Elite, by the numbers

Georgia’s defensive performance, when you see it laid out like this ($$), is epic.

This defense finished No. 1 in the FBS in points per drive (0.78) and No. 1 in red zone defense, with more field goals allowed (11) than touchdowns (nine) for the 32 instances in which an offense reached their 20-yard line. These guys got a nation-leading 155 third-down stops on the season. They only allowed three rushing touchdowns all year. They finished No. 2 in yards per play, yards per rush, yards per attempt, first downs allowed per game and explosive (20-plus yards) plays allowed per game. They finished among the top five in three-and-out rate and sacks. This unit took the field together for 179 drives this season, and more than half of them ended with punts.

What a friggin’ year!


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54 responses to “Elite, by the numbers

  1. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    We may never see their likes again. To me Nakobe eclipsed R. And one guy that doesn’t get any mention who was an unsung hero is Devonte Wyatt. He worked his ass off and dropped about twenty pounds in the off-season. It paid off big time and they could take Jordan Davis out and rest him and there was no drop off.

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  2. biggusrickus

    This defense was a joy. It will be a little sad next year to watch Georgia merely play great defense instead of all-time great defense.

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    • Russ

      It very well may be. I’ve been watching for nearly 50 years, and I’d have to think very hard to find a more clutch/dominant defense.

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    • I say this with absolutely no disrespect to the 1942 UGA team (or 1980). Long respected as the baddest dudes to play GA football…that team played 12 games, won 11 and shut out 6 opposing teams (including FU 75-0)

      Our current boys played 16 games, won 15, shut out 3 opponents in an era of dynamic offenses. And we know 1980 (12-0) was undefeated, but had it’s nailbiters and 3 shutouts…still against less dynamic offenses.

      This was the most punishing defense I’ve ever seen in college football.

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  3. whb209

    I did not know the numbers but they sure passed the eye test.
    It was a pleasure to watch this D all season.


  4. Spell Dawg

    Epic defense, especially in this age of “sco sco and sco so mo!”

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    • Biggen

      This is the big deal. This was done in the age of all offense. Even the rules are tilted towards the offense. This defense was unreal.

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      • dawg100

        Yeah, when they are called like this, being a DB is hazard duty:

        “Kentucky receiver Ahmad Wagner has drawn 10 penalties for pass interference in his career. He’s made 12 career receptions.”

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  5. Defense can still win championships! Solid proof in the era of wide open offense!
    Go Dawgs!


  6. ugafidelis

    “They finished No. 2 in yards per play, yards per rush, yards per attempt, first downs allowed per game and explosive (20-plus yards) plays allowed per game.”

    My question is, who was number 1 on these? Surely garbage time has to be factored in here.

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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Damn! And I have already had a shower!

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  8. Granted we didn’t face as many of them as most, but this was accomplished in an age where offenses dominate college football. This isn’t the offenses 1992 Bama or even 2011 Bama faced. Like mentioned above, this is an era of “sco, sco, and sco some mo” mind sets.

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  9. Illini84

    Any news on tickets for the peons?

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  10. artistformerlyknownasbman

    It was common for me to actually relax when the defense took the field this season, as I was pretty confident nothing bad could happen while they were out there. That’s extraordinary.

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    • thenewandimprovedtronan

      This was the easiest season I’ve ever experienced from a cardiological perspective. Based on Georgia’s performance over the years, that could mean it was only stressful as hell rather than 100% tachycardiac. But, no, opening and closing grinders aside, it was largely a drama-free year.

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    • Biggen

      Yup me too. Even that Bama drive late in the 4th when they had to score a TD and go for two just to tie, I wasn’t sweating it too much (well maybe a bit). I knew our defense was going to get it done.


      • Down Island Way

        Was there not 2 maybe three late, late 4th quarter scores (td’s that shouldn’t have occured) where there could exist some Dawg retribution next season…GO DAWGS!

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  11. Russ

    Next season will be the season of the outstanding offense and merely great defense. I can’t wait!

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  12. classiccitycanine

    Boy I hope you enjoyed this defense, because it might be a while before we see anything like this. That’s one reason why I am thrilled we won it all and didn’t waste a legendary season from those guys. I’m going to be savoring highlights from this season for the rest of my life.

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    • dawg100

      Maybe not quite as good this year, but Kirby shall rebuild, especially with the opportunities available nowadays in the portal.

      And those 2 DL/DEs met at the QB in the All-Star game and looked pretty good doing so!

      And of course, having Julian Rochester back for season 13 will help! 🙂

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  13. Munsoning

    Bama loses their top 2 wideouts and can’t run the ball with their stud RB. 30 rushing yards to the Dawgs’ 140. That’s an ass-whipping at the LOS.

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    • Granthams Replacement

      ^^^ This. There are 4 NFL DL on this team, a couple will be 1st round picks.

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      • miltondawg

        I’ve seen mocks this week with four Georgia defensive players in the first round. N. Dean, T. Walker, J. Davis, D. Kendrick. One had Dean as a top 10 pick and Walker as a top 20 pick (Travon Walker might have helped his draft stock more than any other Georgia players in the CFP…that play on Bama’s last drive of the first half was legendary with a 6’5″ 275 pound defensive end making a tackle 24 yards down field after Ringo got beat could have been the play of the game since Bama wound up punting instead of scoring with the game at 9-6). Just from the defensive side of the ball, add projected second rounders Devonte Wyatt and Lewis Cine and projected third rounders in Channing Tindall and Nolan Smith. This Georgia defense might not be 2001 Miami since not only did they send a lot to the NFL but several players from that defense are HOFs, but it isn’t far from it.

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  14. godawgs1701

    I’ll miss them, for sure, but I’ll be visiting them a lot on NFL broadcasts for years to come. I can’t wait to see them all tear up the league and make boatloads of cash. What incredible, incredible things they did for Georgia.


  15. Russ

    Off topic, but a question for the crowd. I’ve seen shirts and signs saying we’re the 2022 National Champions. In my mind, we are the champions of the 2021 season, meaning we’re the 2021 National Champs. The game just happened to be played in 2022.



  16. thenewandimprovedtronan

    2021, right?

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  17. gurkhadawg

    This defense reminds me of listening to the 1968 season on AM radio. When we punted you knew the bad guys would go 3 and out. Jake Scott’s and Bill Stanfill’s numbers were called on almost every play. I know it’s a different era and this D is much more talented overall, but except for one game this year, I expected every opposing possession to be a 3 and out.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, that was long ago, but they might be the closest comparison I can think of to this bunch. The original Junkyard Dawgs were opportunistic more than dominating. The early 80’s teams were fundamentally sound but not overwhelming.

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  18. RangerRuss

    I don’t want to come down from this cloud.

    Better go out and fuel and crank generators. I’m going with a better system for emergency power soon.

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  19. Whiskey Dawg

    It must “erk” our SEC East friends.

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  20. IMHO the greatest college football defense of all time.

    In an era of explosive offenses, where scoring 40 and getting 500+ yards is normal, our defense just stonewalled them.

    Points given up by our first string defense was even less. Remember how through the end of the season, our backups had more snaps played than our starters? That’s absolutely bonkers.

    Domination. Absolute domination.


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