All things must pass.

Yes, it’s a little churlish of me, but I find myself irritated that the general public, or, perhaps more accurately, the pundit class, is ready to move on from vibes of the national championship that I’m still wrapping myself in like a comfortable blanket to start talking about important things, like way-too-early 2022 top 25 lists and Heisman Trophy contenders.

That being said, there is one immediate, post-game development that legitimately falls into the life comes out you fast category.

It’s roster management season.

Georgia’s well-stocked quarterback room this season consisted of Bennett, five-star Southern California graduate transfer JT Daniels, Carson Beck and five-star freshman Brock Vandagriff, and it’s hard to imagine that quartet returning intact. Ditto for the running back quintet of Zamir White, James Cook, Kenny McIntosh, Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards, though each has eligibility remaining with the NCAA one-time rule.

Inside linebacker Nakobe Dean, cornerback Derion Kendrick and defensive linemen Jordan Davis and Travon Walker still have remaining eligibility as well but are expected to move toward the 2022 NFL draft, so Smart has a busy few weeks ahead and is well aware of that.

“We’ll probably have a few kids go into the portal who we’ve had discussions with who held that off out of respect for the team,” Smart said. “We’ll have that, and everybody will think that’s a terrible thing, but in some cases it’s actually a good opportunity for kids. We’ve got 16 or 17 midyears who have enrolled, and we’ve got to finish off this class.

“We don’t know how many spots we have, because we don’t know what some guys are doing, like Lewis and other guys, but there’s a lot of work to be done.”

Ameer Speed and Jaylen Johnson announced their decision to enter the transfer portal yesterday and it’s likely that Smart already knows more about how many spots he has to work with than he’s letting on.  Also, remember that the NCAA is giving programs a mulligan this year with regard to rosters, allowing teams to replace up to transfers with additional signees in their 2022 signing classes.

Right now, there are two basic truths in college football personnel:  kids are gonna transfer and some programs are going to do a much better job managing their rosters in the wake of that than others.  While you can’t control the former, I have no doubt that Georgia will be on the right side of the latter.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    The only guy I’d trust more than Kirby to manage a roster is the guy Kirby just beat.

    So I think we’ll do fine regardless.

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  2. Derek

    Who else heard Stetson say, in sum and substance: I’m playing football next year, but I don’t know where yet?

    I’m thinking we need to retire his jersey and build a damn statue and he thinks he may go?

    Say it ain’t so Stet!

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  3. miltondawg

    Hell, even Bama already has seven in the portal. Including, surprisingly, the great-grandson of Bear.

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  4. SBIV would be crazy to transfer to play one more year. He isn’t going to play QB at the next level, so why go somewhere else? Either stay and compete for the job in the spring, stay and change positions (could he be another Ladd?), or ride off into the sunset (and grad school) knowing he’ll never have to buy another drink in the state of Georgia ever again.

    Is he going to be able to profit on NIL somewhere else like he can do in Georgia? No.

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  5. This will be a funky roster management off-season, but like we all know, CKS will be on the mutha

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I can count 8 on D that are all but guaranteed to be drafted in the first 3 rounds. If someone like the Falcons were to take Salyer he’d instantly be the best OL on the roster. The draft is gonna be very good to this batch of Dawgs.

    It’s the same old story. Great recruiting class coming in, a bevy of younguns waiting to step up, fill some key needs via the portal, and we’ll likely have the usual attrition. Talking season coming up…

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  7. originaluglydawg

    It will be interesting to see what SB4 decides to do.
    Whatever it is, you’d be crazy to bet against him accomplishing it.
    If Stetson Bennett says, “I’m going to become an astronaut and be the first person to step foot on Mars”, you’ll see him in a spacesuit.

    Retire his Jersey, UGA!

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  8. mg4life0331

    Not even 10 mins after the game a top article on ESPN was the way to early stuff. I’m like goddamn not one night can they stand to say we won the shit. Fuck em. Refs tricks didn’t work.

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    The Big O maybe headed to Bama…


  10. practicaldawg

    If I’m trying to think of reasons to be worried about roster management going forward, number 1 on my list is the likelihood that lots of programs will copy/paste the NIL model TAMU followed this year. The booster money thrown at recruits is going to hit levels no one can comprehend right now.

