Show your ass? At Georgia Tech, you can do that!

Gotta give the Stingtalk crew credit.  I knew, given time, those little pointy brains could come up with some sort of rationalization to explain away a Georgia national championship.  I mean, if there’s a bunch that’s got plenty of experience rationalizing, it’s those folks.  Anyway, they didn’t disappoint with this:

A First Class Natty Is When You Win Your Conference … Then The Title Game.”

Bless their hearts.  Not that they’re likely to have any first-hand experience with that during my lifetime.


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93 responses to “Show your ass? At Georgia Tech, you can do that!

  1. doubledawg09

    ain’t nobody gonna dawg grade this natty!

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Someone want to tell that guy that the NATS have never won an uncontested or outright National Title? Ever? And then remind him that while we have a contested natty, we now have two outright. Two outright to their ZERO.

    Something I reminded my brother about frequently a couple of days after Thanksgiving when he pointed to their “National Titles” up on their scoreboard.

    Remind the bugs all you can that Colorado won the natty in 1990, Michigan State won in 1952, USC won in 1928, and Pitt and TAMU won in 1917.

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  3. The entire slew of posts since Monday are just GOLD:
    “College Football is Dead”
    “Tips for Living Thru this Hellscape”
    “I Feel Hollow Inside”

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  4. One of the posters known as Mark

    They are pathetic. And it’s great to watch them wallow in their misery

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  5. miltondawg

    Don’t remember who I responded to yesterday that posted something from Stingtalk, but I went after I saw their post and it was classic thread after classic thread. As I mentioned in my response, there were some angry people and there were some people that seemed to need on a suicide watch. My personal favorites were the ones that (quite reasonably) recognize that the gap between Georgia and Tech is now so large that it will take decades to close it at this pace due to coaching, facilities, support, and money spent on the football program (which Tech can’t even remotely match).

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  6. hassan

    I spent about 2 hours pouring over stingtalk last night. So much fun.

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  7. What a bunch of loser nerds. November is coming, geeks. We’re going to turn the bunch of you into cricket, soccer and quidditch fans if you aren’t already.

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  8. MudCat's Mechanic

    Aww that’s cute…. 3-9 season in coming, again. tuck fech

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  9. thenewandimprovedtronan

    I’d say “bless their hearts,” but don’t even feel like patronizing those urine-stained incels.

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  10. ciddawg

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…Biatch !!

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    • RangerRuss

      If that skank shows up late again I’ll fire her ass with extreme prejudice. That’d be a helluva thing to add to your resume’.
      “Terminated from position as assistant crack whore at the Butt Hutt dumpster on second day.”
      Archmartyr is just not that hard of an act to follow.
      Pimpn’ IS easy.

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  11. I have already called this the gaggers “redo” and “second chance” NC this morning. It is driving them nuts.

    The delusional world these people live in, to think that the opinion of a Tech knob could in any way harsh a Georgia fan’s national title buzz. This dude probably thinks the strippers really like him, too.

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  12. Dawgjammin’

    LMAO!! Fucking nerds!! Only a matter of time until UGA unilaterally dumps the annual Joke by Coke scrimmage because of how pitifully sad and hopeless that program has become. 🤣

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    • fisheriesdawg

      Not until at least 2026, when we reach nine in a row. We can’t leave that rivalry until they have literally nothing to hang their rat caps on.

      I believe they also still have the largest margin of victory, so we need to really RUTS at some point, preferably at Bobby Dodd.

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  13. HirsuteDawg

    I clicked a link to their championship game thread – they were lower than whale shit when all was said and done. Most of them do come across as immature and whiny. But then again, there are several Dawg boards I don’t visit ’cause of the same type of poster and shitstorm environment.

    I appreciate the comradery, insight filled commentary, wit and thought provoking information provided here. Why, right now I’m waiting on RR to post so I can improve my vocabulary 😎

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  14. mg4life0331

    They mean like when Bama won one like that not too long ago?

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  15. Tuck Fech…they aren’t even relevant in the ACC, nationally they are unheard of.

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  16. kokainmothershed

    By their logic, they are bestowing the 2017 National Championship to the Dawgs. Bless their hearts.

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  17. siskey

    It has been incredible watching these last 30 years as they circle the drain slowly. Still nothing worse than losing to those guys.

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  18. godawgs1701

    Funny, I thought it was when you didn’t have to share it with anyone else. Georgia Tech hasn’t won an undisputed championship since integration.

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    • godawgs1701

      My sources are now telling me that none of Tech’s championships are undisputed, so there’s also that. Just because you put it on a sign next to the Cartoon Network on the interstate doesn’t make it true.

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  19. stoopnagle


    The beatings will continue until we decide they stop.

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  20. Ran A

    Oh there is plenty of salt out there. Auburn, Florida, UT are all salty about this. Their precious (1980) evaporating right before their eyes.

    The funny thing about Tech is that they have become so irrelevant that we really do not care. It like they think we are going to rub their noses in it. Had not any thought about how a Tech fan felt. Have taken great joy knowing how upsetting this is to the above mentioned – but Tech. Who cares – really…

    I was at the game. It was so bad that Georgia fans ‘out of pity’ were clapping for their Seniors on Senior Day. I grew up hating these guys and putting up with that ‘superior intellect crap’ (haven’t met one yet – by the way), when they would win one in every three or four. So when I’m clapping for your Seniors because 85% of the stadium is in red – you know just how far that program has dropped.

