Making changes

Good piece from Dayne Young about making adjustments to the defensive game plan here.  He’s got three main suggestions:

  • Play dime personnel (six defensive backs) on 1st & 2nd down

  • Pressure Bryce Young

  • Think players as much as plays/scheme

With regard to the first, if you do that, you’d better hope your front six can control Alabama’s running game, especially now that Robinson is healthy.

As far as the second point goes the issue isn’t so much pressure as it is how to bring it.  And where:

Focus almost entirely on the right side of Alabama’s offensive line. The Tide’s left tackle Evan Neal, while not unbeatable, is one of the best players in the game and only allowed one quarterback hit on 50 pass-block snaps in the SECCG. The right side of Alabama’s line is in doubt due to injury, but whoever plays is a significant drop-off compared to Neal. Also, if you come heavy from the Tide’s right side and force Young to roll or scramble to his left, his play suffers to the tune of a 46.6 passing grade and less than 50 percent completion.

The third point is especially interesting.

Looking back at the SEC Championship, Julian Rochester, Warren Brinson, Tramel Walthour, Chaz Chambliss and Zion Logue played a combined 40 snaps. While that group provides valuable depth, their impact in bigger games has been minimal. In the SECCG, they combined for one quarterback pressure and one tackle in those 40 snaps.

Given that ‘Bama spent a good amount of time running tempo to keep Georgia from substituting, I’m surprised that bunch got as many snaps as they did.  Either Lanning needs to scheme more production from them, or they need to see the field less.



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  1. Wholeheartedly agree on points 2 and 3…pound the right side of Bama’s Oline and pressure/get to Young. Also we need our defensive playmakers to ball out tonight…Dean, Smith, Davis, Cine & co…GATA boys, GATA

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  2. Kirby threw that first game.

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    • I can’t buy what you’re selling as you’ve stated it…

      But if you re-word it to read something like…. “Kirby was comfortable seeing if he could win doing X because he knew if he lost he would still have a second chance to try Y”…. then you’ve got my attention….

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    • drunkenmonken

      I’d like to believe he threw the first game but I believe if they’d beaten bama in the SECCG they would not have seen them in the CFP. I’m not sure it’s in Kirby’s DNA to throw a game. I believe he’s too competitive.

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      • moe pritchett

        I’ve seen this conspiracy theory several times. The only way I could get on board is that IF there was a thought that winning puts us in a semi final vs OSU Cowboys or maybe tOSU where he may have thought we didn’t match up well and he wanted the Michigan match up.
        But even that lies in the Ray Bradbury realm of possibilities. No, CKS wanted the unblemished season.

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      • amurraycuh

        I cant understand why you wouldn’t take Bama out when you had the chance.
        I agree that Coach’s thoughts were “we are going to do what we’ve done all season.” Didnt try to over coach, just kept it as par. Now, Coach can say that the player’s effort wasnt good enough and that the coaching staff can try to scheme an advantage.
        Ive seen lots of coaches over-coach their teams to an L. No way Coach takes an intentional L in SEC championship.

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    • classiccitycanine

      I think it far more likely that the SECCG was our annual brain fart game rather than some kind of 3-D chess move to hide our best game.

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  3. Maybe we align Davis over Neal with Carter or Wyatt up the middle? That helps to stop the run still while making Neal have to deal with — and get ground down by — dealing with the massive human being that Davis is.

    Not sure that Lanning et al. will do this, of course, but this was a thought I had. I’m sure that what Kirby and Dan come up with will be better than this!

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  4. gotthepicture

    Yeah, I’m not sure about that. Throwing another DB out there instead of a LB sounds good until you think about the playmakers we have at LB compared to the secondary.
    I’d step it up a notch and break him- not quite LT & Joe Theisman, but I wouldn’t let him finish the 2nd quarter.
    Sounds good.
    And I also saw a similar point about avoiding Neal and pressuring the right side of their OL. I think that was Graham (dawgoutwest) that mentioned it, but might been someone else.

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  5. dawg100

    Well, we know Chambliss will be resting for the 1st half.

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  6. Russ

    I hope Rochester told the rest of the team what it was like to win a NC back in ’81 when he was just a RS Freshman.

