Hey, I can do hot takes, too!

Let me see if I’m doing this right.  *** Clears throat ***

Um, if Kirby Smart sucks at quarterback management, how come Stetson Bennett won a national championship and Justin Fields didn’t?

*** Ducks and runs ***


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  1. bulldogbry

    Dear WordPress: I’m gonna need a recap of the comments every 15 minutes, k-thanx-bye

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  2. amurraycuh

    Stetson is a system QB. (sarcasm font)

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  3. RC

    Ouch, Baby. Very ouch…

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  4. I want someone to pose this question to Danny Kanell and watch his head melt down his shoulders “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-style.

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  5. dawgman3000

    Justin Fields didn’t have one greatest defense’s in college football history to fall back on when his offense struggled.

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  6. Biggen

    Is the good Senator baiting us today? Is he itching to bring the ban hammer down for some kind of perverted amusement now that the season is over??


  7. Opelikadawg

    There are several ” college football experts” who are about to have a vein in their head blow out over this.

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  8. NotMyCrossToBear



  9. munsonlarryfkajim

    Damn right


  10. David K

    I love Stetson and couldn’t be more happy for the kid, but if he comes back next year for some reason instead of retiring a legend, he should be 3rd string at best. Stetson has proven he is capable of winning a championship but there’s clearly more talent in the QB room and you have to go with the guys that are better and are capable of more.


    • RangerRuss


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    • back9k9

      I’ve wondered about this. How ironic would it be for JT to win the QB1 battle next fall and have Stetson be the supportive backup?

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    • Biggen

      There absolutely should and will be an open QB competition in the Spring and Fall. If, by chance, he ends up beating out several 4* and 5* QBs again, well, then maybe we have QB coaching issues.

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    • Dave, your last sentence assumes a lot based on scouting reports verses actual snaps with the team in practices and in games. I hope Brock and Gunner are better than their high school hype, but wouldn’t you want to give a long look at a QB that has taken a lot of game snaps, seen a lot of opposing defensive formations, called audibles, felt the do or die pressure? It’s that old one in the hand 2 in the bush…yadda yadda thing

      If Stet came back and was beaten by any of the 5 Stars, then so be it…but to automatically regulate him to 3rd string is a little extreme. I guess your point that “there’s clearly more talent in the QB room” isn’t settled yet…it certainly wasn’t for this past season.

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    • chopdawg

      “Clearly more talent”? How you figure?

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    • One of the posters known as Mark

      You may not be factoring in one important consideration: chemistry. It’s clear that Stetson’s teammates love him, and would run through Hell in a gasoline suit for him. That counts for a lot.

      Stetson is a Leader with a capital “L.”

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    • Salty Dawg

      Dude, what are you smoking because it must be some really good shit to make you so far out in left field.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “…capable of more.”
      Ah! But do they “give you the best chance of winning”?

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    • Russ

      Just think how much MORE we would have won the Natty with JT/another 5* at QB!!

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    • thunderdawg42

      Enough of this. If someone told us a year ago that the price of Georgia winning a GD National Championship, avenging their only loss (against Bama!) and dominating the field from start to finish for the first time in 41 years, was the possibility of an untested 5* quarterback or transferring out the following year, we’d have been ecstatic. Easy trade, go Dawgs.

      Everyone should give Stetson a fuckin break, and let the guy have his ride into the sunset. He’s earned it, doing “the impossible” with the weight of all the shit we’ve thrown his way this season hanging around his neck. We’ve broken through, and he was a singularly important (and the most heavily scrutinized) piece of the mean machine that won the day.

      Stetson Bennett should be QB1 at Georgia for as long as he wants. Let the coaches worry about next year and enjoy the incredible, storybook accomplishments of this team.

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      • Dawgfan Will

        Hell, yeah. Maybe the dude wants to try to repeat, or even try for an undefeated season. Or if he wants to try his hand in the draft, go for it. He definitely has the self-confidence to try either. I’ll support him either way.

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  11. RangerRuss

    If Kirby Smart can’t develop and prepare players for the NFL then how come 3 star Jordan Davis will be a first round draft choice?

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  12. Geezus

    Wow, you need some clicks?

    I look forward to SBIV getting drafted in the first round and starting in the league.


  13. 79dawg

    Never discount dumb luck!

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  14. DawgFlan

    I heard someone bring this up, so not taking credit: It was Kirby’s QB management that gave us Stetson. Eason and then Fields transferring put Kirby in depth mode and the scholly offer to Stet. Does UGA win a Natty in a world where Fields DOESN’T transfer?


    • David K

      We might have gotten one with Fields before he left for the NFL if he had stayed a Dawg. Not sure how things would’ve shaken out afterwards. We’d still would have this gap where we were scrambling to get players from the portal like JT and Newman. Perhaps it wouldn’t make any difference with this year and Stetson.

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  15. biggusrickus

    I believe you mean two-time playoff offensive player of the game, Stetson Bennett. If he comes back, he’ll probably start next year, and I have no problem with that. If he doesn’t, it will mean Vandagriff (presumably) has progressed to being a very good or great player, with which I’d also have no problem.

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  16. I’m really happy Kirby and Stetson got to destroy some narratives together. Too bad we’ve still got Georgia Twitter accounts doing should Stetson return or go before the body of the 2022 NC has gotten cold. Smh

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    • Russ

      Well, to be fair Stetson brought that up first. Said he was playing football next year for sure, just not sure where. Kirby acknowledged they had frank discussions about it after the SECCG.

