No time like the right time

Someone in the comments yesterday brought up William Poole’s performance in the natty.  He might have been the biggest surprise of the game.

‘Bama went after him early.  You would have, too, based on his struggles in the SECCG.  But, as Anthony Treash pointed out, the Orange Bowl gave us a clue that Poole was figuring things out.

Flex D: William Poole, Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia made a sudden change in the SEC championship at STAR (i.e., the slot corner), as it opted to play Poole at the position even though he played only 23 coverage snaps in the regular season and Latavious Brini had started there up until that point. Unsurprisingly, Poole struggled with a poor PFF grade for the game, but in the Orange Bowl and national title game, the senior righted the ship. Poole posted an 81.3 coverage grade across those two games, as he allowed just two first downs on 12 targets while forcing three incompletions and two passing stops.

In the national championship game, Alabama targeted Poole and Ringo early and often.  Poole whiffed on a shot or two in the first quarter, but played his ass off the rest of the game.  As for Ringo, ‘Bama picked on him one time too many.


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55 responses to “No time like the right time

  1. Granthams Replacement

    Another example of why most kids should not transfer. He kept working and reaped the rewards.

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  2. gastr1

    Both those guys are going to be All-SEC very soon. Poole’s performance was really exceptional.

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    • Russ

      Poole’s a senior.

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      • gastr1

        Yeah, I caught that when reading the article. Where’s he been in the past? Wonder what all went on to get him into the best performance of his career vs. the best QB in the country…


      • gastr1

        I mean “where’s he been” in that I recall him being on the team and playing occasionally, but the sudden rise from bench-warmer to great performance…I’d like to know more about it. Sounds like a great story.


        • Russ

          Honestly, I think the team is full of kids like him. They get “buried” because the guy in front just keeps making plays. Stetson sort of hinted at it that the starters usually get a few screwups before the backups get a shot. And the backups may only get one shot to shine. But if circumstances allow for a little time, those backups usually become stars as well.

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  3. Ran A

    So much of this stuff was “what goes around comes around”. It was soooooo Nice to see it “come around” when it did.

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  4. beatarmy92

    Does Poole have the extra Covid year left, or is he done?


    • akascuba

      I think so.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Not sure. He was in the 2017 recruiting class and played during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons. He played less than 4 games in 2019, so he may be able to clam that season as a redshirt.. He played in 2020 and played in 2021.

      The 2020 season does not count against his eligibility limit. He may be able to use the 2019 season as a redshirt and count 2017, 2018 and 2021 towards his 4 years.

      Long way of saying I don’t know.


  5. Ran A

    Poole played a heck of a game. I’ve seen more than one video out there showing him in coverage – just locking down their tight end. I hope it helps give him a shot at the next NFL.

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  6. thenewandimprovedtronan

    The secondary – Poole especially – was the best surprise of the game. They weren’t flawless but were pretty damned good. Of course, the front seven’s ability to consistently pressure Young helped but the DBs’ coverage was often skin tight. And, talk about a chef’s kiss: The pick six was splendid, awesome, marvelous, wonderful, beautiful, delightful, excellent, great, and completely fuckin’ kick ass.

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  7. Biggen

    I’ll admit, I was nervous that Poole was getting the start (again!) over Brini. I really thought we would see the same poor corner play that plagued us in the SEC Championship game.

    Kirby proved me wrong yet again! I need to stop worrying so much.

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  8. moe pritchett

    And we just signed four to five 5* DB’s
    Backfield is about to be Bulldawg El asasinos.

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  9. vectordawg

    Did y’all catch what Chris Fowler said right before the snap when Young threw the pick 6? “The biggest 3rd down of Brice Young’s career” Blahahaha!!

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    Im assuming he has an extra year thanks to COVID. If so, it makes total sense that he’d come back, given that he had only 236 snaps the last 4 seasons. If he kicks ass next year, he’ll have an NFL future.


  11. sundiatagaines

    Biggest defensive series of game was when we forced 3 and out after going up 19-18. Poole blanketed Bolden on that 3rd down throw. It was awesome.

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  12. whb209

    Poole’s improvement could be called great coaching.
    I am sure it will not be called that, but it sure looks like great coaching to me.

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  13. classiccitycanine

    Poole definitely upped his game at the right time. It certainly helps when you don’t have to guard Williams/Metchie. That said, I saw openings throughout the game that Bama just missed thanks to some drops and great play from our front 7. The secondary was good enough to force teams to perform at a high level to beat them. Only one team was good enough to do that this year. I think that’s about all you can hope for in this era of offense. I’m looking forward to what Tykee Smith brings to this position next year.

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  14. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    As for Ringo, ‘Bama picked on him one time too many.”
    Yes, indeed. Ringo has impressed me a lot the past few games. he has clearly been working on technique, but even when he got beat (or wasn’t in position, more likely, imo) for a long gain, he had the speed to run the guy down and keep him out of the end zone.


    • unionjackgin

      Because I cannot get enough of this entire thing and I only watched the ESPN feed with GBN audio, I watched the Coaches Room feed with the A&M coaches.

      On the long pass play TE, Jimbo and his coaches commented on the poor angle that Ringo took on the throw & catch. They also talked about how big it was that Kelee did not give up on the play and made the tackle to save a TD. The thought was that if Bama went up two scores at that point, we might have to adjust our offensive approach.

      After Ringo had the pick-6, one of them (maybe Coley?) said that the football gods rewarded Ringo for that earlier play. Jimbo said that the Pick6 was big and sealed the game but Ringo’s play on the TE might have saved the entire thing.

      On a side note, that film room went really quiet when they were showing the UGA sideline reactions. It was interesting, it sounded perhaps that a few of those guys (or maybe just one – Coley again) had teared up when seeing Stetson. Maybe it was the realization that they themselves missed an opportunity.

      If you have the ESPN+ subscription and the time, it is fun to watch and hear their comments about the formations, play calls, and things. Plus, it really gives you an example of the detail involved with recruiting. The staff would mention a player and someone else could say where that player was from, what high school, and had “notes” commentary about their strengths.
      It was pretty cool.

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  15. stoopnagle

    It turns out our coaches know more than the rest of us.

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  16. TEXBaller

    How the hell did Hapeville Charter spit out Smith & Poole? Great gets.

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  17. uga97

    Poole’s coverage & pass break up on bama’s TE Bolden 3rd & 12 was not only absolutely ginormous, but trickeration & D coaching gold. Presnap, he followed 1 WR in motion across field back to their 3 WRs in bunch formation, then switched & covered bolden at the snap. Unreal job by Lanning & co.

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  18. uga97

    Coaching. Kirby & squad outcoached the goat. Against the goat. Slayed the goat. For a Natty. Pinch us, we are atill up in the clouds & may come down soon. Ringo’s last name, isnt that befitting? Go Ringo Go, Going to get the Ring.


  19. As for Ringo, ‘Bama picked on him one time too many.

    Hahahahahahaha. Love it.


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