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  7. DawgFlan

    Great synopsis.

    The last point is the one I was really bewildered by during the SECC game. We were down 2-3 scores in the second half, but still had a chance, but the substitutions made no sense on offense or defense. I believe my exact words in the Benz were something to the effect of “Why the hell are we substituting like it is a freaking G-Day game?”

    Kirby – as much depth as you have built you are not going to beat this Bama team with your 2nd and 3rd team. Let our top dawgs eat!

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  8. Play dime but get more pressure.

    Be taller but have a lower center of gravity.

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    • Russ

      We definitely need more pressure, but I think we need to do a better job of disguising it. Put 8-9 up on the line and vary who we send/drop. Don’t let Young get comfortable.

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  9. csmoore2021

    Here’s a less analytical tip. Win more one on one matchups then you lose. We’ve been able to to this to Bama for half or 3 quarters of a game, but never for the whole game.

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  10. csmoore2021

    And could it be that Rochester, Chambliss and Loge got that many snaps because they got stuck on the field and we couldn’t sub them out?

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  11. theoriginalspike

    We need to do more than pressure the Bama QB.. we need to HIT him early and often. I know I won’t make another 40 years if we don’t win this!

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  12. W Cobb Dawg

    If we’re using 6 DBs I think we lose. That’s fine for Ole Miss, but bama isn’t one dimensional. They can run.

    No, the front 7 has to put pressure on Young like he’s never seen, and never will see again, in his life.

    And the substitutions were questionable at best. Add more wood to the fire that was defensive coaching malpractice in the seccg.

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  13. dawg100

    TODAY is the day to end it.

    On January 10, 49 B.C.E., General Julius Caesar entered Roman territory by crossing the Rubicon. In crossing the Rubicon, Caesar began a civil war that signaled the end of the Roman Republic.

    2072 years later, we make today a new Jan. 10 that will be spoken about in the history books.

    Put the bully out of our misery.

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  14. W Cobb Dawg

    Here’s my 3:
    – Pressure Young.
    – More pressure on Young.
    – Knock Young on his ass all game.

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  15. archmartyr

    It amuses me how folks are acting like Bama won’t be making adjustments themselves and having a game plan of their own. I mean Bama has Saban. Georgia has bowl cut Smart. LOL, that by itself is a mismatch almost to a Spurrier vs Goff magnitude.

    Alabama humbles Georgia tonight. Again


  16. classiccitycanine

    I wholeheartedly disagree with Recommendation #1. Substituting Brini for Quay Walker/Channing Tindall is not a win for UGA. Playing coverage against Young is also an excellent way to lose. Let Walker/Tindall rush the passer rather than playing a 6th coverage DB. Kirby’s also hinted that we don’t have enough good DBs to play Dime.

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  17. Because yall asked here’s my keys:

    dominate their center and RT. Beal needs to step up his pass rush (miss Anderson’s skills here).
    Have exceptional running back play. I’ll be unpopular and say our RBs are slightly above average. Break tackles and maybe make a safety miss. One or two elite plays from cook or Zeus could change the game. Haven’t had that since Swift left.
    Put Ringo on Williams and let the athletes do their things.

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  18. waltergeiger

    all those snaps by chambliss et. al. lend credence to the flu bug/covid rumors prior to the SECCG.

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  19. 40 snaps between 5 guys is an average of 8 plays/man, around one per possession. I don’t feel like that’s a particularly high number. Also, when viewed through that lens, the lack of production isn’t quite as damning. I’ll admit I don’t pay extremely close attention to who is on the field pre-snap… but I do see enough of those other guys to not feel like Kirby employed a “make sure everyone plays” mentality in the SECCG.

    Still, I think everyone is more comfortable when the big names are on the field… so long as they’re not getting whipped. Last time, they got whipped.

    Hope they got it over with.

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  20. I’d think it hilarious if we changed absolutely nothing and won. But I’ve got a strange sense of humor.


  21. miltondawg

    Legit question: Is anyone other than me just ready for the game to kick off and be played?

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  22. moe pritchett

    Key to the game:
    If we score we may win.
    If they never score, we will never lose.

    Book of Erskine c1970’s

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