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      • Biggen

        That GMA interview. I don’t know what to think. It’s a bit hard to watch with is rambling. I felt like this was him all night before the interview LOL:

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        • Russ

          Yeah, but then Kirby’s interview the next morning corroborated pretty much what Stetson said. Stetson wants to make sure he gets a fair shot to succeed. I think he felt like he had to overcome coaches’ bias to get the starting job ultimately.

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  17. classiccitycanine

    Did Justin Fields have a legendary defense on his side? Stetson came up big when we absolutely had to have him, but the reason he wasn’t getting blown out after 3+ quarters of screwing around was because of an excellent defense. Bennett didn’t exactly carry the team on his back this year.

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  18. godawgs1701

    Oh, can I play? Jake Fromm and Justin Fields won the same number of College Football Playoff games and they won the same number of national titles, too: zero. And, yeah, Stetson Bennett won a national championship and Justin Fields didn’t.

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  19. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Your masterpiece, Senator. So much crow being eaten right now.

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  20. jim1886

    Agree, also, clear throat, what did Fields win at Ohio State that Fromm did not win at Georgia

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  21. ginnys2008

    Chef’s kiss!


  22. Whiskey Dawg

    LMFAO! Senator!


  23. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

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  24. I for one am looking forward to those “best coaches” lists this year — you know, the ones that listed Dan Mullen as a better coach than Kirby Smart coming into the year because Kirby “can’t develop players” and “can’t coach QBs” etc.

    Will Mullen still be ahead of Kirby if Mullen isn’t actually an employed college football coach?

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  25. whb209

    I am so tired of hearing about Justin Fields.
    Monken comes in, Fields goes out and Ga becomes a much better team.
    Add it up any way you wish.
    Maybe, being a better team has to do with both of those things or maybe not.

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  26. PTC DAWG

    Some of your best work.

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  27. 2021 Defensive = 1980 Herschel Walker
    Stetson Bennett IV = Buck Belue

    Don’t recall ANYONE giving Buck so much shit during the season or later in life. Maybe my memory has gone bad.

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  28. gurkhadawg

    Stet is our QB. Did you doubters happened to see what Stet did after the “fumble “? There’ll be a QB competition alright, for who will backup Stet.

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  29. gurkhadawg

    Speaking of the great Stetson Bennett, I was talking to a guy yesterday who swore Stet had 2 years of eligibility left. I told him no way, next year will year number 6. Does anyone know anything about 2 years remaining?


    • Russ

      Next year is it.


    • Tony BarnFart

      But JT has 2 if my math is correct.
      18- true frosh
      19- injury=redshirt
      20- RS Sophomore (granted bonus Covid year with everyone)
      21- Junior
      22- Senior
      23- Covid bonus

      Unless I’m missing something about the Covid bonus plan, anyone already on a team in 2020 has a bonus year, unless they scrap the plan. Super-Senior will be a thing for a few more years.


  30. You can’t win a title these days without a solid game manager QB.


    Go Dawgs


  31. Eddie Atkins

    Russell Wilson was a 2 star prospect out of high school and Aaron Rogers wasn’t even rated. Not saying that Stetson will even play in the NFL, but he’s a good QB, and has proven he can win. Maybe we need to let Kirby and Monken choose who plays. They are the ones that not only know what they are doing, but also are at the practices. It’s a shame that people get on here and criticize a young kid who has worked his butt off and been loyal to Georgia in spite of everything.

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  32. uga97

    A generational Defense makes qb management much easier u think?

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  33. If I read from fans just one more time that Stetson “needs to ride off into the sunset” I’m gonna puke.

    Does that means if he comes back and starts any games next year we’re gonna have to hear them whine again about how he’s the wrong choice?

    Instead of saying he “can’t” win a natty they’ll be saying he “can’t” win two in a row —- only elite 5-stars can do that!

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  34. ciddawg

    From what I remember, while he was at UGA Justin Fields was a prima donna running complaining about playing time and around like a chicken with his head cut off…. and his father was a meddlin shit show that made Kevin Mayes look passive… Glad he transferred to Ohio State…ftmf and all you who still are trying to cover your ass now that Stet blew your “QB expert” cred and your friends and family can remind you how wrong you were every time you blessed somebody with your BS unsolicited opinion…and you know who you are… (let the hit dawgs holler)

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    • ciddawg

      From what I remember, while he was at UGA Justin Fields was a prima donna complaining about playing time and running around like a chicken with his head cut off…. and his father was a meddlin shit show that made Kevin Mayes look passive… Glad he transferred to Ohio State…ftmf and all you who still are trying to cover your ass now that Stet blew your “QB expert” cred and your friends and family can remind you how wrong you were every time you blessed somebody with your BS unsolicited opinion…and you know who you are… (let the hit dawgs holler)

      with edits

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  35. uga97

    In fairness, Fields hip & leg got jacked up during the CFP no?


  36. Got Cowdog

    Doing this from my phone, so I have no idea where it will land in the comments:
    Our QB1 dips, drinks good bourbon, doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, and kicked the biggest muthafucka in the room’s ass (with some help from his friends).
    My kind of guy. He’s welcome at the farm anytime. He’ll fit right in.

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