    Fortunately, there’s a little town west of Athens called Atlanta where a lot of rich boosters have war chests that most schools can only dream of.

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  11. I saw something last night about Darnell Washington going to Bama. No idea if it’s true.


    • classiccitycanine

      If there’s one place I don’t want to see get Washington, it’s Alabama. Bryce will turn him into the matchup nightmare we always dreamed he would be.

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  12. jim1886

    Question, for those in the know.
    We recruit 5 stars at every position EXCEPT wide receiver. We get good players, but not a Devine Smith, Waddle, etc.
    Is it because we do not throw enough, no 5 star qb at the position,????


  13. Texas Dawg

    All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to have to make the tough decisions that Kirby is going to have to make over the next few weeks. No matter what he chooses to do he’s going to catch hell from some portion of the fan base. The NATTY will shield him somewhat, but if any of the decisions don’t pan out, then the yapping will start immediately. Kirby may want to borrow Stetson’s flip phone.

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    • RangerRuss

      Kirby has earned the right to tell everyone to shut the fuck up and eat a cracker. That man knows what he’s doing.

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      • Texas Dawg

        Absolutely true, but Kirby is going to have to make some really tough choices. I doubt Kirby gives two shits about what we think, but the man seems to truly love his team. I’m sure that it will tear him up inside to have to go to some of these guys and tell them that their career at UGA is over. THAT’S the call I am glad that I don’t have to make.

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  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I read that Kirby has known that some guys had already spoken to him, but that they had held off out of respect for the team. That is an indicator that Kirby is ‘on the mutha’ so to speak.

    I will say that as someone who has been in favor of freedom for players to transfer, the one drawback can be chinks in the team unity armor. Part of what made this year successful is that they played as a team. They cared about each other, challenged each other, consoled each other, and supported each other. If anyone can manage that with kids moving around it’s Kirby, but it is always going to be a little bit of a concern.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Agree, just because it’s legal to transfer willy nilly, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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    • Biggen

      I really wish there were set dates that player’s could only enter the portal during. I don’t believe that is an unreasonable rule set that could be established. It has to really suck for roster management to go through the Spring practice session only to have guys enter the portal during or after it before the Summer session starts.


  15. mg4life0331

    I’ll admit I was wrong. We won and I’m glad Kirby proved me wrong. That being said.

    We don’t get to question Kirby’s decisions on personnel or assistants. He has hired and replaced with good results. As far as I care he gets a lot of damn mileage (bad years) to recover.

    Roster management? Since no one seems to portal out and speak ill of the regime we have to assume he’s honest and up front with the players.

    Im not sure I deserve a coach like this, but im damn glad to be here.

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    • RangerRuss

      “I’m not sure I deserve…”. Yeah you do. You made the correct choice to be a Dawg fan.
      That brings to mind the Marine Recon types that later joined the yankee Army. They were incredulous at the new and modern equipment that we “Doggies” took for granted. Everything from PRC-77 batteries in the plastic to Black Hawk choppers. New shit didn’t make us soft (you know, like the whole state of Alabama), it made us more effective. They deserved it for for having the courage to make that move.
      It’s nice not being the red-headed step Misguided Children of Uncle Sam’s bell bottom wearing disco boaters.

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  16. 69Dawg

    I just wish we didn’t have to play against our own transferred guys. It hurts to see one of our players starting for the opposition. What is the skinny on JT and Beck? One or both of them gone?


  17. unionjackgin

    Speaking of roster management – I am curious to know if anyone has any thoughts about the tail end of SBIV’s interview on Good Morning America from Tuesday morning. I have it cued up to the Strahan question about what is next for him. Stetson intends to play at least one more year but even he seems to acknowledge that it is dependent the decisions of the coaching staff.

    I do think that our QB room is going to lose at least one of SB IV, JT, or Beck. One would think that BVan and Gunnar will return but does this mean that the staff is planning to install a BVan as QB1 for 2022 or Gunnar or perhaps the staff is pursuing Caleb Williams?

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    • RangerRuss

      I think SBIV wants to play football for the University of Georgia. He has earned the right to compete for QB1 and get beat and be the best damn backup in the nation.

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  18. Illini84

    Tickets for the Natty Event are gone. I hope we can get a shot at any extras here.


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