The game plan, she is simple.

It really isn’t rocket science.


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    Now do Young…

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  2. Derek

    He needs to stay at that rate on early downs and not risk a fuck up on 3rd.

    I don’t want to see any tough third down throws unless we’re down a lot and the clock is a little.

    Safe plays on third and distance and then punt if you have to.

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    • PTC DAWG

      If we end every drive with a kick or punt, we win.

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      • rigger92

        I dunno, it’s a tug of war inside my little brain. We must limit their possessions and we need to pass on early downs with efficiency while expecting a 3.5yd per carry. Feels like a lot to ask to me. I suppose they need to do the same but it doesn’t make me feel any better.


    • Terry McCullers

      He just need to play within himself. We didn’t have those 2 interceptions the first it’s a 3 point game. Use your legs Stetson.


  3. gotthepicture

    So basically, Bobo will be guest OCing for the NCCG and calling Carlton Thomas or Tyson Browning on a draw up the middle on every 3rd down.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Sorry gotthepicture, not to argue but curious. From where in this thread did you draw that conclusion?


      • gotthepicture

        It wasn’t from the thread, it was from the original post and it was a joke. If Stetson isn’t good at passing on 3rd down, then we probably should just send an undersized RB up the middle on 3rd down. Isn’t that one of the criticisms Dawg fans always had of Bobo?


  4. gastr1

    It befuddles me that he & Monken have not figured out how to fix this. On 3rd & 7+ he almost always looks like a deer in the headlights. Can we not figure out one or two safe plays that at least reliably get a completion, if not a first down, in these situations?

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    • This is something I’ve wondered about quite a bit. I watch a lot of games involving teams at all levels and most all of them seem to be able to convert 3rd & 7+ at least some of the time. I’ve gotten to the point where if second down is unsuccessful, I just assume that drive is over. I’m always surprised when the Dawgs convert anything other than 3rd & short. That shouldn’t be the case for one of the two best teams in the country. The difference in 3rd down conversion feels like it will be the difference in the game again Monday night.

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    • Russ

      You would think Big 0 or Bowers would be money in those situations. But what do I know? I’ll tell ya, not much!

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  5. mwodieseldawg

    I wonder how many of the readers of this blog put those stats in their “I told you so” post they’ve already written and just waiting for late Monday night to post it ad nauseum.

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  6. dawginwestknoxville

    I’ve come to this attitude today on Stetson: Step back and look at his story. Yes there’s obviously all kinds of stuff to say, but….he’s a Georgia fan like us. Has been his whole life. He’s been undervalued by everyone his entire career, even by Monken. Hasn’t he at least greatly outperformed his “ceiling”?

    Imagine we win Monday, and that win comes regardless of the QB choice. They would both win. Who would I rather do it? I’d choose the lifelong Dawg fan (like me). I’d choose the kid who fought like crazy just to get a chance. I’d choose the underdawg. I’d choose Stetson. Nothing against JT, I want him to succeed as much as anybody, I really do. But if we win with Stetson, won’t we look back on his journey with this team as incredible? I’m just pulling hard for this team, and for him. Man, I want them to win.

    Also, I trust our coaches, who have chosen Stetson. It also seems that the team is behind him. Go Dawgs!!!

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  7. TN Dawg

    Stetson throws interceptions.

    In JC he threw 16 TD/14 INT.

    Kind of a testimony to what Monken and CKS have actually done to develop him. I think it has been done basically by getting him to fight some of his own instincts.

    Even in blowout wins this year, we saw when he got a bit full of himself, he had a tendency to go for the big play into coverage rather than make the simple throw. It’s just his nature.

    So you kind of have two SB IVs. One that is a programmed QB which can do things well when everything is on script.

    The other is a gunslinger that doesn’t improvise well, that basically makes as many or more errors as successful plays.

    Everything needs to stay on script, which can be a tough ask because Saban has at least equal talent and is very good at sniffing out your script and forcing you to improvise.

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  8. Here’s something interesting:

    3rd 1-3 (11att) 54.5% Comp, 2TD, 213.06 RAT
    3rd 4-6 (19att) 36.8% Comp, 2TD, 104.73 RAT
    3rd 7-9 (13att) 61.5% Comp, 1TD, 137.97 RAT
    3rd 10+ (16att) 62.5% Comp, 1 INT, 105.13 RAT

    I mean, I’d be guessing without looking at play logs closely, but it looks like what it’s saying is that he has a tendency to complete short passes that don’t convert when he has 3rd and 7+, thus the lower rating with the higher completion percentage than the 3rd and 1-3.

    These stats don’t show a “he slings it into trouble all the time when he’s behind the sticks” – but those stick out in peoples’ minds, of course.. because the 4-yard pass on 3rd and 7 is easily forgotten when we punt on the next play.

    3rd and 4-6 is particularly problematic. Let’s stay out of that. I’ll take the 3rd and 7+ with our guys having chances to make plays if he’s completing twice the number of passes, that’s for sure.