Not everybody hurts.

I honestly, sincerely, don’t have an ounce of snark in me this week.  Watching Georgia win a natty by finally getting past the GOAT has left me in a serene state of mind.  I don’t think I need to convince anyone that Alabama and Georgia were the two best teams in the country this season.

So, trust me when I tell you that I’m linking to this Roll Bama Roll post not out of a sense of mockery, but because it may be the greatest example of damning with faint praise that I’ve ever read.  I mean, this is how to give grudging credit:

Man, it just sucked not having 2,700 yards worth of receiving talent out there tonight. It really, really did.

And look, I was around in 2009 when Alabama defeated Texas after the Longhorns lost Colt McCoy. I won’t take anything away from Georgia or their defense. It was a phenomenal effort from them— particularly their linebackers, who made play after play going horizontal against the Alabama offense intent on trying to stretch them out— and they deserve all the credit and joy for their win. They’re the best team in the country this season.

For Alabama fans, though, it makes things a little easier to swallow to accept that playing with an entire squad of back up pass catchers, one healthy running back, and 40% of the offensive line injured just isn’t (nor should be expected to be) a recipe for success.

… Most of us knew this game was over as soon as Jameson Williams’ knee blew out in the open field. There have been much, much more painful losses in championship games under Nick Saban.

*** Chef’s kiss ***.


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  1. Opelikadawg

    There is always an excuse when Bama loses.

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    • Harold Miller

      I could have been worse for RTR. Stetson could have not fumbled. That said, the redemption was so sweet! Better than Sony Michel’s redemption in the 2018 Rose Bowl, and that is saying a lot.

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  2. Biggen

    Someone should tell RBR that we are just getting started.

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  3. One of the posters known as Mark

    It’s funny. I’ve noticed, in the past when Georgia has lost a game after significant injuries, nobody has had much sympathy, or put any asterisks in the record books. Tennessee ’95 or Florida ’05, anybody?

    So Mr. Whiney-ass Bammer should just tip his cap and STFU.

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  4. 79dawg

    Imagine watching that game and thinking Bama got hosed by the officials….

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  5. Gaskilldawg


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  6. Salty Dawg


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  7. back9k9

    You know… Maybe if Bama had spread their reps around at WR instead of throwing the overwhelming bulk of their passes to 2 guys, maybe the next ups would have been better prepared for the moment.

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    • kevinsauer

      Right, someone needs to take the blame here

      HC or Posistion Coach – didn’t recruit deep enough (no)
      OC or Offense – didn’t get WR3 enough reps (maybe)
      OC – didn’t scheme around what to do when not going to williams (i mean, were they planning on using him every play?)
      QB – didn’t work on timing with anyone past the 2 deep
      WRs, TEs, RBs (and QB) – couldn’t step up in the big moment (hard to put a blame like this BUT they have gotten the credit for this exact situation… twice!)
      Defense? – not stoping us in the 4th quarter

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    • sniffer

      Yes, this^^. We had three freshmen score td’s. Bama’s vaunted “next man up” didn’t show up.

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    • californiadawg

      Saban should recruit better lol. Seriously though if your entire offensive production is contingent on two wide receivers staying healthy who’s fault is it but your own if god forbid they get injured and you have no experienced backups.


  8. uga97

    We still game planned for Willuams so I am not buying it. There’s a huge difference between Texas losing their starting QB on the 1st drive of a game in the 1st Q & and yer WR. Shit happens. Saban usually has depth. He can’t rely on 2 WRs a QB and a pass rusher he knows this. It was bamas entire team & depth the entire year showing vulnerabilities so no. We still had to execute. Stetson wasn’t going against Bryce Young & Williams as defenders of his 2 pass TDs in the 4th Quarter.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Yeah, maybe if Alabama had a head coach who could stockpile top 3 recruiting classes it would have depth. /s

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    • Dawgfan Will

      Yep. Hell, Saban himself put it best. We kicked their asses in the 4th quarter. Williams and Metchie wouldn’t have helped tackle White and Cook, and they wouldn’t have helped pass block our front 7.

