“They’re due for the football gods to maybe smile on them this time…”

Jeez, when you’ve found Steve Spurrier

“I believe Georgia is going to do something different with their defense. After they played the first time, they’re going to say, ‘We can’t sit in these zones, and we’ve got to get pressure on the quarterback somehow,’” said Spurrier, who coached in same-season rematch games five times as the coach at Florida or South Carolina, winning the second installment twice.

While coaches can make adjustments ahead of rematches, like Spurrier did with his swap to the shotgun, he said winning a sequel isn’t about rewriting strategy.

So, what type of team has the advantage in a rematch?

“The best team,” Spurrier said with a chuckle. “The best team has the advantage.”

I dunno.  Feels like a set up to me.


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18 responses to ““They’re due for the football gods to maybe smile on them this time…”

  1. Kirby and Lanning F’ed up the last time. Counting on them to get it right this time.

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    • TEXBaller

      I’d rather not see breakdowns in the red zone, multiple 3 & outs, interceptions w/ pick sixes that put our defense in BAD situations!!!!

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      • elloyd18

        My goodness, we get it. You people who hate Stetson and the offense, well, hate Stetson and the offense. Do you have to sabotage every single comment about improving the defense into reminding everyone the offense made mistakes? Defense still got burned through the air all day long, including 2 50+ yard TD receptions.

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        • TEXBaller

          QUIT BLAMING THE DEFENSE for fucks sake! When your kids leave the back door open and the house gets cold, you don’t blame the newly installed heat pump.


          • Russ

            I’ll quit blaming the defense when they quit leaving receivers wide open and giving up 24 points in a quarter.

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            • TEXBaller

              Two back to back three & outs (Q2) for a net 12 yards never bodes well Russ v quality opponents. All I have time to do on a three & out is pee & pop a cap on my Miller High Life. Burn some clock so the D can catch its breath. My point.

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        • TEXBaller

          And I get it….there are folks that want the “feel good story” of Bennett. I just want the damn win. Show me the money!!!


          • kjackson1961

            I can assure that fans are not putting the “feel good story” ahead of the Dawgs winning the Natty, regardless of who is QB. I tend to trust the coaches, and it’s quite obvious to me that they are starting the QB that gives us the best chance to win. You’re either on the Kirby train or you’re not. Go Dawgs!


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Go with your first instinct, because it’s what feels the most true. The Ol’ Bourbon Coach is doing nothing but set us up. If we win, he’s say’s, “See, I was right.” If we lose, he gets to recycle his crack about how all these big time recruits go to Georgia but they never win anything.

    As Star Wars fans would say, “It’s a trap!”

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  3. theoriginalspike

    I’ll say it.. Who gives a big rat’s ass what he thinks? FTMF!

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  4. voxdawg

    It’s a win-win for Spurrier. Either his prediction is correct and he can say he called it, or his most hated rival loses yet another big game.

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  5. Derek

    I just cant decide…

    Tampa vs. KC plan?
    Auburn plan vs bama?
    Do us but do it better?

    My instinct is that they can’t get to 30 if we invite the run, keep everything in front of us and get aggressive in the scoring area.

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  6. kjackson1961

    SOS is an asshole! He hates UGA, and always will. Total set up comment.


  7. stoopnagle

    It’s always a set up with Spurrier.

    Don’t think he’s not still mad about Grayson Lambert.