When one door opens, another one closes.

One thing about Kirby Smart…

He will always sweat the small stuff.



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26 responses to “When one door opens, another one closes.

  1. Illini84


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  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    See you Labor Day weekend, Dan. Good luck

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sure Dan has everything well backed up to his personal computer too. Would expect nothing less.


  4. armydawg

    His very first game will be a spanking by his Daddy at the Benz.

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    • godawgs1701

      I, for one, will never become a Bammer and hate our former assistants like they did with Kirby. His Daddy? Come on. Dan Lanning did amazing work for Georgia and he stuck around to help win a championship when he could have and possibly should have left to focus on his first head coaching job. He’s got my respect and best wishes starting with his second game.

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  5. Lanning came back and painted 2 masterpieces after taking the Oregon job. The Michigan game was a great match-up for our defense. We used the anaconda approach of just squeezing the life out of their offense with our front 7 taking away the run game. The Alabama game was learning from our strategic mistakes in the first game by forcing Bryce Young to get rid of the ball quickly and GATAing from the 1st snap.

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  6. I wonder if Dan had a chance to take any photos before he left…lol.

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  7. Dawgfan Will

    Kirby be like, “I’ll mail your ring to you. TTYL.”

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  8. cowetadawg

    No, you leave Dan on the thread and give him the fake plays for game one. C’mon Kirbs.

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  9. practicaldawg

    The honeymoon is short when you win a title and suddenly the group thread at the top of your iMessage unreads is named “Bo Nix Experience 2.0”.

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  10. siskey

    I hope that Lanning at Oregon can do to Riley what Iowa State did to him at Oklahoma and wish him all the success except for Labor Day next year.

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  11. Russ

    Did anyone see Kirby’s interview with Rece Davis the next day? Very informative. Kirby talks about how CFB is relentless and they are losing coaches because of it. Also talks about Stetson and how they collectively have to decide his future.

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    • That was a really good interview. You hate hearing how the coaches have so little time to enjoy winning it all. The fact they have to manage transfers in the middle of all this really is a shame.

      I really wish they would get the timing of this back to it all ending on New Year’s Day. I really miss having that full day of games and needing multiple TV sets to watch. It was great and if it did wrap up on January 1st it would give a little space before classes were back in session allowing for a little more breathing room regarding the transfer process.


  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I wonder if Mel Tucker, Dan Lanning, and Shane Beamer are gonna start their own text thread like the Saban guys (Kirby, Lane, Jimbo, and Potato Head) have?

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  13. miltondawg

    Heard on radio yesterday (Graham Coffey, I think) say that there are definitely rumblings about Monken taking an NFL OC job this off season. I guess we’ll see if we lose both coordinators.


  14. whb209

    Pay Monken !!!


  15. Kirby: “Thanks Dan. Good luck. Now fuck off!””