    Sting Talk… I bet that is quite the group to be around…

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    • Texas Dawg

      Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee are more like real “Yellow Jackets”. Rarely dangerous but they can sting you if you play around with them. The Joke by Coke variety of yellow jackets have truly earned their moniker of NATS. Just like a real gnat, they cause no pain. They aren’t dangerous. They’re just annoying as hell.

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  21. RangerRuss

    As if we care what those piss-your-pants-yellow, mung infested nerds say about us.
    “Punch ’em in the face” might induce some trepidation if their tiny little balls ever dropped. I’m still laughing at, “They believe the strippers like them”.
    They’re the type that do a year in Korea and return with a hooker wife as that’s the first girl that ever held their hand.
    Fuckn losers.

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  22. Shewdawg

    I love the lack of awareness here: “No matter what, Bama is the SEC Champions for 2021. This game will always have an asterisk :-)”
    I’ll rewrite that for the dork. – No matter what, The Dawgs are the National Champions for 2022. The 2021 SEC title will always have an asterisk 🙂

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  23. practicaldawg

    I’m surprised Yech students haven’t replaced StingTalk with an AI bot that uses all their history to write predictable hot takes on UGA with lots of öööö’s

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  24. PTC DAWG

    Not responding..


  25. Any NC prior to 2014 just don’t mean much to me anymore.


  26. Faltering Memory

    We can only be happy they did not win 4 games this year. Think how haughty they would be.

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  27. originaluglydawg

    Interesting comment…
    “It’s just no fun playing GT. You know they’re a terrible program that isn’t even in your league. You gain nothing from playing them. The win for your program is a forgone conclusion and in the rare event that you should lose to them, you’re humiliated beyond your worst fears. They suck, their fans are just plain weirdos and we couldn’t wait to exit their nasty, stained stadium. Northern Illinois deserves a more worthy opponent”.

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  28. wtm121

    A first class natty is one shared with another school.


  29. I have a good friend from HS who went to Tech (which I still can’t explain, as he ultimately became a Pastor, though he did love basketball). He wrote yesterday.

    ‘I won’t lie and say I cheered for them, but UGA was the best team all season, they deserved it, and the very first person I thought of was you. All kidding aside, I know it means a lot to you. Congrats.”

    STILL can’t figure out how that dude ended up at Tech.

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  30. Texas Dawg

    While we are on the subject of Tech
    Q: How can you tell if an engineer is an introvert or an extrovert when you talk to him?
    A: If he’s staring down at his own shoes, he’s an introvert. If he’s staring down at your shoes, he’s and extrovert.

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  31. emoryulti

    As a lifelong GT fan, and someone who is very close to the Senator, I would like to say to everyone here the same thing I said to him: Nice game..awesome D. And I’m in my own Georgia Bulldog purgatory. Not only did you win the national championship on my wife’s birthday, but my son just got a used car from a good friend of mine. He’s a Georgia grad who happened to put a Bulldog sticker on the rear view mirror. I can’t get the piece of &# off. Gonna have to replace the mirror.

    Unfortunately, with the way college football is going, Georgia is a dynasty in the making and Ga Tech is going in the opposite direction ( especially the past 3 years). I’ve given up my season tickets and will dodge the Senator and his cronies as they try to kidnap me to the next Ga\GT game in Athens.
    However old habits die hard so I’ll leave you with : POTD

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    • RangerRuss

      Only because you’re the Senator’s friend will I give you this advice on removing from the mirror that glorious reminder of all those ass whoopns tech received and those yet to come.
      Scrape as much of the sticker off as possible without scratching the glass. Then use an orange extract cleaner. It may have to soak awhile, but the extract dissolves most glues. (Remember that even ripe oranges are actually green until artificially colored.)
      If you need a job I have an opening. Archmartyr conducts initial interviews at the Butt Hutt dumpster off Macon Hwy. Hope didn’t work out. That skank.

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  32. wts1976


    Just wanted to thank you for all the time you put into this blog. It’s a daily dose of Bulldog Goodness. You keep a lot of dawg nutbars grounded in reality. There a times where you go a bit political, but you are passionate abou it. I’ve had a great routine this year of loading up the office computer and spending the first few minutes with a good cup of coffee and getting the picture and bloviation for the dawgnation from the blutarsky wordpress.

    Go Dawgs and the Hell with Georgia Tech!

    P.S. I didn’t cry either, but had a hell of a late night


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  33. beatarmy92

    FYI Senator, Poole delivered. Big time.

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  34. Hope is moving on. I don’t think she’ll be headed to the trade school.

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  35. sniffer

    … it was pointed out that Georgia Tech was gaining recognition as the “Golden Tornados”

    DO NOT look up golden tornado in the Urban Dictionary


  36. uga97

    Their yellow fee fees hurt. Saban won several natties, without winning the SEC same year season, no? Yech won the ACC in men’s bball last year only after 2 programs including Duke, had to bow out due to Covid protocals, so they got the free bye to advance. Put the asterisk next to that one.

    So yea, they can have themselves including their shared natty with Colorado. Put another asterisk next to that one while we are at it.

    Ask them how the Waffles are tasting lately.

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