Your national championship drinking game

Andy Staples ($$) outlines a list of prop bets for the game, but I think they serve just as well for the header’s purpose.  They are:

  • 1980, the last time Georgia won the national title game
  • Second-and-26: Replays and mentions
  • Nick Saban remains (nearly) unbeatable against his former assistants
  • Nick Saban smiles … during the game
  • Mentions of Stetson Bennett as Baker Mayfield
  • Cutaway shots to J.T. Daniels
  • Tagovailoa-for-Hurts in 2018 (and vice versa the next season)
  • In-game shots of Uga X

Bottoms up!  (Add any additional suggestions that come to mind in the comments.)


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59 responses to “Your national championship drinking game

  1. theoriginalspike

    “It’s been 42 years since the last…”

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  2. Salty Dawg

    All the times Dawgs couldn’t pull it off.

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  3. winodawg

    Herbstreit contradicts himself.

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  4. Jason Haynes

    Stetson has a flip phone.

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  5. No way. I only have one liver.

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  6. James Cook’s older brother Dalvin plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

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  7. Jack Klompus

    Stetson walk-on

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  8. When our D is on the field, I better not hear “breakdown in coverage”

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  9. Hunkering Hank

    Rat poison

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    I’ll be wasted by kickoff.

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  11. Geezus

    “Underdog” and “Chip on their shoulder”

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  12. classiccitycanine

    Man, there’s nothing on that list that makes me happy. Let’s blow em out and put the narratives to rest!

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  13. olddawg22

    Ga fans have Hope!

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  14. Derek

    “In their heads”

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  15. Butler Reynolds

    Any guess how many defeat cobras we’ll see throughout the game?

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  16. archmartyr

    Well, the trashy people have made their way to Indianapolis I see. From an article in Saturday Down South

    #Georgia fans are known for making themselves heard ahead of football games. In this case, they started their familiar sing-along tune at Indianapolis’ famous St. Elmo Steak House.

    One fan began by shouting, “Ain’t nothing finer in the land, than a drunk, obnoxious Georgia fan,” as several Bulldog fans around him joined in, and finished with the familiar “Gooo Dawgs!”

    Well, someone apparently didn’t appreciate the sing-along, and called the police, who showed up to calm the crowd, and restore order to the fine restaurant.”

    What disgusting and gross people, no wonder people up north look down on us down here. Shameful

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  17. dman2020

    Kirby is a great recruiter.

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  18. mg4life0331

    Well we we are beating that ass in the second half expect Kirk to point out all the injuries at Bama to make excuses for them.


  19. I’m only playing one drinking game:

    1) We win! Drink to celebrate!

    2) We lose: drink to forget.

    #1 all the way. #GoDawgs

    Dawgs 70 – Bama 0.

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    • Down Island Way

      We got so drunk, the day the Dawgs won the title,
      Went to Athens, to see the trophy in the rain,
      We were all just tail gatin’ in muh pick uuuuup truck,
      Takin’ pictures at the field of Payne,
      DawgNation will hang around, as long as you will let us,
      Cause we never minded, this 42 years, of pain,
      And you don’t have to us darlins’, darlin’,
      You never even called us Dawgs insane!!!!!!!


  20. Got Cowdog

    I’ll have to pick one off the list. I’d like to remember quarters 2-4.

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  21. Clayton Joiner

    Protege vs. Master

    Let’s Fn Go Dawgs!


  22. TEXBaller

    “The Tide will not be denied” ????


  23. Harold Miller

    It’s turning into a long day are work today. I don’t mind saying that I am at a pucker factor 7 and I keep gaining.

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  24. Harold Miller

    at work…


  25. archmartyr

    Since 1980
    A list of schools who have won football national titles since 1980

    Penn St
    Ohio st



  26. cowetadawg

    Anderson and the Tide feel disrespected.


  27. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Go ahead and tell the office that you’ll be “working remotely” tomorrow.


  28. ciddawg

    Too Drunk from Drinking Game Remedy-
    Subtract a drink every-time ESP’n fear porns (insert cold/flu virus strain of the week) crawl at the bottom of the screen….


    • Got Cowdog

      Speaking of Remedy, I have to put in a shameless plug for a small local distillery here in Gainesville GA: “Remedy”. The Bourbon is top shelf.


  29. Everyone have your first sip of the Brown Likker— UGa X up on the broadcast table. As all the EXPERTS take the Dawgs. Not worried. Sic’ Em !


  30. Sic Em semper tyrannis…!