Today’s stat of the day

It’s not just Georgia, peeps.

Mash that gas pedal, Kirbs.


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  1. We have 1 loss in the Smart era when scoring more than 30 points. If that’s not a strong indicator of what must happen on Monday night, I don’t know what is.

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  2. olddawg22

    Senator will you be in the Lucas Oil Stadium Monday evening? Hope to see you there! Getting on silver bird about 3 today!
    GO DAWGS!!

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      You THINK you’re getting on silver bird about three today!!!! Your flight hasn’t been delayed/cancelled yet!


      • olddawg22

        So far so good! Packing the long underwear now! If hell has to freeze over for us to break this string ( choose one) the temps are trending in the right direction!

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        • RangerRuss

          Give ’em hell OD22!

          Hey Bluto, just remember, they got it coming.


        • californiadawg

          Have a safe flight! If you’re flying American Airlines pack some mini-bottles in your carry-on. They’re cruelly not serving booze in coach but you can easily spike a soda in the bathroom. I’ve uhhh never done this personally but I’ve heard of ingenious folks who have.

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    • SoCalDawg

      If we can get to 30 FIRST, I’d feel more confident than ever. Asking this D to hold to win might be just what the doctor ordered.

      Got in last night, to this point I’ve only seen Dawg fans and nary a Bama fan. I suppose this is more “old hat” to them, so I suspect we will see them Sunday.

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  3. archmartyr

    That stat bodes well for Alabama because as the postseason has proven, its Bama, not Georgia who has the best defense in the country. Georgia won’t even score 20, much less 30.

    After the game Saban will tell Smart, “I taught you everything you know. But I didn’t teach you everything I know.”

    Roll Tide. Again


      • Down Island Way

        And she yells, “get off me, you are crushin’ my crush proof Marlboros box”, as she rolls out the back seat of that john deere…GO DAWGS!

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    • You’re very fortunate the Senator has a lot of patience with trolls like you.

      If Bama wins on Monday night, they will have earned it because you probably never stepped foot in a classroom at the University of Alabamastan.

      I hope your team acts as entitled as you and your fellow Bammers seem to be. I’m sure you put this month’s mortgage payment on your house on wheels on the Tide to win straight up.

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      • Down Island Way

        If you recall ee, said person was a fan/follower of alabamia hoops, footsball and in door plumbing, never claimed to be a bammer alumni, said persons butt face page has multiple claims of late nights with 3rd cuzins and farm related animals, plus patience was needed/required at age 16 with a 4th grade reading skill and then speedy ged graduation on that 25th birffday, congratulations bammer, you made it….GO DAWGS!

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    • mwodieseldawg

      Eat a dick archmartyr, like your mom does.

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  4. TEXBaller

    Uncle Lou says score 40+ to have a shot & don’t throw picks; TAMU, Auburn, Clemson & LSU. Otherwise, Dawgs are pissing up a tree.

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  5. spur21

    Saw an interesting stat yesterday – in the last 4 games vs Bama UGA has had the lead in actual clock time 71% of the time.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    From your keyboard to Kirby’s ears and what’s between them.

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  7. Teams that out score their opponent are undefeated all time. Let’s just focus on that little gem.

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