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    • miltondawg

      Unfortunately, I have numerous people that I deal with in business and social circles in my suburb of Atlanta that are Bama fans. As this week has progressed, I have carved my responses to their bitching about Williams’ injury and losing Metchie in the SECCG down to two words…Colt McCoy.


  9. sundiatagaines

    Maybe your coach should have battle-tested the young guys. So when injuries inevitably happen, your freshman WR who is only on the field due to injuries to top 2 guys Pickens and Blaylock will make an insane game-winning catch instead of dropping it.

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  10. NotMyCrossToBear

    I was sitting next to a Bama fan. Every time a receiver hit the field he would say something like “who is number 16?” or “man that’s our 6th string receiver”. It’s like he thought these guys were getting pulled in off the sidewalk. I finally said I couldn’t believe we were starting a former walk-on at quarterback in the National championship game against the Heisman trophy winner. Go Dawgs!!

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    • Tony BarnFart

      I bet he was one of the douches projecting it really loudly hoping some Georgia fan would engage and throw his ass a pity party.


      • NotMyCrossToBear

        You are correct and it was hysterical. He was just saying it out loud, not really to me. But believe me, I looked him dead in the face when I told him how it was with the quarterback situation.

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  11. Wheres we wouldn’t know anything about “playing with a squad of backup pass catchers”. Cuz AD Mitchell and Ladd Mconkey were so highly rated. to say nothing about Stetson Bennet or a walk-on safety

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  12. guferuss

    At least he’s consistent. An excuse in every paragraph! I lived in that cage for 41 years, so glad to be out. HBTD!!!!

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  13. kevinsauer

    i just can’t understand that the ‘factory that reloads 4 & 5 stars’ completly fell apart bc they had to go to WR3.

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  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Supercilious hubris.

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  15. practicaldawg

    In case anyone is wondering, I can confirm the article leaves out the part where Alabama’s 5-star generational Heisman trophy-winning QB lost to UGA’s former walk-on and also how UGA managed to win most games by double digits this year after losing the entire WR room before the season started.

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  16. unionjackgin

    Are Alabama fans complaining about something?

    I really can’t hear them but we have so many celebratory National Champion fireworks and loud party music playing over here.

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  17. Ran A

    On the wall just outside of the Alabama locker room the following words are written. NO EXCUSES – the meme is out there – my two boys send it to anybody that starts that crap.

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  18. Terry McCullers

    Excuses are like assholes, everybody’s got one.

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  19. jdawg108

    Him complaining about officiating calls… I actually thought during the plays in question that it would be a flag, but on replay every time I saw damn good defense.

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  20. Poor Bama fans. With no trophy to see at the local Walmart, they are going to starve sitting in their trailer homes with nothing to do.

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  21. That post reads exactly like a billion post-season Georgia blog posts right after our hearts were torn out by various bummer circumstances (injuries, bad calls, atrocious luck, whatever).

    It just feels DAMN GOOD for once to be the fan base that doesn’t have to make excuses, doesn’t have to say “next year it will be different!”, and most importantly DOESN’T HAVE TO ASK OURSELVES: WHAT IF?

    It feels so damn good not to be asking ourselves: WHAT IF?

    Instead, we are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS baby!!!!!!!!


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  22. My fave from another blog post on RBR was ‘it’s not necessarily the best team that wins, but the most healthy’. Cry me a river of 5 stars. I’m also sure skipping the SEC Championship game helped them to stay healthy in 2011. Front runners are the worst at losing.

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  23. ZeroPOINTzero

    I regret clicking the link. It replaces a little joy out of winning the championship with annoyance when you see bitter Alabama fans making crazy excuses about the refs not throwing flags or injuries to key players. New motto… More joy in 22, less rolling around in the mud with fans of AL, AU, UF, GT, SC, TN, Big10, etc. etc.

