This Georgia team had it in spades.  Example:

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It would have been easy for JT to react publicly to holding down the second chair, but to his credit, he never did.


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  1. timphd

    I watched Daniels during the game and his body language was always positive and supportive. He tallked to Bennett after every series and you could tell he was pumping him up after those early series of struggles. You know he wanted to play (he did warm up on the sidelines with helmet on a few times) but he was never divisive. Even if he never plays another snap for UGA, and I hope he does, he will be a DGD to me for not causing a major distraction to the team.

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  2. olddawg22

    Totally agree, saw some of the same things at this game and games prior. We all realize, for as good a feel good story Stetson is it could have been disastrous to the team against the backdrop of petty bickering and hostility. On a team full of stories of individual sacrifice and team leadership Daniels may stand the tallest! I sure hope it stays that way and wish him all the luck in the world! DGD!!!

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  3. JT has consistently said that SBIV was the first guy to welcome him. Bennett would coach him on what he was seeing, and Daniels was doing the same.

    I really hope JT comes back and competes for the job, but I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.

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  4. armydawg

    JT’s greatest contribution to the Dawgs will be if he stays one more year. Stetson needs to ride off into the sunset. Playing one more year would be anticlimactic. JT needs to be the starter and mentor to Vandagriff and Stockton.

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  5. SlobberKnocker

    He did react publicly. He sent out that IG post of Stets stained jersey with a message of support, even admonishing people that didn’t support Stet if I remember correctly. He was incredibly classy, publicly and from all indications internally.

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  6. Spell Dawg

    Whither goes JT?? It’s the biggest question of the off-season, in my mind. I’d love to see him stay and get his chance next year. I have a feeling we’ll need a more complete passing QB (no knock on our favorite little scrapper, just JT does seem more that than him); our offense might be playing from behind in some big games with our losses on D.

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  7. Ran A

    He could have split the locker room and he chose not to do it. I hope he stays at Georgia; but if he goes, wish him nothing but success, as long as it isn’t at a rival. I would HATE to see JT Daniels at Tennessee (for example).

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  8. JTD is not only a DGD, but a NATIONAL CHAMPION.

    He was a tremendously important part of this team. He beat Clemson. He helped Stetson day in, day out on game days and practice days. And that’s on top of the fact he didn’t create any divisiveness at all.

    JTD rocks. I hope he either gets a year of his own, an NFL career, or both.

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  9. siskey

    Senator, are you doing an Observations post, or have I missed it? I want to read it and go back and find the one from say the South Carolina game in 2012 or the Mizzou game in 2015 and compare and contrast. Thanks and Go Dawgs!!

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    • I will, but probably next week is best for me.

      The game was a whirlwind and I came back to the office Wednesday buried with work for this week.

      Kind of want to take my time with this one, ‘ya know? 😉

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      • siskey

        I understand and look forward to it.

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      • rigger92

        I thought about you, we refinanced and close next week. I imagine you’re busy as hell right now.


      • originaluglydawg

        Let us enjoy this discussion and celebration as long as we can!
        Like the 12 days of Christmas only we want it to be even longer than 12.
        I hope you have enough good stuff to last until Spring Practice.
        Maybe you could have a “Mea Culpa Opportunity” header one day where all can be confessed and forgiven.
        All negative and accusatory comments would be blocked and only love and forgiveness will be in order on that particular thread.
        And a clean slate could be offered to all. We’ll all love each other until after the S.G. QB ratings at least!


  10. ugafidelis

    The only controversy is in our minds.


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  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Good man.

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  12. Awesome, awesome shot. Hadn’t seen it. Thanks for posting. Makes me choke up a little.


  13. I’ve said all along that I thought JTD has been a tremendous teammate and DGD for his attitude all season. I’ve also said at the end of the season that he’s gone after this year. However, Donna was on the local sports show here yesterday & was asked about Daniels. He said that because Daniels has transferred once, he couldn’t do it again & play immediately until he’s a grad transfer & that he won’t have his degree this year. I don’t know if this is accurate, would love to know for sure.

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  14. I think this is the most underrated aspect of this team’s success. There was great talent on several teams in the Power 5, but I don’t believe there was more chemistry anywhere. These players believed in themselves, each other and their coaches. To a man, offensive players, defensive players and coaches on both sides of the ball all spoke out in support of each other (particularly of Stetson) throughout the season. Watching Kirby, the coaches and the players seek each other out to embrace on the field after the game was a beautiful thing to behold. Nothing got between this band of “brothers,” and it showed on the field.

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