SEC Power Poll, final edition

A very memorable season is in the books.  I’m not sure any further introduction to the PP is necessary.

  1. Georgia.  Damn, this feels good.
  2. Alabama.  Kirby told Nick this was one of the best coaching jobs of his career.  Considering what ‘Bama lost to the NFL, along with the injuries, I can see why he said that.
  3. Ole Miss.  All things considered, Junior did a helluva coaching job this year.  They weren’t as dominant offensively as a season ago, the defense was only moderately improved, but they still wound up winning ten games and playing in a NY6 bowl game.
  4. Kentucky.  Ditto for Stoops.  To milk ten wins out of that roster was doing some good work.
  5. Arkansas.  And let’s not forget the job Sam Pittman did this season.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind saw the Hogs as a nine-win team in the preseason.
  6. Texas A&M.  No, I don’t factor the recruiting rankings for the 2022 class into the Power Poll standings.
  7. Tennessee.  The greatest 7-6 season in Vol history.
  8. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs beat a couple of teams they shouldn’t have and lost to a couple of teams they shouldn’t have.  Your typical Mike Leach season, in other words.
  9. LSU.  They played the bowl game with a shell of a roster, so it’s hard to count that against them, but there’s no excuse for a team with this much talent to have been so mediocre.
  10. South Carolina.  Shane Beamer coaxing seven wins out of this roster was an impressive coaching job, especially considering the ‘Cocks were outscored over the course of the season.
  11. Auburn.  Considering the source, I know it shouldn’t, but it blows my mind how much money the school blew making a coaching change to finish worse than it did.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, though.
  12. Florida.  I’m gonna miss the Portal Master™, by Gawd.
  13. Missouri.  No SEC team should lose to Army.
  14. Vanderbilt.  There’s nowhere to go but up.  I say that every year and more times than not Vandy proves me wrong.


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38 responses to “SEC Power Poll, final edition

  1. Down Island Way

    You had me at 1….

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  2. akascuba

    Finally National Champions.

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  3. Pittman and Beamer really did great work.

    Kirby got his team to refocus. That match-up with Michigan was just what the doctor ordered. Now we see what he does as the hunted.

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    • Biggen

      I’m sure that in retrospect, Michigan hated the long layoff. All it did was give us 30+ days to get healthier, stronger, and let the taste of that SEC Championship loss linger.

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      • D.N. Nation

        All that, plus Michigan was basically Diet, Caffeine-Free Georgia. For all the LOL STETSON talk, McNamara wasn’t demonstratively superior than Bennett, or even superior at all…and our skill players > theirs, easily.

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        • Comin' Down The Track

          Right, and they have 2 legit doods on defense whereas we have 2-deep legit doods on defense.

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        • Biggen

          I was very unimpressed as a whole with Michigan. Their Heisman runner up/all world DE was basically non-existent the entire game because he was neutralized by our guys. Neither of their QBs were very great. They had several drops in the WR department. And they looked like they were running in molasses compared to us.

          Was this Harbaugh’s best team? If so, he is gonna have a pretty mediocre record next year.

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  4. One of the posters known as Mark

    Hmmm… I wonder who will be named SEC coach of the year?

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  5. kdawg05

    I haven’t posted here in about 5 years but have been reading for many more than that….

    Thought I’d drop in to say, it’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!!!

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  6. mg4life0331

    Hey Senator, are you going to be ok without having the Portal Master to mock this offseason? Kinda sucks that got taken away from us it was so fun.

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  7. theotherdoug

    How long for Auburn and Florida to move up to the top half of the SEC?
    It could be awhile…

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    • originaluglydawg

      Auburn? and Florida? … Bwahhhahahahahahahahahahha!!!!
      Great and amusing comments, Senator.
      (I laughed out loud at the Seinfield quip applied to AU’s brilliance)

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    • Florida has a better shot, since they appear to have had a major wake-up call regarding recruiting. But Auburn (and more specifically their boosters) just can’t seem to get out of their own fucking way. Twenty bucks says Harsin is gone two years from now and the dick-tripping cycle begins anew.

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  8. MudCat's Mechanic

    In Mizzou’s defense, they really aren’t an SEC team but that’s another chestnut for another day.

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  9. practicaldawg

    I really wonder where Auburn goes from here

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    • originaluglydawg

      If the addition of Texas and Oklahoma prompt the SEC to divide the two divisions by absolute geographical location, I believe Auburn and Bama could land in the SECE.
      The W would be Oklahoma, Texas, TAM, Arkansas, LSU, Mizzo, Ole Ms and MSSt.
      The E would be Florida, Georgia, SC, Vandy, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama and Kentucky.
      Both would be formidable.
      (I’ve probably got this all screwed up, but it’s going to get interesting. I believe geographical location is the only honest way to do it. There is no absolute way to know which teams will be great and which won’t, so you can’t really try to balance the two sub-conferences talent wise…unless you are willing to re-align them every few years to even them up) And you want to keep the Iron Bowl and Egg Bowl intact.


  10. It makes the NC even sweeter to see UF at 12!

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  11. Russ

    I know you were being snarky, but I’m amazed that Tennessee got 7 wins. Heupel did a fantastic job putting out that dumpster fire and getting that team going. Ditto for Beamer. Pittman and Stoops deserve props, too.

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  12. D.N. Nation

    I don’t see any evidence Harsin’s not getting fired after three years.

    Meanwhile the Gus Bus rolled to 9 wins and kicked Florida’s ass in a bowl.

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  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I’d put Sakerlina ahead of LSU and I’d definitely rank Floriduh 13th.

    Other than that, good work, Senator! Power Polls are always thankless jobs.

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  14. originaluglydawg

    I’d put Ole Miss at two just to piss of RBR.


  15. theorginaldawgabides

    The ONLY thing Tennessee did that was even remotely impressive was win at Kentucky in a shootout. They had four sure wins going into the season: Bowling Green, Tennessee Tech, South Alabama, Vandy. They beat a really bad Missouri team, then a very meh South Carolina at home. So if you drill down on the schedule, that one win at Kentucky was what made their season.


  16. miltondawg

    Senator, not sure if “The greatest 7-6 season in Vol history” is snark or not. As someone who despises UT, I will begrudgingly say that for a team that I projected to get to 3 or maybe 4 wins max that coaching staff did a pretty damn good job. They beat a better UK team on the road, got screwed in the bowl game and, speaking honestly, if they played UF in November instead of September I would bet money that UT would have beaten UF in 2021.

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  17. TEXBaller

    I like your top 5. Was my top 5 most of the year.
    Arkansas gonna be a handful next year!


  18. This list with UGA at the top after the National Championship may be the greatest blog you’ve ever posted! Still cannot fully believe what has happened & every time I see it anywhere I’m grinning all over again! Thank you Dawgs, thank you Senator, and thank you to all who post here that just makes it that much better!!

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  19. ugafidelis

    Dawgs on top!!

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