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  24. W Cobb Dawg

    RBR has no complaints about the refs though…

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  25. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Senator I’ll handle the snark for you as happy as I am about the win. You know what I have to say to these cry babies? Boo freaking hoo. If there’s not enough depth at receiver on the roster that’s Alabama’s own fault. And it’s impossible for me to be sympathetic about losses at receiver when we essentially lost George Pickins, Kearis Jackson, and Dominic Blaylock, our three best receivers for the entire season. Not a couple games. Yes Pickins did return late and made a few jaw dropping catches but he was limited for whatever reason. Same with Kearis. Not sure if Blaylock ever played much at all this season.

    Not only that, there was about a four or five game stretch where we were also without Jermain Burton, Arian Smith, and Darnell Washington. During that stretch our receivers were freshmen AD Mitchell, Brock Bowers, and a project type former three star recruit in Lad McConkey. All that and Georgia still went 14-1 and are national champions without anybody even seriously threatening them other than Alabama the first game. So they can cry to Paaaaaaaaawl about how it isn’t fair that they lost two guys for a few games. Maybe they need to step their game up and learn how to overcome adversity. It’s almost like when they don’t have the best roster by miles they are just another opponent.

    Go Dawgs! National Champions.

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  26. stoopnagle

    You think they care that they would’ve lost the SEC in 2018 if D’Andre Walker wasn’t injured?

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  27. wtm121

    So every pass breakup was PI on us, apparently.

    There’s the old saying, “Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one”. Well, this guy must have about a dozen assholes, because that was just one excuse after another. Sour grapes have never been so tart.

    I guess our walkon vs their Heisman winner was a wash in their eyes. We had a freshman receiver and a freshman tight end both catch TD passes–no mention of that among all the talk of their freshman receivers. I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t find a way to blame Williamson’s injury on us. Nothing about them getting 30 total rushing yards.

    That was really a pathetic take–cry me a river.

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  28. I typically don’t break into songs from musicals (still got a little testosterone left) but this post has me wanting to sing…”Don’t cry for me Tuscaloosa! The truth is I don’t give a fuck! All through that Wild first half, my mad existence, we kept our composure…now go keep your distance!”

    Froze Peron

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  29. I double checked our roster and it looks like we didn’t have Metchie or Williams to throw to either. Wonder how we were able to win without them?

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  30. classiccitycanine

    I consider injuries to be a legitimate excuse. They very well might have won with a healthy Williams/Metchie, but we might have won in 17 and 18 if Wims and Walker don’t get hurt. As long as they aren’t putting an asterisk on their 2009 title when they knocked out McCoy, I’m not putting an asterisk on 2021. I’d also like to say that we got more juice out of our depth at QB/WR than they did, and they’ve outrecruited us at those positions lately so…

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    • originaluglydawg

      Williams/Metchie couldn’t have helped them enough because when Young wasn’t getting sacked he was running for his life. Unless Williams/Metchie could play some defense in the middle of the line during the fourth quarter, they couldn’t have made much difference.
      But say they could have…We’ll give you two more touchdowns, and you still don’t have as many points as the Dawgs when the clock hit 0.
      Roll Bama Roll in your whiney excuses and low class ignorant misery.
      The Georgia Bulldogs are the National Champs (as they really should have been in ’17) and Alabama is the first runner-up.

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      • classiccitycanine

        Fu*k you. I’m a Dawg and I’m as happy as a clam that we won. I also saw several critical drops from Bama reserves that might have been catches if their starters weren’t injured. It could have changed the game. It’s only fair to acknowledge that Lady Luck finally smiled on us instead of our opponent.


        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          And Georgia might have won by even more if Pickins, Jackson, Blaylock, and Milton never get hurt. Fair to say? That road runs both ways.


        • originaluglydawg

          Calm down, Karen.
          Metchie and Williams were heatlhy against TAM weren’t they?


