Tuesday ticket exchange

One more exchange than I was expecting, to be honest, but I’ve had a couple of requests for a post to allow for ticket swapping for the championship celebration ceremony Saturday.  So, if you have and can’t go, or you want but don’t have a ticket, speak up in the comments.  And don’t forget the specifics.


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50 responses to “Tuesday ticket exchange

  1. Terry McCullers

    Senator these may be few and far between. Everybody’s gone be there!

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  2. vidaliadawg

    Missed the natty trip. Won’t miss this one. …..for recruiting of course.


  3. gotthepicture

    I’m looking for 2 tickets for my sister & nephew. Let me know if you have any to spare.


  4. bcdawg97

    Anyone know when general public tickets go on sale?


  5. Anyone know where we get tix? Could not find a link on georgiadogs.com


  6. I’ve given up asking for free tickets. You private jet owners are pretty stingy.

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  7. Bulldawg Bill

    The damned things are so pricey to start with. Don’t know if I can afford it!


  8. Anyone know if there are any still available? I can’t find a link to get them. I’d be willing to pay if you have some.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I would think that there will be. Season tickets and student/faculty and staff don’t consume all the seats. The seats that visitors get won’t be used by fans of other teams.


  9. Castleberry

    Does anyone have any guess at the total # of folks hitting Athens? Like will this be gameday levels, 2x gameday, more??


  10. I have 4 available. My wife just had her last chemo treatment yesterday and is cancer free! 2022 is off to a FANTASTIC start!

    She still has a weakened immune system though so we don’t want to take the risk with the recent surge in Covid of being in a large crowd like that. Hate to miss it though.

    Section 222, Row 1, Seats 17-20 ( I think I will have a Boggs Hall parking pass too).

    Free…free…free, free-free-free

    Email me at: j.leonardjr@gmail.com

    I will transfer them as soon as I receive them from UGA.

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  11. J R

    any tips on where to park? will likely be bringing the whole family along (5, 3, and 1 year old) so mobility options are a little limited and would prefer something close as possible (dont we all…)

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    • bcdawg97

      I believe it is normal gameday setup for parking (pass lots and such).


    • srbdcc

      At the Arkansas game back in early October, we discovered the University offers free parking at the Intermural Fields. They run a free shuttle bus every 10 minutes or so to the back side of Sanford Stadium (by the railroad tracks) starting a couple hours before kickoff and running until an hour or two after. I assume they will do so Saturday but, even if they don’t, it’s definitely the way to go on game days!

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  12. I just managed to snag tickets!

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  13. brigadedawg

    I have 4 tickets in the 300 section for Saturdays activities. Email me at bqbarrett@gmail.com if interested.

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  14. Illini84

    I got lucky!!!!


  15. Holiday Inn Bagman

    I have 4 in section 324 that I can transfer to someone who needs! Hate that I’ll miss but was in Indy and sure did some celebrating there!



  16. williamcw865517

    I’m looking for 3 if anyone has any available. Willing to pay! williamcw86@gmail.com Thank you!


  17. atldawg05

    Available Hotel Indigo Reservations

    We made them and can no longer use.
    Happy to transfer into your name.


  18. brigadedawg

    I have 4 tickets in the 600 section for Saturday’s celebration. If interested please email me at bqbarrett@gmail.com


  19. Joshua Grantham

    I need 2. I have 2, but i have a family if 4. Any help will be unbelievably appreciated.


  20. Joel Davis

    I have 2 available in Sec 118
    joeldavis at gmail dot com


  21. vidaliadawg

    Change of plans and cannot make it. 4 seats sec 122 row 34 seats 3-6. Hope someone will enjoy. Email fredevansiii@gmail.com and Go Dawgs!


  22. Illini84

    Got two freebies markann at gmail.com


  23. winodawg

    We have 3 extras in the 600s. Wallersga@gmail.com


  24. girderbender

    Got two for the taking. Sec. 304. Free of course. ddeloach@ccedlaw.com


  25. I’ve decided not to make the trip down.. 2 tickets for free. Reply below