Montana buckles under the weight.

Boy, it didn’t take long for a Georgia fan to ask Stewart Mandel ($$) that question.  You know the question I’m talking about.

Will UGA finally get some respect from fans in Montana? — Timothy M., Atlanta

I can’t even tell you how beautifully poetic the timing of Georgia’s national championship is — almost exactly 15 years after I first ticked off the Bulldog blogosphere by suggesting random fans in Montana wouldn’t recognize their helmet, and just in time for my once-every-five-years update to the Program Pecking Order.

I’ll be publishing the next installment very soon. Spoiler alert: Yes, Georgia, you are now kings.

When they finish listing Kirby Smart’s accomplishments as a head coach, they’ll have to add that to his resume.


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51 responses to “Montana buckles under the weight.

  1. bmacdawg87

    We have won Stewies approval. I can now die a happy man.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Will this be part of Kirby’s display at the CFB Hall of Fame and Chicken Sandwiches? If not, it should be.

    Montana knows who we are now!!!

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  3. DawgBiscuit

    It is so gratifying that Mandel is now forced to admit that Georgia is a king in the college football world. He refused to take the red pill willingly, so he got it as a suppository on Monday night.

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  4. HirsuteDawg

    I was out in Montana the 1st week or so of November – the wild rural part not Bozeman. The guys talked football (knowledgeably) and we discussed the Ga/Fl game. Stewie misjudged them – their aint no moss growing on those guys.

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  5. I’m as loyal an UGA fan as there ever was and there ever will be, but what really grinds my gears is how CKS doubly screwed up my most anticipated October horseshit discussions on how Kirby and GA lack the skills and horses to beat the all exalted FU head coach and team. According to Pravda and our national sports media, especially in October as that cocktail party approaches, regardless of results on the field, regardless of recruiting prowess, regardless of win/loss records…UGA was always second best in the East. Except, Kirby never gave a flying rip about all that written and spoken BS…he just kept delivering results. He flushed out a few coaches in FU, he also beat their teams on the field…in essence, his unbridled success ruined my ability to buy into all the horseshit the media has been selling. I guess my point is I don’t place much credence in most sports media, because most of the “talking heads” lost credibility many many years ago. I know I know…I’ll go pull up my black socks to my knees and yell at the teenagers for playing their hippity hop music too loudly.

    That narrative changed on Monday regarding anyone UGA plays, so the media better swallow that fish whole.

    Go Dawgs!

    To all the national media shrews I say, FTMFs

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    • RangerRuss

      FD, you know damn well the Dawgs STILL AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY !

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      • akascuba

        Maybe not but they beat everybody they played.

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        • Russ

          We beat every team on our schedule, except for Clemson, by at least 15 points. Just think about that for a minute. Just kicked serious ass all year long (except for that aberration in Atlanta).

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          • This is what I’m talking about…this was the most dominant UGA team ever…a truly dynamic offense and a defense that constantly smacked the taste out of everyone’s mouth we played…including Alabama

            Until we saw it first hand, none of us could have imagined such dominance all season long. Give this 2021 team credit…they were the baddest mfers to wear Red and Black. Color my dumbass impressed

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          • olddawg22

            Yes and these guys are now Legends! Our last National Champion Legends went undefeated but it was a whole different ride!
            We won: 1 game by 1 pt Tenn
            1 game by 3 pts SC
            1 game by 4 pts Clemson
            1 game by 5 pts fla
            2 games by 7 ole Miss and the Natty vs ND!
            6 of 12 one score games!
            Thank god I was young, HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS!

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      • Texas Dawg

        The problem all season has been that they were SOMEBODY until the Dawgs got hold of them. Then and only then did they become NOBODY. Does that also mean that all the “smart” people who were lauding them as SOMEBODY pre dawg are then “idiots” post dawg as they turn in to NOBODY? Asking for a friend.

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  6. jsun7

    Did you see his tweet where he said all it took was bama losing two 1,000 yard receivers in its last three games for someone else to win it? 😂😂. I have no clue how to paste the screen shot in a comment but I guess he had to stay on brand. Don’t let him get away with this Senator!

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  7. Russ

    I read one of his earlier articles where he said (admitted?) when he moved to Atlanta in 1999 he thought Nebraska, Miami, etc were the kings of CFB. He was surprised at how passionate Georgia fans were about their team. Just shows me he’s an average midwest schlub who doesn’t really know squat about CFB and the true passion it evokes. His job probably gives him more insight now, but he seems too stubborn to admit he was ever wrong.

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  8. godawgs1701

    I would have liked to have seen Montana… recognize our helmet.

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  9. Hoppy Hopkins

    Believe me; Montana knows exactly who the University of Georgia is. As evident by the flurry of text messages that came in Monday night FROM Montana’s best.

    Like the Senator wrote: It IS great to be a Georgia Bulldog. Especially in Montana.

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  10. jsun7


  11. 79dawg

    PS – Was going through the ESPN CFB page earlier, and they were posting the hour-by-hour blocks of F-bomb from yesterday. One of the hours looked like it was with one of the Birmingham sportswriters talking about “Saban’s third loss in a championship game”, may be worth a listen…


  12. Yesterday went on an appointment to local custom gun part mfg. He asked how my weekend was. I’m still grinning ear to ear and exclaim GREAT! He asks why…???

    My Dawgs won!


    The NC!

    Oh…I don’t watch CFB.

    Montana south. 🙄

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  13. PTC DAWG

    It took Kirby 6 years, compare that to his peers, flat getting it done.

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