    • miltondawg

      I don’t disagree about Williams. Metchie was five weeks beforehand so Bama should have had time to get a bunch of other players ready. That being said, the McCoy injury was far more devastating to Texas than the Williams injury was to Bama to the tune of losing a two time Heisman finalist, the winningest QB in CFB history up to that point, and the person that touched the ball on every offensive snap in favor of a true freshman that threw two picks (one a pick six) in the last couple of minutes in the first half for 10 Bama points and another two picks in the second half plus a sack-fumble recovered by Bama inside the 5 yard line that resulted in a TD.


  31. Lost in all of this wound-licking over Metchie and Williams is the fact that Bama still called 57 passing plays in the NCG, and Bryce Young still threw for 369 yards. If their passing attack was utterly devastated by the absence of those two receivers, they sure weren’t acting like it.

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    • 79dawg

      The attack was devastated in the sense that they lost the ability to take the top off the defense – making Young grind out those short and intermediate throws (and only allowing 2 or 3 to turn into really long gainers) for 2+ quarters eventually made him press and throw the pick….

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      • Tony BarnFart

        Wait, so getting rendered one dimensional isn’t a problem Alabama should have to deal with ? Just the other 129 teams in FBS.


  32. KornDawg

    I made it about halfway through the comment section and just couldn’t take anymore. Those guys absolutely refuse to give the Dawgs credit, and some of those guys really dislike their own players. I know every fan base has them, including us, but it’s really disappointing to see the criticism heaped on these 18-22 year old kids. Kids that have accomplished more than some of those idiots have in their entire lives. I’ll boo the Falcons all day, and often do, but you will never see me boo a college player, and I damn sure ain’t tweeting at them.
    They can say the best team didn’t win, blah, blah, blah, but we got the trophy. That’s all that matters.

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  33. biggusrickus

    Pretty much what I expected from that collection of assholes. Alabama got lucky in ’17 and ’18 to beat Georgia with superior teams. They’ll get to play Georgia again next year (unless someone like A&M comes out of nowhere to be really good), and I expect Georgia to give them hell, win or lose.

    I also don’t think they realize just how lucky they were that all of those receiving recruits between ’17 and ’19 (Jeudy, Ruggs, Waddle, Smith, and Metchie) turned out to be elite players. I know we took running back for granted with the string of Gurley, Chubb, Michel and Swift. They had to turn to merely good players at receiver and couldn’t pull it off.

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    • unionjackgin

      I peeked at the 2022 schedule for each team and it is interesting for both teams.

      Obviously, we will have roster turnover, but it is likely that we will be favored in every game next year. Our two toughest games appear to be neutral site games (Oregon & Florida.) Our toughest road game might be UK or South Carolina. Tennessee & Auburn have to visit Athens. It is conceivable that we could run the table again heading into the SEC Championship.

      If this season was Saban’s best coaching year in Tuscaloosa, then I wonder what they will do next year. I don’t think it is a guarantee that they will run the table next year. Joel Klatt said they are a mile ahead of everyone but that is hyperbole. They will have some roster turnover. In 2022, Bama will play road games in Austin, Fayetteville, Knoxville, and then Baton Rouge and Oxford in back-to-back weeks. A&M and Auburn have to go to Tuscaloosa.

      If they run the table are our 12-0 before the conference championship then more power to them but that schedule very well could have a loss or two. In theory, they could be a better team with a worse record.


      • biggusrickus

        I’d be shocked if they lose two, unless, like I said, someone comes out of nowhere to be really good. I just don’t see the West being all that great next year. You’ll have a first year coach at LSU and a lot of roster turnover at A&M. Auburn sort of sucks. Ole Miss is losing its QB and still has major talent deficiencies against a team like Alabama. Arkansas is losing their best offensive player and a bunch of people off the defense, and they also have talent deficiencies in general. It’s Georgia and Alabama until 2023.


  34. NotMyCrossToBear

    On the mountain top baby!

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  35. uga97

    Saban admitted himself at halftime of SEC he had depth, but it was young inexperienced, although talented guys. Know the difference. Kirby said it this was Saban’s best coaching job ever…and why was that? B/c of lack of experience on the roster.

