back on the field too many times while giving Bama scoring opps. Yea D had a few busted coverages, but those 1st 3 or 4 quick scoring strikes by Bama didnt wear down & tire out the D.

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  8. ugafidelis

    If this is true (which I doubt), then the whole damn program got complacent. Does anybody really believe that?

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I’ll begin with the caveat that I ain’t a coach, and therefore, take what I say fwiw.
    I have seen a number of ‘analysts’ who think that UGA on defense in particular, but also overall, was playing very vanilla in the SECCG. I can believe that for a few reasons. 1) They were going to be in the CFP regardless of the outcome of the game so the risk was limited, 2) as a corollary to #1, there was no future in showing everything you had, because Alabama would know all of it when you had to play for keeps, and 3) if the rumors that we’ve heard about the flu (and maybe other health dings) were true it might have been thought wise to play vanilla and if you won the game, then good. If you didn’t win there was going to be another chance.

    There are many counters to what I just wrote, so I ain’t claiming to know that it is true, but I sure hope we play better this time, and I do think we have some reason to be optimistic.

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  10. archmartyr

    Colin Cowherd can be a bit of a blowhard but he nailed it with this take……

    “There is in fact no proof that Georgia can be competitive against Alabama. I’m going to put it out there. I’m taking Bryce Young and Nick Saban,”

    Can’t argue with the logic of that. I agree wholeheartedly

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    • Down Island Way

      As most good son’s do, they believe the unbelievable will happen, when it won’t, listening to colonblow is one thing, sucking on that hot take nipple is another, give your two weeks notice at fairy queen and move back into that space below your sister’s mobile place before she rents it out…

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    • Hobnail_Boot

      Well gee whiz, why even play then?

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    • Cutting and pasting hot takes from Colin Cowturd on UGA blog sites is such a sad cry for mental health help. We hear ya bro…we just don’t care. Call a hotline.

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    • ciddawg

      Hey Arch, I will buy you another bottle of turpentine and a refill on your vape pen if it would hurry you out of your misery…

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    • RangerRuss

      That tweaker ho will be forced to live solely under the Hwy 43 bridge when the Dawgs wreck that Bama ass, Saban takes his rings and moves permanently to Lake Burton and Tuscaloosa becomes a dumpster inferno that makes Knoxville look like a Girl Scout campfire. That fellatiologist is too young and stupid to remember when the Tide was the SEC’s bitch after The Bear died and then again when Gene Stallings walked away from the psycho hillbilly pressure.
      She’s getting her licks in on the GTP heroes while she can. That’s the only bidness she’ll get from this discriminating crew of gentlemen and good judges of bad liquor and worse skanks.

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    • mg4life0331

      Stop by a cop police cops traffic rolltide

      ♬ original sound – BAMAFAN

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  11. uga97

    No one blaming Stetson only here. Glad folks can read.


  12. thosebigthighs

    I listened to punt and pass podcast Friday with Drew Butler and Aaron Murray. Aaron said it took to about week 4 to get in “game” condition. He said he didn’t believe the players were in that condition since they hadn’t played a game where you were punched in the mouth for 4 quarters. It sounded very reasonable to me. It seems a good many players shave a chip on their shoulders as they should have. All I have to say is GATA for 4 quarters, Kirbs don’t lift your foot off that gas pedal a gnat’s ass for 4 quarters and let’s beat the Bammers and bring that natty back to Athens where it belongs. Go Dawgs!

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    • voxdawg

      For better or worse, the 1st string D stayed out for Michigan for the majority of the game. I don’t think that was for bragging rights or prevent garbage time TDs.

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  13. archmartyr

    It all started with the black jerseys. An article from ESPN…..

    It was a prime-time game, national TV. ESPN’s College GameDay was on campus that morning, and the Bulldogs had already announced they’d be wearing their famed all-black jerseys, which they’d worn to much fanfare during wins over Auburn and Hawai’i the year before. The environment was electric, well, until about 20 minutes after kickoff.

    By halftime, Alabama led 31-0. The Nick Saban era had officially begun, and Georgia’s hopes for a national championship in 2008 were all but over.

    “I just remember at halftime, they’re getting their butts spanked,” Murray said. “And all these recruits were saying, ‘I thought Georgia was good. What’s the deal?’ I just said it must’ve been an off night but, ‘Hey, those jerseys look sweet.'”

    Even that wasn’t much of a selling point. The game was so embarrassing for Georgia, the black jerseys were actually retired for the next eight years and have made just two appearances since (a token showing in a small-time game vs. Louisiana-Lafayette in 2016 and last year vs. unranked Mississippi State).

    That 2008 game was the first chapter in what has since become a horror story for Georgia.

    LOL! I suspect we will be seeing much the same result Monday


  14. cowetadawg

    In JD’s defense they did play the honey bees the week before. Don’t use a nerd to warm up for 12 rounds with Ali.

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  15. Texas Dawg

    During the season, I heard multiple commentators question if the DAWGS conditioning because they never had to play a whole game. It’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario. When you’re blowing people out and you take them out, you lose that game conditioning. If you are blowing people out, leave them in and someone gets hurt, then that sucks as well. We all like the blowouts, but we need a few more Clemson like games to battle harden them.

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  16. We’ll, all we can hope for is around midnight Monday, Bama looks like they ran into a buzz saw.

    That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. Go Dawgs!

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