On my way to see the Dawgs play…

By the time this post pops up on the blog, I’ll have been on the road for a couple of hours, heading towards Louisville, Kentucky to spend the night before going on to Indianapolis.

Believe it or not, my mood is pretty nondescript, neither anxious nor confident.  It’s a game Georgia can win, but they’re gonna have to prove themselves.

Posting will be sparse between now and kickoff, but not nonexistent.  In the meantime, behave, you scamps.


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    Safe travels…

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  2. KornDawg

    Went to Louisville over the summer and stayed near the convention center. I was amazed at how close to town Churchill Downs is. We could see it from the Kroger near our hotel. Didn’t get to go to the track, though.


  3. Have a great time. Hope it’s a memorable night for a good reason tomorrow night.

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  4. SoCalDawg

    Safe travels, Indy is starting to get rowdy! Go Dawgs!

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  5. Ran A

    Already here (suburbs) will drive in and check things out later in the afternoon. Mindset is the same – I’m good!

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  6. gurkhadawg

    Driving? I thought you would be taking the GTP Gulfstream G500.

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  7. spur21

    Wonder how many Dawg fans have the same mindset – I do.

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    • mp

      I do too. I’ll obviously be ecstatic if they win but won’t be crushed if they lose to a similarly great team. I recognize it can go either way (and that this won’t be the last bite at the apple).

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    • Spell Dawg

      “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

      Ditto. I’ve spent my usual non-gameday football-time rewatching the Michigan game and trying to figure out what recruits we’ll closeout with.
      I’ll get emotionally invested sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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    • rugbydawg79

      Me too Spur….almost surreal.

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  8. Granthams Replacement

    I’m right behind you Senator, safe travels. My fingers are crossed on Monday night feel like a 9 year old again.

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  9. We drove up yesterday. Got a bit of rain last night and there were already some slick sidewalks. Tomorrow might be “interesting”. Gonna try to check out the free concerts and eat a nice meal tonight…if we can get around ok.

    I feel the same about the game. Gotta stop finding ways to lose to Bama. Go Dawgs!

    BTW, there were a lot of cars on the side of the interstate between Nashville and Louisville. They’ve treated the roads so they should be OK but be careful(dad off).

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  10. boz864

    Good to see so many people comment that they fee the same as I do.. I don’t feel confident or worried. I guess that’s what you get when your emotions got served a huge plate of humble pie last month. This team has every opportunity to win and I hope they do. I look at this team > me group of kids and am proud that they represent my alma mater, and I can’t imagine a greater group of players to smash 1980 into pieces! LFG.

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  11. NotMyCrossToBear

    Leaving early tomorrow. Safe travels to all. Go Dawgs!

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  12. archmartyr

    My three reasons why Alabama wins it all once again


    All the pressure is on UGA to win this game. They’re the favorite, they haven’t beaten Alabama in 7 ties, and UGA hasn’t won a Championship since 1980. Bama has even more fuel to get into UGA’s head than the SECCG.

    Gap at the QB position

    Bryce Young is a better QB than Stetson Bennett. If things don’t go to plan and start to break down, I trust Bryce Young more to bail them out, which is the key to beating an elite defense like UGA’s. Young, a likely starting NFL QB that will be taken in the first round vs. a Walk-on that will be lucky to get drafted at all.

    Coaching staff and title game experience.

    Nick Saban is the GOAT and nobody is better at winning in the post season than him. End of story.

    Alabama 45 Georgia 17


  13. Illini84

    When I was at Ft Knox we went to Brown Hotel in the Ville and got a Hot Brown! https://www.thrillist.com/eat/louisville/the-best-hot-brown-in-louisville

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  14. Illini84

    Ignore this fucking punk.

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  15. Terry McCullers

    Win or lose I’m a DAWG for life!

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  16. Believe it or not, my mood is pretty nondescript, neither anxious nor confident.

    That’s my mood as well. I almost feel like it has already been decided, we just don’t know the result yet.

    Either our defense shows up like they have the entire rest of the year, or they don’t. Either Stetson stays within himself and they stay out of desperate 3rd down situations, or they don’t.

    All the BS reasons Bama trolls spew are utterly wrong, absurd, and are just evidence they have nothing else in their life besides worshiping Bama/Saban. If Saban was so invincible he would never lose a game. He usually loses a head scratcher to a worse team every single year.

    In all sports, there are always teams or players who just have someone else’s number. It happens. Until the other team/player gets over the hump, and then it stops happening. Weirdly enough, it is that simple.

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  17. Geezus

    I’m feeling the same way, just looking forward to the game. It will be awesome if we win, but kind of meh if we lose. The advantage of it being a rematch is that I don’t really feel compelled to read all these “hot takes” and analysis – they are just recycled from the SECCG. I definitely do not have the excitement I had with n 2017.


    • The advantage of it being a rematch is that I don’t really feel compelled to read all these “hot takes” and analysis – they are just recycled from the SECCG.

      That must be it. That must be why I have had 0 interest or curiosity in reading or listening to anything about the game. We already know everything from the previous game. So now we just have to wait and see what happens.


  18. Down Island Way

    Master of the obvious, how long did it take for you to read what others are thinking and then come with the same cup-o-horse shit, only in alabamia do they not only have sex with their twin sister, but they look just like her with that 3 day old growth on her lip…

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  19. Bobby T

    Zei Gezunt Senator.


  20. stoopnagle

    Posting from Nashville. Headed to Indy in a few. Those of you joining, it’s wet but warm. Careful out there and take your time.

    Let’s go Hounds.

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  21. rigger92

    I’m sure you have a hotel picked out in Louisville but just in case, the Seelbach Hilton is one of the most beautiful hotels I have been in. Food was good too. Hell, it’s so fantastic just go and check it out if you have time.


  22. MudCat's Mechanic

    Safe travels, Senator. Go Dawgs!

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  23. ugafidelis

    This evil, twisted, beautiful, lovely bitch…

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  24. cowetadawg

    Safe travels and bring us back something nice. A trophy would do!

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  25. Clayton Joiner

    Go Dawgs!

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  26. Dear Fellow GTPers,

    I don’t want to come across as complaining…just a gentle reminder as the hour draws near. Still looking for the free box seats, plane and limo ride to the game.

    Sincerely, FPD


  27. Salty Dawg

    So, Dad is gone. My friends are coming by with some things to drink and smoke and I better not find any candy-assed-tattletales around here. Expect to get your ass pounded if you tell Dad! Everyone else, meet me back here in the comment section and bring a glass if you’re fancy. Won’t hurt to get tuned up early! GO DAWGS!!!

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