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  36. charlottedawg

    Yeah, I feel for bama. We definitely got lucky when it came to injuries and that is entirely the reason we won. We had the good fortune of losing Daniels, Pickens, Blaylock, Arian Smith, Tykee Smith, Tate ratledge and Arik Gilbert for most if not all of the season. Then we got super lucky and saw Washington, kearis Jackson and Trey Burton miss significant portions / not be 100%. Oh and we lost Adam Anderson after the Florida game. Which means our guys waaay down the depth chart had to play the whole season and THAT is why Bennett, Bowers, Mcconkey, and AD Mitchell all scored TDS against bama, because they got reps all year while poor Alabama had to figure out how to deal with injuries only in the championship game.

    Yeah, ok.

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  37. D.N. Nation

    AD Mitchell started this season green, lean, and with hands of stone, and he ended it making one of the biggest catches in program history. If Bama couldn’t coach their youngsters up, that’s on them.

    2013 UGA points and laughs at Bama crying about injuries.

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  38. PTC DAWG

    Not clicking that BS link.

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  39. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Man, when you said all that in the windup, Senator, I thought for sure this was going to be written by that Eric with a K douchebag.

    That guy’s been quiet, though.


  40. Munsoning

    Man, it’s too bad Bama had so many injuries and UGA had none. I mean, the Dawgs didn’t play without WR1 for most of the season, did they? Didn’t lose QB1 after a couple of games in which he played hurt, didn’t lose their starting RG a couple of plays into the season, didn’t play without their fastest WR for most of the season, didn’t get a highly-regarded S only to lose him to injury before he played a single snap, right? None of that happened. If Metchie and Williams had been healthy, Bryce Young wouldn’t have been pressured on 44.3 percent of his drop-backs (


  41. WH

    You guys have adequately responded to RBR covering itself in glory, so I need not add my voice to that dawg pile.

    Instead, recall the Senator’s well-established case that the “shoe is on the other foot” with our old nemesis, the Florida Gators. Just a few years ago, we were them and they were us.

    Now imagine a few years hence… What will we be saying about Bama fans? No guarantee it will happen, but this is the first step.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      I finally got around to cruising by the Florida247 board and they are a mix of sad resignation and a bizarre certainty that “any advantage Georgia has over us now will be erased by ‘Billy’ in two years.” Those people are nothing if not predictable. It’s always just over the horizon to them. They’re basically South Carolina now.

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      • siskey

        They are really putting a lot of faith that Napier is both as good as Kirby and Saban at recruiting and better at coaching than Kirby. If they aren’t right on both counts I see a lot of tears in their future.

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        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          Yeah. I give it two years and they go from absolute certainty that “Billy” is a lead pipe cinch to return them to glory to saying they “deserve better” like they did with Mullen. They are so damn delusional.

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  42. setzer613

    Perhaps Bama needs to recruit a little better, build their depth, coach up their backups. I mean injuries are a part of the game.

    Go Dawgs!!

    Let’s go for 2.
    2021/2022 champs!

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  43. Illini84

    I don’t know what the hell people think they are going to say. Saban said it all at the end of the game. FIDO


  44. Tony BarnFart

    All they’re essentially doing is pissing and moaning that the game is not played on paper. Good lord, do you know how many titles Georgia might have if everybody we ever played got our healthiest and best shot.


  45. Salty Dawg

    Y’all – the Gumpers are grasping at straws! They have no platform to stand on other than the losers platform! HA HA! I wouldn’t give any of their waa waa excuses credence. It’s all empty whininess! All vapor and smoke! HA HA GUMPS! WE are the champions!

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  46. Derek

    Hey bammers, who would have Metchie and Williams have tackled?

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  47. They should definitely whine more. That’ll fix it.


  48. elbertadawg

    You ought to live here. Then when I give them back what I have taken for years they whine. Including all those bandwagon fans who have never been to Toothaloosa.