TFW your head coach wins a natty at his alma mater

I will always love Kirby for this:

Winning a national championship and having the presence of mind to reference Larry Munson?  That’s about as total boss a move as a Dawg could make.


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38 responses to “TFW your head coach wins a natty at his alma mater

  1. akascuba

    Did I believe he would do that no I wished that finally he was the guy to get the support needed and change our future. Kirby is Georgia he personally knows our pain better than any of us. The things he said right after the win he knew inside how we all felt. It was all real and extremely personal to bring that Championship back to Athens. The tribute to Larry was priceless and spot on. As was his reaction to the fans there it was real love for his school and it’s fans.

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  2. mwodieseldawg

    Can you imagine Munson calling that Ringo pick 6? All I can think is after counting down the yard markers he’d stop about the 30 and go yeah, yeah, yeah!

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  3. I like to believe he has classic Larry Munson Call “mix tapes” and blasts them through some old school giant (corded) headphones while he watches game film.

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  4. That is peak dawg right there! Dawgs on top

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    It is how you know that your coach “gets it”. He grew up a dawg fan like us too. He’d probably be a commenter on GTP if he wasn’t our coach.
    Go Dawgs.

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  6. I loved it when he said it on Monday night.

    Apparently, on the DawgNation podcast, they were saying some of the occasional national sports media didn’t get it until Rece Davis made his comment and were acting like Kirby was calling for the fans to cause mayhem in Indy.

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  7. Tony BarnFart

    He forgot the Peach Bowl in that tweet. Rose, Sugar, Peach, Orange.

    Only need the cotton before we get our commodities sales license.

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  8. Terry McCullers

    Kirby knows the soul of UGA football. We have our man people. We are in the mix as long as he’s there.

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  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    That’s a pretty good deal. He forgot a Peach Bowl, too.


  10. Dawglicious

    I choked up when I saw Kirby say that live. Many coaches and players give lip service to their fanbase. Not this team, and not our coach. I felt they were playing for us, too, and to pull this season off being aware and even acknowledging a little bit the history of Georgia football and the fans is a testament to their coaching and hard work as a team.


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  11. RangerRuss

    Kirby is the bridge between Old Georgia Junkyard Dogs and modern G Dawgs. Homegrown.
    Pay that man his money.

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  12. whybotherdude

    I weep for the younger generations not because to way we are going to leave them the world but that they will never hear Larry Munson call a game live.

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  13. Texas Dawg

    I can’t hear a big play and NOT hear Larry in my head no matter who’s on the mic. That gravel voice was the stuff of legend.

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  14. Newer fans didn’t have to wait 41 years for another title.

    Older fans got to experience Larry Munson.

    I’ll take the latter.


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  15. owensborodawg

    Don’t know where else to put it, so I will post it here….
    My youngest daughter (UGA ’20) and I (UGA ’88) went to the grocery store this afternoon here in beautiful Owensboro, KY, my current residence. We, of course, sported Bulldog gear from head to toe, not in a braggadocious manner, but in a public, respectful, National Championshipy kind of way. (Made that adjective up. So?) First one guy congratulated us, then later another guy, UK fans proud of our win. I looked at my daughter with tears in my eyes. I could barely speak when we left the store. We won. We won it all. Us. Georgia, the perennial bridesmaid, but never the bride, the nice runner-up contestant with great players, but not the champion. But now, we are the champions. My alma mater. My father’s and my 3 daughter’s too. My University of Georgia Bulldogs. Thank you.

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